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9 Do’s and Don’ts of ERP Implementation

9 Do’s and Don’ts of ERP Implementation

The market is brimming with ERP solutions and finding one is not the problem; the problem is finding the RIGHT one. The even bigger hurdle can be properly implementing the new system and all that goes along with it. Each ERP provider you speak with will have a different list of what you should and should not do while choosing and implementing your new system; the list could go on and on. 

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Here are 9 Do's and Dont's of ERP Implementation to start with:

  1. Do: be sure to have plenty of people and a skilled project manager dedicated to the implementation
  2. Don’t: go for the cheapest solution you can find, go for the solution that best fits your needs and go into your research understanding that you will be making a significant expenditure but it is necessary to do so in order to operate at your highest level
  3. Do: review your internal processes and needs in great detail before you begin your search for a new ERP system. Understanding the processes and which are most important to your business is crucial. You will need to understand how they are working now and why/how they need to be changed to make your operations smoother and more effective
  4. Don’t: be afraid to break the mold! Avoid pressure to use the industry standard System that everyone else is using in your industry. If you think a more unconventional system will work best for you company- go for it! This will give you competitive advantage over others and may provide you some additional benefits not being recognized by those using the standard ERP system.
  5. Do: make sure your legacy data is going into the new system correctly! Avoid the “garbage in, garbage out” situation
  6. Don’t: ignore everyone who is not directly involved in the implementation. Sure you may only have a handful of decision makers working on the project- but your entire organization will be effected by the switch. Be sure to send out before, during, and after implementation updates- this will foster positive feelings throughout the organization and encourage correct usage and adoption of the system
  7. Do: Train your employees! Make sure they all understand not only the modules they will be using, but also the modules and functions used by other departments. This will help with collaboration, teamwork, and productivity.
  8. Don’t: have unrealistic expectations. This new system will not make you a fortune 500 company overnight, and sometimes it may not show improvements right away either. Go into the implementation knowing that you will experience frustrations and setbacks as you implement and adjust to the new system. As long as you have chosen the right system for your company, in time you will see improvements
  9. Do: establish KPI’s- key performance indicators will help you stay on track during your implementation and even after go-live. Identify your KPI’s, set baselines, targets, and a time-line for check-ins.

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