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Mitigate Migration Misery: Taking the anxiety out of outgrowing QuickBooks

Mitigate Migration Misery: Taking the anxiety out of outgrowing QuickBooks

Most people wouldn’t let the uncertainty and risk of something being lost or broken keep them from moving into a new home, but a shocking number of small businesses do essentially this when struggling with QuickBooks’ shortcomings. Dont-let-moving-anxiety-keep-you-from-migrating-away-from-QuickBooks-with-help-from-Arxis-Technology.jpgIn spite of the obvious barriers to growth, costs in time and resources, and increasing risks, the anxiety of migrating financial data and reporting out of their legacy system is enough to keep companies stuck in their QuickBooks rut. 

QuickBooks Migration Anxiety Is Paralyzing

Small-business accounting teams suffer this same moving anxiety and stay with their legacy systems in spite of the barriers to growth, high costs, and numerous risks. It’s not common for folks to avoid moving because of their anxiety, but a shocking number of SMBs do just that and choose to keep QuickBooks and Excel with all their deficiencies.

Here are just a couple problems that cause moving anxiety:

  • Data inaccuracy: A messy QuickBooks ledger is the norm for most companies. Duplicated and incomplete entries show up clearly when organizing data for a move.
  • QuickBooks comfort zone: Just like your old home, it can be easy to stay in your comfort zone, even if it’s falling down around you. Similarly, small businesses are so familiar with QuickBooks, it can be hard to decide it’s time to move even though consolidations are still manual and it has no real-time tracking.


An SMB’s success may indicate the need for cloud ERP when customer growth and revenue outpace what QuickBooks can handle. With the right implementation partner, migrations are planned in detail and start with organized, clean data that is standardized and not corrupt. But how do you achieve that? A well-planned process can help mitigate data inconsistencies, but there are still potential issues:

  • Not all Cloud ERP providers are experts in data scrubbing, and others omit it entirely from implementation planning.
  • Not all ERP systems include automated standardization functionality for data being imported into it.
  • Standardization can be accomplished manually in house (DIY), but it is very time consuming and prone to errors.

Selecting the right system implementation partner can increase your chances of a successful QuickBooks transition to Cloud ERP. A trusted partner with expertise in your industry will guide you through extracting your data, scrubbing it, and integrating it into your new solution.

The Time is Worth the Effort: Life is Good After QuickBooks

And like many of us after we unpack the last items after a big move, we sit back and sigh and decide “it was all worth it.” The same is true for moving away from QuickBooks to a Cloud ERP solution like Intacct. Accountants’ day-to-day lives are much easier with a solution like Intacct because of automated multi-entity closing and reporting and easy multi-currency management.

Intacct streamlines project accounting and revenue recognition which allows Finance to be a more strategic partner in the business. Built-in integrations with other best-in-class applications leading companies use like Salesforce and Adaptive Insights facilitate dynamic, real-time data sharing.

And with an experienced partner you can trust such as Arxis Technology, your move to the Cloud is planned so it makes the most sense for your organization. Request your complimentary assessment from Arxis or watch this video to determine if your organization exhibits any of the “5 Signs It’s Time to Leave QuickBooks Behind.”

About Arxis Technology

Arxis Technology, Inc. is a technology consulting firm specializing in the implementation and support of accounting and business management software, CPM/BI solutions, and custom application development. As resellers and consultants for Intacct Cloud Financials, Adaptive Insights, and Sage 100/300/500, Arxis supports clients from locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, Phoenix, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Ireland. We specialize in the Entertainment, Software & SaaS, and Professional Services industries.

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