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Sage Consultant Reviews: Where Can I Get Help for My Sage Software?

Sage Consultant Reviews: Where Can I Get Help for My Sage Software?

Sage_software_self_help.jpgSage Consultant Answers a Popular Question: What Self-Help Resources are Available to Me?

As a Sage consulting and IT firm, we get a lot of questions from our customers and are more than happy to help not only with everyday question but with comple xplanning and business process evaluation and improvement. Since there are many of our customers who like to be self-sufficient whenever possible, I thought it would help to review where you can get some self-help for your Sage applications.  There are a variety of reasons you may need help. Some of your questions many need an experienced consultant like us and some may already be answered by other customers having the same issue.  Whether you own a Sage ERP solution, Sage CRM or Sage HMRS, we hope this article is helpful for the next time you seek answers.

Sage consultants and these Sage online resources are available to help next time you are having an issue or are simply looking for some advice on the direction to take. We hope some of these awesome Sage online resources/ tools may help!

Sage Resources for Self-Help

Sage City Online

Sage City is an online community that brings together product experts and everyday users of Sage on one platform to discuss latest product news, tips and tricks to improve efficiency and previously resolved issues within the forums area.


When I need to resolve an issue, many times I have found it has already been asked before on Sage City. It may not always be asked exactly the same way, but the context is similar enough to allow me to reach a resolution.

When troubleshooting your system, Sage City forums have a great AJAX search feature that helps drill down into similar discussions. Moreover, if you are a registered Sage customer you also have access to the knowledgebase. Within the support knowledgebase you can filter on your specific product as well as the module or topic you are working on to view an archive of all resolutions ever logged.

Sage City is free to join, so there is no reason not to sign up and take part in the discussion! Visit
If you need assistance with registering or have additional questions about the community website, be sure to email

Context Help Tool

The context help is always available within all Sage products. Generally, this is the best place to start when looking for knowledge on the software. Think of the help tool as a Sage manual that provides descriptions for all modules, buttons and tabs and how to navigate to them.


Utilizing the two tools mentioned above will hopefully help you resolve some of your future issues within just a few minutes of searching. Of course, the Mantralogix team is always here to help too!  Be sure to send an email to  or give us a call at 1-866-320-8922.

Mantralogix – ERP System Implementation Specialists

Mantralogix consultants are experts in ERP system selection and implementation. We can guide small to midsize businesses through requirements definition, selection, and implementation of the software solution that’s right for your particular needs. Leverage Mantralogix’ experience to provide true business value and a competitive advantage. We provide services for an extensive variety of businesses in many industries. Training and on-going support provide long-term value to our customers now and in the future.

Find out how the Mantralogix Advantage can be your competitive advantage. For us it’s personal, not just business.

As a trusted technology partner, Mantralogix delivers enterprise software solutions to both Canadian and U.S. businesses. We are happy to receive your inquires for any types of services which you are looking for and will focus on ensuring your requirements are met. Please call us at 1-866-320-8922 or email us.

About Mantralogix

Mantralogix specializes in the implementation, support, and training of world-class ERP solutions from Sage, including Sage MAS 500, Sage 300 (formerly Accpac), and Sage X3, Sage PFW, and Sage BusinessVision Accounting (BV).  We also help with CRM, HRMS, custom development, hardware, and IT consulting and outsourcing. Mantralogix has in-house expertise in designing, developing and implementing solutions for financial, manufacturing and distribution verticals.  Contact us today at 866-320-8922 or visit

Another version of this article was previously posted on Mantralogix’s Blog:  Where to Go When You Need Help with Your Sage Application?

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