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Process Manufacturing Software Top 10 ChecklistProcess manufacturing software selection

There are many ERP software solutions that claim to service customers who are process manufacturers. If you’re a process manufacturer you have probably felt the frustration of being challenged with the demands of compliance and understand the importance of having software that works to support your process specific requirements. If you are thinking of investing in a new business solution, be sure to have this list of the top 10 critical requirements listed below.  There are great process manufacturing ERP solutions available and it will be important for you to build on this list below to make sure all your critical requirements are met with your new solution. With a thorough list of requirements you will find the right solution for your industry that helps your business follow best practices and meet regulatory demands.

Top 10 Requirements for Process Manufacturing Software

  1. Batch Traceability – simple and easy to use forward and backward tracking to understand and answer all your batch related questions
  2. Batch Date Control – shelf life, expiry date, consume by and inspection dates to reduce stock write-offs, obsolescence and increase business profits
  3. Quality Control Management – manage production in-process, re-test and goods receipt movements of inventory to increase product quality and safety
  4. Flexible Recipe and Formulas – the flexibility to define quantity relationships, percentage weight based recipes or dimension based formulas to define your products, rather than using a traditional engineering bill of materials methodology
  5. Co-Product, By-Product and Scrap Management – to manage product variation as a result of the production process
  6. Product Costing – accurately cost your products, based on the inputs and outputs of the production process, which include yield, scrap, batch size, materials, resources, fixed and variable overheads
  7. Complaint Management – centralize customers, supplier and internal business complaints into your ERP system, for analysis and business process integration to product returns, financial credits and quality processes
  8. Scheduling – to improve on-time delivery to customers, production visibility and increase factory resource utilization and productivity
  9. Data Collection – increase the accuracy of collecting data from the factory floor, warehouse inventory movements and implement process control and fail safe processes to reduce errors such as cross contamination
  10. MSDS – define and record MSDS details against your products to meet industry regulations

As a process manufacturer, depending on the level of your business complexity and sophistication driven by customers, product, industry and regulatory compliance, an additional solution is often required to cover your specific industry requirements. The process manufacturing software system we sell and support is ProcessForce that works with small and medium sized process manufacturers. If you have questions about selecting the best ERP system to fit your unique process manufacturing software requirements, VISIT OUR WEBSITE, EMAIL US at or CALL US at 786-220-4300.  We will help evaluate your requirements with a free needs assessment.

Consultare is an SAP Business One partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of business systems. We help our customers to manage their companies more efficiently, utilize their resources better and obtain better and faster information out of their systems, by implementing “Best in Class” solutions specifically designed for the small and medium size business.

Our focus is in providing value added to companies that require industry solutions to manage their operations. We implement industry solutions from worldwide renowned Gold SAP Partners. Our ERP consultants focus in Process Manufacturing, Data Collection, MRO, Equipment and Machinery Rental, Warehouse Management Systems and Tools that provide value added to SAP Business One Implementations. We cater to a many industries but specializes with proven success in food and beverage, live sciences, pharmaceutical, plastics and chemicals. All solutions are SAP Certified. We are headquartered in Miami, FL with offices Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Another version of this blog was previously posted on February 15, 2014 on Consultare’s BLOG  “Top 10 ERP Requirements for Process Manufacturers” 


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