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4 Ways to Improve Your ERP Software Website

4 Ways to Improve Your ERP Software Website
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Many ERP software consultants view internet marketing as an enormous mysterious complicated beast, when it really isn't that complicated.  Today we are going to review four basic factors that play a significant role in generating traffic to your ERP Software website. Website search engine optimization is much like a popularity contest.  Think of your website like a living person. Popular people in the ERP software industry are usually well liked and experts in their field who command authority because they have earned respect.  An ERP software expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of technique or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by their peers or the public in the ERP software domain.  In order to be considered an ERP software expert you have to earn reputation and in order to earn reputation you have to connect with the right people. 

Websites are no different here is how:

  1. Get Inbound Links 
    • Websites need to be connected in order to achieve search engine optimization.  Inbound links pointed at your website from other websites not only offer more traffic to your website from those sites but create website keyword authority for your domain expertise.
    • In my experience website optimization is much like a popularity contest  According to wikipedia Popularity is a social phenomena that dictates who or what is best liked. The more pervasive something is, the more people have access to it. Since popularity is judged in a social context, the more people who support or know something or someone, the more popular it will then be judged. Websites are no different.
    • Your website's search engine optimization is largely based on how many credible websites point back to your website giving it authority for the keyword terms represented on the website.
  2. Social Media Engagement 
    • As discussed in point one above inbound links pointed back to your website are a very important factor in ranking for keyword terms.  Each social media profile linking to your website constitutes a social link signal to the search engines.  Likes, comments, Google +1's, retweets, etc., all play into the search engine weight given to your links.  If you create content people want to share, you can create more inbound links, thus more popularity for your brand and website.
  3. Have strong call to actions 
    • It is one task to get traffic to come to your website by building the domain authority discussed above, it is another to get that traffic to convert to a lead by completing a forms.  Having strong call to actions are crucial to inbound marketing.  A call to action is a button, link, or graphic designed to attract users to complete an inquiry form, call a phone number or take a next step to get something in return for contact.
  4. Work with third party add-on developers to grow your network and sell more software
    • Third party independent software developers (ISV's) are eager to partner with you to offer solutions to your customers needs.  They have a mutual interest.  Partner with them to help you earn reputation for your ERP software expertise.

Now enough of the free stuff here comes the shameless self promotion and call to action:

ERPVAR is a guest blogging website designed to help ERP software consultants make crucial connections important to their success.  We tie in each item above to offer a complete inbound marketing solution to our ERPVAR community.  Our staff have over 30 years combined experience working with ERP software resellers.  We understand the value ERP software consultants offer their customers and we understand the value an inbound lead offers our ERP software consultants.  To build trust takes time.  To earn ERP software business takes time.  Each ERP software consultant adds another piece of value to the ERPVAR puzzle.  Inquire today to secure your location!

Please find a recorded webinar presentation discussing four ways to increase your ERP software consulting business we recently offered below:

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