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Process manufacturing software ERPThe choice to implement process manufacturing software is typically a necessity for process manufacturing enterprises due to the nature of the materials and the products it produces. It would be nearly impossible to manually manage all the planned and unplanned production variations, due to the characteristics of the materials being used and produced, the quality or grade of materials as well as the effects of the production process such as machine setup. If you are in the market to evaluate new process manufacturing software, there are a few things we’ve learned as ERP consultants working with process manufacturing customers over the years that we will share in the article. 

If you have struggled to answer questions like: “How do you manage the quantity variance between kg measured from a tank and actual weight packaged to Drum/IBC/ISO??” then it’s very likely that your current software is not geared for your specific requirements. Process manufacturing software solutions should have these answers readily available to you along with other critical information that your industry demands.  

Process Manufacturing Software: Managing yield & scrap could be calculated in a variety of ways

  • planned quantity vs actual quantity
  • actual quantity vs actual quantity of a specific input item
  • actual quantity vs actual quantity of all input items
  • total of actual quantity + co-products + scrap vs actual quantity of a specific item

To help in such environments to ensure enough:

  • Material is purchased, picked and issued to the production order or back flushed
  • Required planned quantity is produced
  • The appropriate time and consumption of production resource capacity is planned for
  • Product costs are calculated correctly

Manage this variability which affects material, time and cost via a number of specific functional fields:

  • Scrap – defined at item recipe/formulation level
  • Yield – defined at a parent recipe/formulation level
  • Factor –  defined at an item recipe/formulation level

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The process manufacturing software system we sell and support is ProcessForce that works with small and medium sized process manufacturers. If you have questions about selecting the best ERP system to fit your unique process manufacturing software requirements, CONTACT US, EMAIL US at or CALL US at 786-220-4300.  We will help evaluate your requirements with a free needs assessment.

Consultare is an SAP Business One partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of business systems.  We help our customers to manage their companies more efficiently, utilize their resources better and obtain better and faster information out of their systems, by implementing “Best in Class” solutions specifically designed for the small and medium size business.

Our focus is in providing value added to companies that require industry solutions to manage their operations.  We implement industry solutions from worldwide renowned Gold SAP Partners. Our ERP consultants focus in Process Manufacturing, Data Collection, MRO, Equipment and Machinery Rental, Warehouse Management Systems and Tools that provide value added to SAP Business One Implementations. We cater to a many industries but specializes with proven success in food and beverage, live sciences, pharmaceutical, plastics and chemicals. All solutions are SAP Certified.  We are headquartered in Miami, FL with offices Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Another version of this blog was previously posted on July 3, 2014 on Consultare’s BLOG  “Managing yield, scrap and other factors

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