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Salesforce and NetSuite integration pointsIn our first blog on this subjectSalesforce & NetSuite Integration Part 1 we identified Salesforce and NetSuite as the leading cloud ERP and CRM category leaders. As ERP and CRM consultants, we at DSG believe that, for many high-growth companies, a fully integrated Salesforce and NetSuite is the best and most scalable cloud business solution available.

Salesforce and NetSuite Integration delivers the main benefits of:

  • End-to-end business process integration
  • A 360 degree view of your customers and business

These two benefits provide companies with the ability to react quickly to changing business conditions and to make decisions based on up-to-date, accurate information drawn from both Salesforce and NetSuite.

DSG Powered CRM Collaborator Delivers Salesforce and NetSuite Integration

To enable companies to take advantage of the combined power of Salesforce and NetSuite integration, DSG has created its own integration solution. Built on Dell Boomi, the DSG Powered CRM Collaborator embodies DSG’s deep expertise with NetSuite and The DSG Powered CRM Collaborator includes the DSG Transaction Management and Business Rules layers that augment Dell Boomi’s capabilities to prevent transaction conflicts and establish transaction continuity across Salesforce and NetSuite implementations.

Functionally, the DSG Powered CRM Collaborator provides pre-built, best practice based processes that address the most common CRM and ERP integration needs that we see, for example.

3 Integration Points Deliver a Successful Salesforce and NetSuite Integration:

  1. Master Data Management – Pre-built bi-directional synchronization between Customer, Contact, Contract, Item and Pricing objects.
  2. Quotes to Orders – DSG has optimized the process for closing a quote, checking available-to-promise and then creating the customer order ready for fulfillment.
  3. Financial Transaction Updates – Ensures that your sales team is always working with accurate up-to-date information by integrating entitlement, fulfillment, invoicing and payment data from NetSuite directly into

By leveraging the Dell Boomi platform, the DSG Powered CRM Collaborator provides a robust cloud based solution to provide the level of functionality that you need to run your integrated business more efficiently.

For more information, call us at DSG at 866.486.4064 or fill out our contact us form.

A version of this blog was posted by DSG: Salesforce and NetSuite Integration Part 2

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