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Learn How Acumatica Dashboards Help Conquer Mountains of Data

Learn How Acumatica Dashboards Help Conquer Mountains of Data

Acumatica dashboards 5 Ways Acumatica Dashboards Turns Your Mountains of Data into Actionable Insights 

CFO’s and finance leaders are under a lot of pressure to make sense of an increasing amount of data. These roles now require the ability to translate data into a company strategy in response to how the company is performing. This complex translation of data, performance and strategy needs to be communicated in simple terms that everyone outside of the finance department can understand. The good news is that the dynamic functionality of Acumatica dashboards makes this difficult undertaking much easier and automatic. You no longer need to spend hours sifting through mountains of data and spreadsheets to get the information you need.

5 Ways Acumatica Dashboards Help You

1. Acumatica Helps Conquer Your Growing Mountain of Data

If you’re like a lot of companies going online, moving to the Cloud, or expanding into more channels, you are most likely accumulating an enormous mountain of financial and operational data. Within that mountain of data, there are countless insights that enable you to measure and impact key metrics in real-time. Why is it so important to monitor this data and translate it into insightful information?

In today’s data-rich environment, your reporting has to look beyond just your balance sheet and cash flow statements. You need to see the health of your company at a glance in real-time so you can easily see positive and negatives trends immediately and take action right away. The days of waiting to figure out what happened a month from now when the books close are over if you want to compete with others that already have this capability from a modern ERP system.

2. The Power of Automated Acumatica Dashboards

Acumatica uses a common database for Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, and CRM, to name a few. This allows your company to view data all the way across your company at a macro level, or get a focused micro view by numerous data pivots, including:

  • Business entity
  • Customer account
  • Vendor
  • Territory

Since all the data is displayed in real-time, anyone throughout the company can get access to the information to make decisions accordingly. Acumatica dashboards help you accelerate decision-making with a set of reporting tools to deliver synchronized views of your business to every department in your organization.

3. Easily Customize Your Dashboards to Suit the User

Everyone interprets data a little differently. Your Acumatica dashboards and reports can be quickly and easily tailored to meet the information needs of the various roles and people in your company.

Acumatica's user-friendly interface enables anyone you want to design their own dashboard views without complex training. This makes it quick and easy for anyone to get critical insights, customized for their own needs. Acumatica users can also customize a "home" dashboard as well as a dashboard for each different module.

4. Countless Ways to Customize Dashboards

Acumatica’s dashboard and report builder offers hundreds of options to visualize your unique data your way. For example, you have the ability to:

  • Customize tables, pie charts, and other graphics
  • Use KPIs to measure progress toward configurable goals
  • Create shortcuts from dashboards to Acumatica forms, reports, and other dashboards

5. Features and Capabilities Designed to Save You Time

Acumatica was designed from the ground up to be easy to use and intuitive. That’s why they built the dashboard customization tool first: to give Acumatica users the utmost control over the information viewed and how that information is presented. These features and capabilities will also save you time from day-to-day by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Your unique Acumatica dashboards can be saved as templates. Acumatica will save your report parameters as a template which is then instantly populated when you use it as a basis for creating a new report. You can also save report filters you use frequently, which will be a big time-saver if you use a lot of complex filters.

A Vision for Your Success

Your ability to achieve more with ERP is based on the vision your ERP Partner can provide to YOU. At NexVue, our 360⁰ understanding of the Acumatica platform and framework. Our decades of industry experience and our ability to understand and adapt to your business environments give NexVue a unique ability to craft solutions built on a vision for YOUR success.

NexVue is 100% committed to your success. For more information and to get started on your ERP initiatives, call NexVue at 203.327.0800 or email us at

Contact us today!

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