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Sage ERP X3 consultant QuickBooksAs a Sage ERP X3 consultant, we have many clients who outgrow QuickBooks and choose to migrate to Sage ERP X3.  So when Sage ERP X3 jumps in the ring with QuickBooks, just how do they measure up? QuickBooks has a great reputation for small and growing companies to help manage financial/accounting data. Over the years, QuickBooks developed industry specific versions for manufacturing, wholesale, professional service firms, contractors, non-profit entities, and retailers. QuickBooks is a great solution for small companies with 1-10 active users (it can now support up to 30 users) with their general accounting needs. Since, QuickBooks has grown up over the years to support specific industries, there are many companies who have grown up tremendously and extended their complexity far beyond what QuickBooks out-of-the box can handle. If you have reached the point where you have outgrown QuickBooks, here are 4 popular reasons more and more businesses choose Sage ERP X3 as their ERP of choice when looking new ERP software.

Sage ERP X3 Consultant Reviews: Top 4 Reasons Sage ERP X3 Beats QuickBooks

  1. Expanded Functionality:  Of course, Sage ERP X3 supports all those things that QuickBooks handles right out of the box and much more. Sage ERP X3 handles discrete, process, and mixed mode manufacturing, advanced financials, wholesale distribution, contractors, etc. – all without purchasing additional software. Its functionality extends from accounting to inventory control, material resource planning, shop floor control, supply chain management, and even human resources. It is also more flexible in terms of size capabilities: it is best suited for 50-1,500 employees, all of whom can be working in the system concurrently.
  2. Integrated Functionality:  QuickBooks does not offer full integration of a company’s processes. It is strictly a financial application, whereas Sage ERP X3 is widely considered to be most comprehensive, flexible, and powerful enterprise resource planning system currently in the market – it captures all of a company’s data in a single database, which means that the company’s financial information is automatically incorporated into all departments of the company, lessening the need for double entries and reducing the possibilities of errors in doing so.
  3. Improved Windows Compatibility: Both systems work on the Microsoft Windows platform, and Sage ERP X3 can both import from and export to all Microsoft Office products. QuickBooks, however, does not offer contact synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and doesn’t support Microsoft Office 365; other Office compatibilities do exist, but none work with Office 2013.
  4. Mobile Capabilities:  Both Sage ERP X3 and QuickBooks offer mobile abilities. However, QuickBooks charges an extra $9.95 per month for the privilege of working from anywhere. This is only with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions. Sage ERP X3 allows you to work anytime anywhere with real-time information.

So while QuickBooks is less expensive than Sage ERP X3, it is only because it lacks so many of the features offered by Sage’s ERP X3 system. Getting QuickBooks, therefore, will be cheaper and will, yes, give you a good handle on your financial department, but what about everything else your business requires for improved efficiency and profits?? Sage ERP X3 will cover your financials and all the other tasks you do to run your business. Why choose a less comprehensive system that manages less just to save a little money?

Please contact John Shepperson at 800-320-0210, email or visit and a member of our Sage ERP X3 consultant team will help answer any questions you have about this article or your ERP evaluation. For more information about Sage ERP X3, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, Sage CRM and Intacct. We offer a free needs assessment to help you get started.

Oates & Company helps businesses remain competitive in today’s market through the effective use of technology and processes. Oates & Company is a group of former accountants and technology professionals and we’ve walked in your shoes and conquered similar challenges. If you consider your critical business applications a strategic initiative, Oates & Company is here to help.

When it comes to business software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are becoming increasingly essential for running a top performing business. Even long-established businesses are retiring their old software and implementing ERP systems despite the cost – the benefits of an ERP system can pay for themselves within 18 months.



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Another version of this blog was previously posted by John Shepperson on the Oates & Company Blog on Jan 13, 2014 - Why Sage ERP X3 Conquers QuickBooks

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