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Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90): Multi-Part Printer Update 3

Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90): Multi-Part Printer Update 3

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Written by Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90) Consultant, Paul Cusano Rochester, NY

Need a product update for Sage 100 ERP!
Here’s a fix for Multi-Part printer in Update 3

How often does someone in your organization ask for some improvement to their SAGE 100 ERP system? It could be something related to data entry, printing, updating or some other processing function.  The mistake could be made to assume some special customization or modification needs to be done to accomplish the task. Well that should not always be the first step.

Sage 100 ERP regularly releases updates that fix bugs but also provide improvements to the system.  In the past we too often thought of updates as being for technical malfunctions of software. That is still true, however changes and improvements are now becoming more prevalent.

Those changes can be found on the Support Portal under SAGE 100 ERP. All that is required is a user name and password. Once the account is accessed the portal provides a wealth of knowledge for not only updates but many other knowledge base topics.

Sage 100 ERP Product Update Multi Part Printer resized 600

The updates come with release notes and read me first documents to insure there is an understanding of what is in the update. We highly recommend that you back up your system before installing any updates or new versions. Otherwise, data may be lost if the update fails. Unless stated otherwise, each product update includes all previous updates for that version. Be sure to review the related Hot Fixes before installing any product update.

Each product update for SAGE 100 ERP is dated and version labeled.

The most recent product update is Product Update 3 ( released on 07/01/2013. The version prior to that had an important fix. That updates was Product Update 2 ( released on 3/26/2013. Note that fixes are attached to updates until the newest update is released. Once the new update is released it includes the fixes attached to the older update.

This new fix for Sage 100 ERP (which was included in Product update 3) was LM5004-T.

The issue was the tray selection for a Multi-Part printer is changed by the tray selection for another printer. Or “Unable to print < reportname >. Missing parameter values” message occurs when printing a custom crystal report that contains a parameter. Or Report Performance is slower in Sage 100 ERP 2013 compared to version 4.50.

When performing updates, Sage 100 ERP Advanced and Premium Smart Update now updates the client workstation automatically. This replaces the need to run WKsUpdate.exe after installing a product update.  Users running Sage 100 ERP Standard over a network will still need to run WKsUpdateStandard.exe on each workstation. This program is located in the ..\mas90\wksetup directory on the Sage 100 ERP Standard Server.

So whether you or your reseller is updating your system, one thing is for sure, your SAGE 100 ERP system has been improved and updated to keep the efficiency you expect to run your business! 

Blog contribution by Source One Systems

Source One Systems has specialized in provided business technology solutions for over 20 years. We have intentionally chosen to specialize in Sage Software’s Sage 100 ERP, formerly MAS 90/200 product family. Our focus has always been to provide a complete solution to meet the business management needs of our clients. We are driven by the professionalism of the CPA profession and have combined it with the relationships and detailed understanding of our client’s management processes at all levels of the sales and purchase cycles. Trust and accountability is at the core of all installations. With over 25 years combined experience using the most cutting edge technology the support and service we provide is unparalleled. Our focus is gaining an understanding our clients needs, not our own. We will not sacrifice our client’s needs at the expense of profitability or responsiveness. We believe you will not be purchasing an accounting software solution but a relationship that will be crucial in implementing whatever solution you choose.

Contact us today!

SourceOne Systems Serving all of New York.

Phone: 315-437-1130


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