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Acumatica Customization Success Story: Standardized and Configurable

Acumatica Customization Success Story: Standardized and Configurable

Acumatica  Customization

Modern ERP solutions are intended to improve efficiency by integrating financial information in a single system, allowing you to unify your organization’s financial reporting and automate business functions. If you don't have order management, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and distribution connected you're not going to get the desired automation from your system. Acumatica is a modern ERP and is designed for customization and integration. There is a much simpler and less error-prone process of integration and here are some of the benefits you can realize. In this blog, we'll highlight a success story to reference what can be accomplished with custom integration.

In the past, customizing ERP software was a bad idea. It was a last resort for companies that needed functionality that was missing from Customization was hard to support, caused horrible upgrade delays and typically much more expensive than originally planned. Since every business has unique requirements, the need for a standardized, configurable and customizable functionality and integration to other systems still exists. The good news is that modern ERP solutions like Acumatica have the capability to adapt to the way your business works rather than adapting your business processes to the way the software works out of the box.

Why Custom Acumatica Customization is Becoming a Necessity

A recent article on CIO.com stated the most important feature of an ERP system is enterprise-wide integration. "Business processes are integrated end to end across departments and business units. For example, a new order automatically initiates a credit check, queries product availability, and updates the distribution schedule. Once the order is shipped, the invoice is sent."

However, it's surprising how many companies never realize this ideal and underestimate their ERP's ability.  Customization provides this specialized functionality without some external help from other best-in-breed applications. It's common for a company to rely on additional industry-specific solutions that don't have native integration available.

Luckily, achieving this level of cross-functional, department-spanning visibility and automation is easy with the right partner. For example, this success story highlights three benefits that the teams at SB-Tactical now enjoy with a fully integrated, end-to-end business solution. This solution was implemented and customized by our Eclectic Innovative Solutions (EIS) integration team.

3 Examples of Why SB-Tactical Needed a Custom Acumatica API Integration 

1. No More Manually Checking for Unpaid Invoices Before Shipment

While many of SB-Tactical's inefficiencies were solved by native Acumatica features, there were still areas of manual effort with costly consequences remaining. One of those was related to shipping orders to customers who violated credit terms.

With help from our EIS integration team, their Acumatica system automatically checks all open orders daily and reverts orders to credit hold until the customer's credit terms violations are resolved and preventing any more shipments.

2. Configurable Prioritization Enabled Even Distribution on Backorders

SB-Tactical wanted to be able to configure the priority order in which different lines would be fulfilled, based upon information about each customer so that inventory was more evenly distributed to customers with backorders. Acumatica natively wants to fulfill orders at the order header level instead of the line level, which would cause some customers to receive all back-ordered products while others would receive none when additional goods were received into inventory.

Our EIS team built them a custom Live Level Order Shipping Priority capability to allow them to prioritize the order lines. They had a new processing page that automatically creates the shipments based upon this configurable priority.

3. Custom Field Records Drop-Shipper Tracking

It's not uncommon for the manufacturing of some finished goods to be outsourced. For SB-Tactical, they are directly drop-shipped to their customer. SB-Tactical wanted the tracking number to appear on every invoice to make receiving payment friction-free. Acumatica does this out of the box for items shipped through Acumatica, but not for items dropped shipped by a third party.

Acumatica Expert

We built an extension to their Purchase Receipt screen where they now record the tracking number of the vendor's shipment. With their new customization, they now have that tracking number included on the invoice when printed/emailed to their customer.

Specialized Acumatica Integration Experts Make a Difference

At Eclectic Innovative Solutions (EIS), one of our specialties is helping companies build custom Acumatica integrations when you need a verticalized or proprietary solution seamlessly integrated. If you need support integrating your commercial or best-of-breed software, but cannot find a native way to integrate it, our AcuSync Integration Platform allows us to build new integrations in as little as a few weeks that are configurable, manageable, and upgradable.

EIS is Acumatica's premier integration specialist. Whether you are looking to integrate a custom, homegrown, specialized, or commercial application with Acumatica, EIS builds configurable, manageable, and upgradable integrations using our AcuSync Integration Platform.

Our subscription-based services model helps reduce your upfront costs, gives you a faster ROI (return on your investment in ERP), and is designed to help your system continually evolve with you as your business evolves, grows, and changes over time.

Contact our EIS Acumatica consulting team today!  Visit our EIS website, call 833-347-5190 or email us. 

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