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Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90) consultant Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90) Consultant Reviews Sage Survey about U.S. Manufacturers

There has been a lot of uncertainty in the U.S. economy over the past decade, especially in the manufacturing industry. Everyone has heard about the outsourcing of the US manufacturing market and how U.S. jobs are lost due to manufacturers looking to find cheaper sources of labor and ways to increase profits. However, the current news stories suggest the contrary. In fact, the manufacturing sector has been a source of strength for the U.S. economy.

Sage North America released a survey on manufacturing and there are two things that the survey suggests.

  1. U.S. confidence about the economy is on the rise
  2. Increased domestic demand and global recovery are driving growth.

These small to medium sized manufacturers and distributors have some faith in the economic recovery.

  • Over 80% believe the economy will grow or stay the same in the next six months
  • Only slightly less than one in six (16%) felt the economy would decrease not grow
  • Over a third (36%) felt the economy would grow.

Further evidence was found in how they felt their production and new orders. 

  • Almost half (49%) thought that new orders would increase during the coming six months
  • While 42% thought that production would increase during the next six months.

The focus for these manufacturers and distributors will be on:

  • Increasing sales (53%)
  • Increasing productivity (36%)
  • Developing new markets (36%)
  • Over 45% plan on meeting these desires by investing in new technology.  

As Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90) software and manufacturing and distribution industry consultants, we are confident that Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90) software with Sage CRM is a great way to help these manufacturing and distribution firms.

Now that we’ve briefly looked at why these manufacturers and distributors feel confident in the economy, we’ll take a look at what is driving the growth.

In the past many firms sent manufacturing overseas, now it seems that U.S. manufacturing is getting that business back. 

  • 33% of manufacturers are gaining business from “reshoring” manufacturing.  The small to medium size manufacturer is able to win this business back by being more flexible and having the ability to produce smaller lots.

When you look at the top three reasons what they believe will have a positive impact on their businesses. What's not surprising is that over a third (35%) felt that stronger government regulations would adversely affect their businesses.

  1. “Reshoring” (26%) is third
  2. Stronger domestic demand (68%)
  3. Global economic recovery(37%) are first and second

The Sage report focused on small to medium size manufacturers and distributors in the U.S.  All respondents had fewer than 100 employees. About nine out of ten respondents have been in business for over ten years.  According to the U.S. SBA, more than 90% of manufacturers are considered small businesses.

You can check out Panorama Consulting's article on the report with some additional quotes from the Sage management team.

Download a copy of the Summary of the Sage report:

 Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90)

If you are a small to medium sized business committed to achieving the goals of being more efficient, more productive, and more profitable our Sage 100 ERP software consultants can help review options with you! 

Feel free to CONTACT US at Baesis or EMAIL Len Diana or CALL 508-393-9960 x 1011 if you have any questions about this article, Sage 100 ERP or are considering implementing a new ERP systems. We offer a free needs assessment to help you get started.

Baesis was founded with the belief that there was an opportunity to serve the SMB manufacturing community and build a company based on values and a customer first attitude. Baesis specializes in serving the SMB manufacturing community in New England, New York, Ohio, Kansas and Missouri implementing, supporting and training customers on Sage 100, JobOps, Sage CRM, and Exact Macola 10.

Today Baesis is one of the largest Sage and JobOps resellers in the United States. Our certified  and experienced Sage 100 ERP consultants and business advisors offer Sage 100 and JobOps ERP solutions that help Baesis better serve the manufacturing community in New England, New York, Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri by helping customers identify new and improved ways to increase productivity and profitability.

Another version of this article was previously posted on Baesis Tech Tips Blog by Len Diana on February 25, 2014, 2014 "U.S. Manufacturing Getting Stronger?"

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