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News roundup: Diverse uses of CRM technology

News roundup: Diverse uses of CRM technology

crm-software-can-track-every-piece-of-easter-candy-that-a-company-sells_1725_40059957_0_14114051_500-300x200Companies hesitant to adopt new CRM solutions are usually unaware of the numerous benefits the software can provide. Some businesses have a very limited grasp of the functions of cloud-deployed programs. Platforms such as NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM have made customer relationship management software easy to integrate, cost efficient and adaptable to a variety of needs.

Here are a few recent news stories that demonstrate the different types of companies and organizations using CRM software to resolve unique issues:

Track down parking tickets

The British Parking Association, a parking and traffic management trade association, has made use of CRM solutions to consolidate membership databases, personalize communications and track down overdue tickets. According to Computerworld UK, before implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM the British Parking Association was working with three separate data silos of membership information for more than 700 members. These distinct groups prevented the organization from consolidating information provided by member interaction and forced them to enter data in triplicate.

Since deploying the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, the British Parking Association has merged the three silos, automated data input and cut down on manual tasks. It has integrated the software with its website to track user interaction and provide more personal feedback to those that visit the association's online resources. It also allows them to see who has shown the most interest in particular programs when searching for possible new members.

The British Parking Association Office Services Coordinator Aimee Bates said that CRM software can track every step of the parking fines process and accepting payments. It simplifies investigation into overdue tickets and creates a complete record of every interaction, from the issuing of the ticket to the financial resolution. The CRM software solution prevents data and missing payments from slipping through the cracks of older systems.

Keep up with the Easter Bunny

The ability to coordinate numerous data services is very important to Dylan's Candy Bar. Dylan's is specialty candy store and dessert cafe that finds itself very busy every Easter. Virtual-Strategy Magazine stated that during the Easter season, Dylan's Candy Bar can average one sale per half-second at its New York store. By utilizing NetSuite's cloud-based CRM services, it can integrate the data from these sales with the information from its other locations across the country.

NetSuite solutions are able to keep pace with Dylan's extremely high number of transactions. As the sales come flying in, NetSuite's solution allowed Dylan's to view real-time sales and profitability metrics. Point of sale tax checking and multi-channel customer support made sure each sale ended with a satisfied customer. The CRM software's ability to encourage customer loyalty and company efficiency is what impressed Dylan's Candy Bar CFO David Reid the most.

"Most importantly for us, this {NetSuite integration} is facilitating enhanced insight into our business and customers." Reid told Virtual-Strategy magazine.

Help save lives

Speed is also crucial for organizations that have to care for the wounded. CEGA Air Ambulance is a service that flies critically-ill U.K. residents back to their home country when they are abroad. In times of emergency, CEGA needs to know immediately what vehicles, pilots, crew and flight paths are available. The ability to provide patients with a plan and quote quickly is not only important for health reasons but it allows this air ambulance service to stay ahead of competitors.

TechWeekEurope reported that ever since CEGA has switched from its old system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the amount of time it takes to create a quote has gone from two hours to 20 minutes. This reduction in time is due to Microsoft Dynamics' ability to reduce redundancies in the communication and scheduling steps. CEGA has said the new system has not only allowed them to stay more competitive, but it has helped them save lives.

These are three distinct businesses that have all embraced CRM cloud deployed solutions. If your business could profit from better data integration and collection, real-time sales figures, omnichannel customer support, streamlined communication and faster sales transactions, then you should look to adopting the latest technology available from Microsoft Dynamics CRM or  NetSuite. In order to maximize the benefits from the many functions and resources CRM software provides, work with a CRM partner like The TM Group so you can get the best ROI possible.

With all of the positive changes made in this newest version of Dynamics CRM, it's easy to see why many users are excited for its release. Find out more about the newest version with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Release Preview Guide.

If you are considering implementing CRM in your business, it's a great time to consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.  Keep in mind, adding a new CRM system and undergoing a CRM implementation isn't a quick process, but it's certainly worth the time invested. Businesses that can encourage best practices and avoid common pain points in the process will be more able to take advantage of CRM and start realizing their return on investment as soon as possible.

To learn more about our solutions and services, please visit or contact us at 888-482-2864. Now is a great time to contact The TM Group to accomplish your CRM and ERP goals. We have been providing superior business technology solutions since 1984. Our TM Group consultants vast expertise can architect the ideal system within your budget and timeline.

By The TM Group, a Michigan-based ERP system partner with NetSuite,  Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL,  Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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