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Sage 100 ERP ConnecticutSage 100 ERP Connecticut Consultant Reviews 6 Benefits of Implementing Document Management

As Sage 100 ERP consultants, we know that document management (paperless) is not only the ‘green’ way to go, it literally helps you save time and money. If you are Sage 100 ERP customer, document management solutions offer a great option new ways to save time and money. So how are you managing your documents today? If you are looking for document management solutions, make sure you look for the following benefits.

Our Sage 100 ERP team of expert consultants at Computer Management Services (CMS) can help you integrate a unique document storage solution allowing electronic documents to be stored, viewed and accessed directly within Sage 100 ERP. This Sage 100 ERP document management solution provides easy access to documents relating to specific records. Now you can save time and money and increase productivity.

Sage 100 ERP Connecticut Consultant Reviews Top Benefits of Implementing Document Management

  1. Easy Access: Store, view, access, search, and share important documents that relate to specific records in Sage 100 ERP, such as Customers, Vendors, Items, Bill of Materials, Work Orders, Sales Orders, Jobs and Employees.
  2. Document Tagging: As documents are stored, they may also be “tagged” with specific keywords. Once tagged, users can search all stored documents based on specific keywords.
  3. Master Search: This feature allows users to search all documents based on File Name, Keywords and Document Source.
  4. Paperless Office Integration: Checks, Orders, Invoices, and Statements are automatically stored in PDF format within the appropriate Vendor or Customer directory.
  5. Security: Specific user security privileges can be defined and applied for each module.
  6. Cloud Storage: Designed to interface directly with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage product. With this combination, documents are readily available for easy access and display in the cloud.

Document management (paperless) IS AVAILABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING SAGE 100 ERP MODULES: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, Purchase Order, and Sales Order.

Do you want to know more about this document management solution? Contact Dena today at 860.399.4215 or via e-mail at

Computer Management Services, LLC. is a leading provider of Sage 100 Standard, Sage 100 Premium and Sage 100 Advanced solutions in New England. Contact us at 860-399-4215 x 216 or email and one of our certified Sage ERP consultants will be available to help you improve the quality, profitability and efficiency of your operations. Our ERP consultants are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. Our experience spans from accounting, distribution, manufacturing, sales and marketing to warehouse automation. This gives us unique perspectives on customer service, and business solutions that allows our clients to realize and surpass their business goals.

We help you with the effective deployment of our business management solutions with Business Process Evaluation, Re-engineering, Project Planning, Project Management, Data Migration, Implementation Consulting, Forms and Screen Customization, Custom Reports etc...

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