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Are you Considering a NetSuite Implementation?  3 Things to Know First!

Are you Considering a NetSuite Implementation? 3 Things to Know First!

3 Things to Know Before Your NetSuite Implementation

I have eight years of experience working as a NetSuite consultant, with the past year and a half as a member of DSG’s sales and marketing team. In that time, I have had the benefit of observing the range of implementation approaches in the industry.  The gift of this perspective today is that I can share my awareness with prospective NetSuite users and give my opinion of the things one should know before choosing a NetSuite implementation partner.

1. Customer Service from the Ground Up
For years I worked on the DSG Optimization team, which is a sustaining team for DSG customers in the transition from their implementation project completion.  The length of this transition could last from a few months to even a year or more.  My experience working on this team was a positive one:   I worked with some wonderful customers, supporting and enhancing very well-implemented systems.  In this time I was exposed to rumors, or “shop talk”, about poorly implemented systems and projects we wouldn’t want to work on.  I am the type of person who doesn’t comprehend such things until actually experiencing a truly poor implementation firsthand.
I gained further positive associations in my next position as an Account Development Executive in the sales and marketing team at DSG.  In that position it was my responsibility to manage new projects and license requests for my customers.  I also performed regular follow-ups to ensure customer satisfaction with DSG, the software, and the solution.  My job was pretty easy since we have very happy customers, and as such, I was blissfully unaware of those implementation messes that occur for many people out there. I worked at our SuiteWorld booth the last two years, and I sang the praises of DSG. I also developed marketing content that reiterated our business-first mentality, our agile, iterative approach, and our extensive experience. At this point, I had not yet grasped the true DSG difference as I had yet to experience where our competitors were lacking.
2.  Where the Competition Falls Short
As a NetSuite consultant, I only began to understand the DSG difference once I took up the role of making the initial phone call with new online NetSuite inquiries and leads.  Within a week, I had spoken with so many companies that wanted to re-implement their solution or were trying to scrap their current provider in the middle of the implementation because they were so unhappy.
After eight years of experience it only took one week of this new position for me to realize how many people out there had a bad experience with their NetSuite implementation.  At DSG, we know what we’re doing. This is not the case with every NetSuite consultant who claims to be an expert.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of NetSuite customers who have experienced some pretty unimpressive implementations.
3. Three Criteria of an Ideal Partnership
In order to truly service those we help, at DSG we have no choice but to be selective about the types of customer relationships or partnerships we choose to assist in implementation.  Our reputation relies on selecting the right customer and types of businesses who we know we have the expertise to help.  The three factors for determining are:


1.    Size and type of the initial project
2.    Long term partnership
3.    The need for NetSuite facilitation

If you are happy with your NetSuite interactions and your project is half-done, it’s generally not going to be a good fit. And if there is a lot of frustration with the initial solution because of a subpar first implementation attempt and you are looking for a long partnership to fix, refine and advise you, you could be a great fit.

So, what should you do? Call DSG (or another highly reputable NetSuite VAR) before you make the decision to implement NetSuite! If your implementation has begun and you are unhappy, please call us, we may be able to help.

Ultimately, however, you must choose your implementation/solution provider wisely. Do plenty of research before making any commitments.  And take a look at our previous blog posts on The Biggest Mistake When Choosing a NetSuite Implementation Consultant and Five Things to Consider for a Successful NetSuite ERP Implementation.

Once you’re ready to discover the DSG difference for yourself and build a long-term partnership with a company that takes a business first approach, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information on how DSG can help with your NetSuite implementation, please contact us at 866.486.4064 or fill out our Contact Form. Customers choose to work with us because of The DSG Difference. This is the way we look at how businesses derive value from their solutions and the way that we work with customers. The DSG Difference includes a relentless focus on customer participation and decision-making at every stage of our Realize, Optimize and Revitalize methodologies, a key foundation to a successful long-term business partnership.
DSG delivers cloud accelerated business solutions based on leading ERP and CRM applications NetSuite.  With our deep business and technology expertise and the experience gained in hundreds of successful projects, DSG is acknowledged as one of the leading cloud business solutions providers by our major business partner, NetSuite, and by cloud media and analysts such as IDC and CRN. Since 2005, hundreds of companies from startups to the Fortune 500 have worked with DSG and our proven Realize, Optimize and Revitalize methodologies to implement tailored NetSuite  solutions that, from day one, deliver value, insight and business acceleration.

Contact DSG at 866.486.4064 or fill out our Contact Form.

Another version of this blog was posted on September 10, 2015 by the DSG Team http://www.demandsolutionsgroup.com/wait-dont-implement-netsuite-until-you-read-this/

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