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E-Commerce Integration: 5 Features of a Successful Customer Portal: Part 2

E-Commerce Integration: 5 Features of a Successful Customer Portal: Part 2

Ecommerce_integration_part_2E-Commerce Integration: 5 Elements of a Successful Customer Portal

We have identified five key features customers require in order to use a portal to their advantage. In part 2 of our 3 part series we dive into these five features customers want the most.

1.    Single Sign On

For simplicity’s sake, have a single sign on so customers can access everything in the client account. Think of the user experience. No one wants to be bothered by signing in twice or having different passwords to different sections of your portal. Creating a single sign-on for your clients to access all aspects of the portal will make their life easier which inevitably boosts their satisfaction. We all want this!

2.    Online Community

Depending on your industry or type of business, you may want to create an online forum where members and support staff can exchange ideas and information regarding business topics related to your customer base. Simple and rewarding, the community of sharing has a limitless potential. Sharing and hearing how others solve problems in similar industries or are looking for the same information catapults all parties to another level, elevates the value of your portal, and keeps customers coming back.

3.    Search Engine

In order to have your files and forum discussions truly serve your customers, you need a comprehensive search tool. Your portal’s search tool should be capable of indexing all files and discussions and displaying the results in an easy-to-read format. Remember, the search engine is the gift that keeps on giving: the stronger your tools are, the more useful your portal is.

4.    Information Segregation

Segregating your information into different levels or products can be instrumental to organization.  Keep in mind this is a customer service directive and should help sort out those customers who are at different levels of need. Ultimately, this becomes a place where people aren’t intimidated to ask beginner or basic questions. Creating this atmosphere builds trust in your support capabilities and imbues itself as a resource which can be used as a free exchange of information for customers.

5.    Exclusive Information for Members

By posting relevant content and company information to your portal, you are creating a reason for them to keep coming back and adding value to their support. Your ability to keep it organized directly reflects how you run your company. Featuring timely information, the online community can transmit industry tips, blogs and business trends which can also drive traffic and give customers another reason to visit you on a regular basis. It is easy to use Google Alerts to help keep you on top of the latest industry news, and this in turn inspires blog topics, and gives you plenty to share with your customers.

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