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13 Benefits of a Modern Production Management Solution

13 Benefits of a Modern Production Management Solution

Why Consider a Modern Production Management Solution?

Small and mid-sized manufacturers rely on job costing and a production management solution to help increase production and decrease costs. Modern manufacturing systems, such as Acumatica, integrate the shop-floor with the rest of the business. Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition is a modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution with cloud, hosted and on-premise options. We’ve summarized 13 qualities to look for in a system. As a reward for finding this blog, we offer you a free whitepaper to help get started with measuring manufacturing KPIs (key performance indicators) below. 

A Few Modern Production Management Solution Benefits

  1. Real-time production performance – Real-time detailed reports help optimize performance. For instance, this includes actual vs. standard/planned costs by detailed elements, including labor, material, machine, tools, fixed, and variable overheads.
  2. Scalable – Grow your company with an adaptable system that’s modern, robust and flexible.
  3. Unlimited users – Grow your business without paying for extra users with unlimited user licensing. Wouldn’t it be nice to only pay for the features you activate and the volume of business transactions as your business grows?
  4. Mobile access – Mobile access is a gamechanger in the manufacturing environment. Mobile and cloud options allow you to monitor the business anytime anywhere with real-time data. Indeed, these capabilities are considered essential in a modern automated production environment.
  5. Multi-site capabilities – Set up alternate or create warehouse-specific BOM/Routings to more accurately track the costs in different production facilities.
  6. Production order changes – Manufacture to prior production-order bills or alternate bills of material revisions and substitute operations and materials as desired. Project-centric manufacturers rely on project accounting integration to create production orders from project tasks, update projects with manufacturing information, and aggregate cost tracking over multiple jobs
  7. Production audit trail – Track all production activities against a production order including description, date, time and the ID of the user.
  8. Critical materials – Manage production order shortages from a single screen to create purchase orders and production orders for the parts that are short.
  9. Material tracking – Track materials by production order, work center and in the stockroom. Also, track items by lot and serial numbers on controlled items.
  10. Labor tracking – Track labor associated to production orders by work center by employee. For instance, indirect codes allow you to enter and track non-production time.
  11. Backflushing labor and material – Record the production quantity and eliminate data entry by backflushing labor and/or material when reporting the production quantity completed.
  12. Lot and serial tracking – Capture lot and serial numbers at purchase receipt, inventory issues, and shop activity transactions. Additionally, you can track full lot and serial numbers from end-to-end for the item lifecycle.
  13. Barcode integration – Barcoding helps automate data collection to record labor and material transactions including product issues, receipts, moves, cycle counting, and physical inventory.

Why Choose Acumatica for Your New Production Manufacturing Solution?

First of all, Acumatica is the fastest growing cloud ERP in the market today. Therefore, it’s worth consideration if your building a software selection list. Why is it the fastest growing solution? It’s the people, the company and the solution. Acumatica has a robust and easy-to-use system with enough advanced features to handle most manufacturing environments. Happy customers include make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, repetitive, and batch processing operations. The product configurator provides a rules-based configuration supporting a features-and-options experience during the sales order entry process. Acumatica offers mobile and real-time integration with streamlined business processes. Your data is integrated across your manufacturing, accounting, distribution, sales, and projects. Consequently, you make smarter decisions with increased visibility.

Download Acumatica's Free 10-page Manufacturing KPI Whitepaper.

In this white paper, you will learn how modern manufacturing software provides data for KPI metrics. Create KPI dashboards with Business Intelligence (BI) for mobile and desktop platforms. In addition, you get specific examples of KPI reporting to understand and inspire ideas. Above all, you will learn just how to take advantage of this great tool for your own business.

Manufacturing job costing

Why Work with Stratotech Partners?

Let us help you discover if the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is a good fit for your growing business! As experienced manufacturing ERP systems consultants, we help you adopt a proven strategy for growth. Explore this modern technology in the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition platform. It’s time to explore options when your current system is too expensive to manage and maintain. Don’t let your non-integrated, hard to use and/or unsupported system keep you from the information you need to make smart decisions!

Stratotech Partners, LLC. is an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, serving Acumatica customers in the Seattle metropolitan area and Pacific Northwest region. The partners at Stratotech, Art Olsen and John Nicholson, are ERP industry veterans with an honorable reputation among their peers. Stratotech’s expertise allows them to focus on small to mid-sized manufacturing companies who are outgrowing existing systems and looking for lower-cost cloud-based alternatives. Stratotech supports solutions such as the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and Smartsheet, the leading cloud platform for collaboration and project management.

For more information, please visit our website, call 206-336-9197 or email us.

Another version of this article was posted on Stratotech Partners blog on October 11, 2019 - Production Management Software: 13 Ways to Cut Costs and More 

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