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Acumatica Partner: Checklist for Adaptable Distribution Software

Acumatica Partner: Checklist for Adaptable Distribution Software

Finding adaptable software for the “new normal” 

Distribution companies that need to ensure their ERP software is adaptable enough to support them through change and growth often have no idea where to begin the search. Today’s market offers lots of options to say the least, but an experienced Acumatica partner for distribution companies can help you identify the most critical capabilities to meet today’s changing requirements and scale successfully in the future. Here’s what to look for:

Technology That is Securely Accessed

One thing in common among the companies that saw the most seamless shift to working from home was secured access to mission-critical business data from any location, any time, and any device. And it should be noted, the companies that enabled proper access to not only employees, but partners and customers as well saw near faultless business continuity.

What was once an opportunity is now a necessity. If you’re not already on a cloud-based ERP system such as Acumatica cloud ERP, you don’t have time to wait. Also, make sure to look for the ability to enable your customers to complete self-serve activities like support requests or order status from wherever they may be working.

Look to Shorten Quote to Cash

It’s not unusual to have a diversified sales channel, but that requires the ability to take orders from disparate platforms or storefronts. Legacy accounting software like what you may be relying on weren’t built with the necessary automation to streamline the complex input of orders and the accompanying data. This causes delay in order shipments, which means it takes longer to realize revenue.

Be sure your new ERP system is built to automate your multiple streams of customer orders such as websites, phone orders, or point-of-sale devices. Acumatica ERP is designed to automatically apply discounts, including tier pricing based on purchase history, as well as calculate and display item availability.

And if you offer flexible terms and conditions or deferred billing to your customers, Acumatica automatically and easily automates all of that too. In cases when your customer may be slow to pay, automated alerts go out to your designated recipients to determine next action items.

Enable Hands-Free Order Selection

Our new normal means that cross-contamination mitigation is a reality. Acumatica for Distribution features smart scan sheets which reduces or eliminates the need utilize a typing device. This feature means fewer things for warehouse workers to touch, but it also helps speed things up and reduce error. Smart scan sheet commands include:

  • Complete shipment
  • Next/previous box
  • Remove item

And with configurable audible and visual warnings, your staff gets immediate feedback when incorrect items or quantities have been scanned.

Virtual Lunch And Learn - May 14th

Your distribution software should facilitate and enable you to implement the best practices like the ones mentioned above. Rely on a partner that knows your industry and what solutions you need to react to unexpected changes and grow successfully in the future.

Join the experts at Kissinger May 14th at their virtual Acumatica Lunch & Learn and find out why more companies are choosing Acumatica as their ERP solution. They’ll even pay for your lunch and have it delivered!


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