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Sage BusinessWorks migration optionsLike many Sage customers, you may have purchased Sage BusinessWorks in the past and are considering BusinessWorks migration options. If your business is experiencing growth or requires more functionality, this is a great time to leverage your Sage investment by taking advantage of the Sage Investment Protection program. The Investment Protection program allows you to benefit from your initial Sage “family” investment with significant upgrade credits. As  your business grows, your needs may change and if BusinessWorks doesn’t provide you with the latest technological advances you need, you can easily trade it in and receive a credit from Sage to upgrade to a new ERP system (including Sage 100 ERP – formerly MAS90) or Sage X3 ERP. For your reference, we have listed 3 Sage BusinessWorks migration options outlined below.

Within the Sage Investment Protection program you have three options: buy now and implement another Sage solution, buy now and implement later, or buy later and implement later.

3 BusinessWorks Migration Options Available:

1) Purchase and implement another Sage solution

Through Sage’s investment protection plans there are incentives to protect your Sage investment now.

Benefits, there is an advantage to continue your Sage relationship and take benefit from Sage’s modern ERP solutions with enhanced functionality. You will also have immediate access to common Sage modules such as Sage Payment Solutions, Sage Inventory Advisor, Sage Business Intelligence, CRM, and Sage Mobile Solutions. 

There are some risks and limitations when migrating to a new Sage platform. Knowing what’s entailed in a successful migration can help set your expectations (see Migration FAQ). Your new ERP solution should be strategically planned and executed to minimize time, cost, and stress while maximizing the latest ERP technology and tools.

Sage offers investment protection programs to help with the Financial Considerations of upgrading to a new ERP solution. Investment incentives can help reduce the overall license cost. In addition the Migration Methodology developed by Clients First helps reduce implementation costs.

Perpetual License

Trade-in Credits Expire 9/30/2014 

  • On Plan Customers – Sage BusinessWorks
  • $1,500 per User Trade-In Credit for migrations to Sage 100 ERP
  • $2,000 per User Trade-In Credit for migrations to Sage ERP X3
  • Off -Plan Customers – Sage BusinessWorks
  • $750 per User Trade-In Credit for migrations to Sage 100
  • $2,000 per User Trade-In Credit for migrations to Sage ERP X3
  • On and Off Plan Customers – Sage BusinessWorks
  • Up to $54 trade-in credit per user/per month for Sage 100 subscription license, up to two years max.

2) Purchase now and implement another Sage solution later

This option is good when you are not quite ready to implement a new Sage ERP Solution but want to take advantage of the expiring investment protection credits.  
The Benefit is to implement at your own pace with the insurance of having bought a new solution when you are ready to move.

There is some Risk to consider should you delay your new Sage solution implementation. What if your legacy system goes down, you will be forced to rush the planning of an implementation. By delaying implementation you will not benefit from net new enhanced functionality such as Sage Mobile Solutions, Sage Inventory Advisor, or Sage Business Intelligence.

The buy now implement later strategy has minimal Financial Considerations since implementation costs can be deferred allowing you to spread the upgrade cost over a period of time. Purchasing now also allows for you to take the fullest advantage of Sage’s investment protection plan.

3) Purchase another Sage ERP solution later and implement later

By choosing this option you may lose out on Trade-in Credits. The current trade-in credits are a significant discount off of the list software price. I recently did pricing for a Sage BusinessWorks client who is looking to migrate to Sage 100 ERP. They needed the financial bundle, with the trade-in credit it came out to $85/user for the basic financial package plus annual maintenance. That’s nearly free! For the distribution bundle it is $880/user. Note exact per user pricing amount is subject to number of users, in this scenario I used the 1-5 user pricing, it may be less in your case if you have greater than 5 users. The first round of Trade-in Credits are set to expire on 9/30/14, your investment protection options are never going to get better than they are today!

For more information on Sage Business or any other Sage ERP related questions contact our team of experts at Clients First Business Solutions at 888.222.8827. We will be happy to discuss options and learn how we can help your business get to the next level. We will provide you with a free needs assessment and you will see how you can save time and money by taking advantage of the latest ERP technologies.

Visit to learn more about Sage BusinessWorks, Sage 100 ERP and ERP X3.

About Clients First

Clients First Business Solutions is a National Consulting and Software support firm with California headquarters in the East Bay. As a leading Sage ERP reseller in Northern California serving the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, Central Valley, and Reno Nevada regions; our team of certified Sage Consultants has over 120+ years of combined experience with Sage products. Integrate ERP systems streamline businesses, cut expenses, raise productivity, enable sales teams, and increase performance. It is an investment into your company that will let your business prosper. CONTACT US to learn more about how ERP software can make your business more successful.

This blog was posted by Danica Weappa Sales and Marketing Manager at Clients First. Danica blogs about Enterprise Resource Planning, software, and tools that can be used to enhance business processes.

If you want to follow Danica’s blogs you can follow her at Clients First on twitter.

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