Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboard resized 600Just like Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards, the dashboards in our cars are designed with easy to read gauges and meters to give the driver an easy quick assessment of the performance of the vehicle without distraction. This got me thinking while I was at a local car show over the weekend admiring the sheer beauty of pristinely restored automobiles.  I started thinking about the love and attention required for these owners to spend restoring these vehicles, and the countless hours devoted in hopes of returning the old cars back to their original luster.  Over the years, Microsoft has invested resources to develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM dasboards to help businesses maximize sales opportunities and increase profits with a clear view of key performance indicators.  The diversity and the sheer technological beauty of the car dashboards intrigued me the most. From the very earliest car that rolled often the assembly line in Detroit to today’s highly computerized automobiles, dashboards have allowed the drivers to monitor the complete performance of the automobile. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software also has dashboards that allow me to easily analyze and measure our sales and marketing performance metrics. Simple gauges allow the user to monitor the progress of the sales cycle, from where it starts with the generation of leads and monitors the process through which they are obtained. The dashboards help prove whether or not it is the latest online advertising campaign which is most effective.  Some of the most important functions, such as lead generation and exception management are posted at the forefront of business activities, enabling a smart manager to identify areas for improvement and target opportunities and increase revenue stream with minimal effort.

I can follow with the CRM dashboards how many of these leads are then qualified and converted into opportunities and watch them as they turn into sales through the pipeline. We use Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards to monitor what is working and not working and then make adjustments to our sales and marketing activities to maximize the performance of our team.

With hundreds of opportunities, Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards are the most effective way to keep tabs on all of the sales team’s total activities.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards are vivid and robust tools that can show you for example, the total opportunity revenue generated from a specific marketing campaign, giving you a logical and progressive overview of your team’s performance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards offer “real-time” instantaneous colorful graphs, charts and statistics that you can view to assist analyzing your statistics such as:

1)  Record Counts display the milestones of all types of relevant sales records such as the last seven days completed phone calls by each sales rep.  They also highlight the number of active opportunities per sales rep.

2) Exception Management shows the overdue sales or service activities per owner, making it simple to monitor outstanding actions and the steps taken as they progress towards their completion. Using this dashboard, you can see how each step is handled.

3) Sales Goals For monitoring the sales team’s performance, this drillable dashboard function references your desired sales quotas per month, quarter, or fiscal year, highlighting sales rep opportunities and their actual vs. forecasted revenue. There is also a dynamic view for the individual reps to track and improve their personal performance including the percentage of their completed quota.

4) Opportunity Pipeline by the Sales Stage enables you to drill into the sales funnel identify the owners of opportunities at each sales stage and to look at the opportunities revenue by owners and dollars. 

5) Leads Per Source is a simply portrayed chart which allows you to analyze lead percentages by source.  This can then be used to determine where you are getting the most leads - via referrals, shows, website, or other marketing vehicles.

6) Revenue Stream is an easy-to-read line graph dashboard designed specifically to enable you to view the estimated opportunity revenue by month, and the projected close dates for those opportunities.

By using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards simplify a quick overview summarizing a detailed evaluation of covering the entire scope of your business. Dashboards are a quick and easy tool that can optimize efficiency as you monitor sales management and sales team processes effectively.  The proficient and numerous tools can be customized to help create the ideal management tools for your company’s dashboards.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be retrofitted to allow crystal clear evaluation on the performance of your organization, allowing you the ability to be more resourceful and make the best decisions with what is already available.

Want to drive 2013 with a clear vision for your company?  With Microsoft Dynamics CRM we can help you attain your sales goals!  Please contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at

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