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How an eCommerce Platform Integration Creates a Competitive Advantage

How an eCommerce Platform Integration Creates a Competitive Advantage

Plan for the Future with an eCommerce Platform Integration

Successful businesses continually look for ways to grow and evolve to stay competitive. One key factor is recognizing any shifts in customer behaviours and adapting selling processes accordingly. This often involves adopting new technologies paired with data-driven applications to expand online purchasing options.  Here's how a modern eCommerce Platform integration can help.

ERP Built for eCommerce

Many industries are pressured to integrate front-office and back-office processes to accommodate rapidly accelerating online eCommerce expectations. Creating an easy transaction experience for your customers is quickly becoming the gold standard in high customer satisfaction. Astute businesses understand that their business must shift to meet the demand of their customers. 

Businesses need to address outdated technology that prevents their ability to remain competitive in the marketplace. Utilizing a tightly integrated application provides resiliency so organizations can adapt to changes with agility. No more downtime or waiting for systems to catch up. 

Acumatica's Retail-Commerce Edition provides front-to-back functional management for retailers and organizations who sell business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), or direct-to-consumer (D2C). Acumatica's Retail-Commerce Edition facilitates tight connectivity between your front-end sales engine and back-end ERP system.

This checklist can help you compare the ERP features you need for your eCommerce business. 

Selecting an ERP system to run your business is a daunting decision that will affect your company for many years. Many products offer the same or similar features, and it can be confusing to sort out what’s essential and what’s not. This checklist can help.

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Take Orders of All Types

Your customers expect a seamless transaction experience. Modern shoppers make their initial purchase from your company in their preferred channel, but they also expect a positive shopping experience in their next encounter with your business. This is the soul of maintaining happy customers and creating repeat buyers in a competitive market.

Ideally, your web and mail orders should be automated so you can easily accept telesales and in-store purchases. Acumatica’s embedded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) case management functionality allows easy contact and case management. Acumatica's integrated CRM provides tracking information, custom pricing, and simple returns handling across online channels. 

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Data analytics in your connected ERP and eCommerce automate projected billing and collection, timely and secure pick/pack/ship, and reliable follow-through on the return process.

Acumatica’s modern ERP platform is built for speed and provides a bi-directional connection to external systems. On-board analytics show you actionable insights in real-time that will help drive business growth or protect it from costly losses. With Acumatica, you can manage your entire company with dynamic and configurable inquiries, personalized reports, role-based dashboards, and real-time business analytics.

Save Time Internally

Businesses are looking to stay ahead of anticipating consumer demand. This may involve finding an ERP that allows the automation of internal functions within your eCommerce website and shopping cart. It will become easier to do business with integrated front and back-office processes.

The tight integration between your eCommerce platform and your ERP, combined with the support of friendly staff, is the welcome mat to your store, providing your shoppers with the products and services they want. Make sure you're putting your best foot forward. It's easy to do with an Acumatica eCommerce integration!

Supercharge Your eCommerce

Your business has the potential to be an eCommerce machine, but you have to select an eCommerce ERP that meets the criteria for success. At Aqurus, we specialize in the needs of eCommerce and Retail businesses and can help guide you to the solution that will supercharge your back office.

Acumatica's Retail-Commerce Edition helps online businesses gain more control over orders and fulfillment, get full visibility into their performance, simplify workflows, reduce manual-entry errors, enable easy returns and exchanges, and give your shoppers real-time order tracking.

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