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Extend Dynamics AX Capabilities with WAX and TRAX

Extend Dynamics AX Capabilities with WAX and TRAX

Warehouse for AX (WAX) is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 2012 (CfMD) module that embeds advanced supply chain capabilities into Dynamics AX to extend its warehousing functionalities without the need for a separate Warehouse Management System (WMS) or add-ons. The solution is a part of Supply Chain Suite for Dynamics AX.

Another module that embeds industry-specific functionality directly into the business layer of Dynamics AX architecture is Transportation for Dynamics AX (TRAX). The module provides a complete, global-view of your business, increasing your efficiency in handling warehousing tasks.

WAX and TRAX modules extend the capabilities of Dynamics AX, enabling channel partners to focus on delivering packaged, vertical solutions to organizations across different industries such as retail, beverage, transportation, energy, automotive and consumer packaged goods.

The two supply chain solutions help to streamline distribution and warehouse operations, including:

  • Flight Reconciliation
  • Rate, Route and Load Planning
  • Cycle Counting
  • Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Operations
  • Embedded Radio Frequency
  • Inventory Control
  • Document Management and Shipping
  • Location-Based Allocation

These two are best of breed solutions designed to create breakthrough improvements with seamless integration.

Improve Warehouse Visibility with WAX

WAX provides visibility of your inbound and outbound supply chain. Apart from this, it provides visibility to your supply side, including your own manufacturing via online and EDI methods.

For your warehouse, WAX provides discrete tracking and reporting of all facility space, order status, inventory, labor, etc. within your Dynamics AX.

Workflow Enabled Features

One size does not fit all when it comes to warehouse operations. WAX provides a workflow-enabled infrastructure to accommodate any operational challenges you may encounter including inventory management, inbound, outbound and production challenges.

The module allows you to direct and manage all warehouse activities based on configurable workflow. You can also set up customer workflow steps and data capture for specific customers or support requirements.

Achieve Warehousing Goals

TRAX allows you to reduce transportation costs, inventory and labor while improving inventory turn rates, facility utilization, order cycle times and fill rates. Some of the features of the module include transportation planning/execution, best practices procedures, radio frequency, and workflow. You can optimize the entire process from pre-receiving through order fulfillment using TRAX.

All-Inclusive Dashboard

Advanced WAX and TRAX have a secure dashboard where your team, customers and suppliers can manage documentation, schedule appointments and check shipment status in real time. The dashboard provides total visibility across your entire operations.

One Version of the Truth

WAX and TRAX are built to provide a single version of the truth. The modules are embedded on Dynamics AX common framework, user experience and data model.

The two solutions provide extended advanced logistics and distribution capabilities in supplier management, transportation management and warehouse management, which allow manufacturing and distribution organizations to have a single version of the truth.

Flexible and Scalable

WAX and TRAX are single platform solutions. The modules are built with ease of installation in mind, but can be configured to address the most complex operations. WAX is more advanced than data collection at a simple price and is the preferred choice for organizations looking to position themselves for corporate growth and supply chain excellence.

Benefits of WAX and TRAX for Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics offers organizations tighter control and visibility into their inventory and financial status. Rather than tracking down and consolidating the latest version of manual reports, organizations can use AX to immediately access real-time, accurate financial data. The result is increased efficiency, with many companies taking 20-30% less time to complete their accounts payable processing and month-end close activities.

By integrating WAX and TRAX in Dynamics AX, companies can replace manual inventory processes with automatic receiving, transfers, cycle counts and shipping across their multiple facilities. This ensures products are shipped on time.

WAX extends Dynamics AX’s functionality to enable organizations capture and include catch weight when receiving, shipping and invoicing products. Thanks to improved inventory management and increased scheduling capabilities, companies can ship products faster to their customers.

Is your organization looking to extend the supply chain capabilities of your MS Dynamics AX? Do you need a unified solution that will provide you access to real-time visibility on all aspects of your business? If so, you need WAX and TRAX module solutions.



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