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ERP Software Comparison: NetSuite vs. Sage Intacct

ERP Software Comparison: NetSuite vs. Sage Intacct

What’s the Difference between NetSuite vs. Sage Intacct?

Let’s compare two leading modern accounting and business management systems, Oracle NetSuite and Sage Intacct. They often compete for the same ERP software business so it’s useful to understand how they compare. Fundamentally, the two products are designed differently. Both solutions are considered cloud-based SaaS solutions. However, NetSuite is marketed as an all-in-one solution where Sage Intacct requires third-party solutions on top of the financial and accounting functionality.

NetSuite ERP Consultant, Nashville, TN

After careful consideration between the attributes of each system we have determined that NetSuite offers general overall advantages out-of-the-box to distribution, manufacturing, retail, and eCommerce related companies. Sage Intacct has overall advantages to certain types of hospitality, healthcare, financial services, etc. It is recommended to retain an expert, like Oasis Solutions to consider each unique business requirement and how each cloud ERP system solves for each. The chart below offers a high-level general functional comparison based on our current understanding. This information is subject to change.


Oracle NetSuite

Sage Intacct

Advanced Functionality

Out-of-the-box - NetSuite has Advanced Features that can be activated in the setup for further automation and workflows.  

Out-of-the-box- Dynamic Allocations, Fixed Assets, Inventory Management, Multi-Entity and Global Consolidations, Project Accounting, Revenue Recognition, Sales & Use Tax, Spend Management, Time & Expense Management, Vendor Payment Services

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Out-of-the-box - over 300 Business Intelligence components available

Limited for AI through 3rd party




Cloud Platform

NetSuite is a true modern cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. NetSuite ERP software was “born in the cloud” built on the Oracle Stack.  NetSuite is a market share leading solution with over 18,000 customers worldwide. Most of the necessary functionality is integrated in one single database. You can access information from all these business functions anywhere, anytime and on any device. 

Sage Intacct is a strong cloud accounting and financial solution not an integrated ERP solution for manufacturing, distribution, etc. It has robust capabilities for accounting but relies on 3rd party solutions to extend functionality for manufacturing, distribution, field service, etc.

Core Accounting and Financials


Out-of-the box

CRM & Email Marketing


3rd party integration with Salesforce and others

Customization & Flexibility

NetSuite offers an intuitive graphical workflow, easy form customizations, and a large partner ecosystem of ready to use solutions.

Intacct offers limited workflow, form customization, and a small marketplace of available 3rd-party solutions.

Dashboards & Reporting

Out-of-the-box - customizable

Out-of-the-box - customizable


Out-of-the-box - NetSuite is considered a complete and true all-in-one cloud ERP solution

Many functions are 3rd party


NetSuite supports customers in over 203 countries with 190 currencies. Key functionality for multi-national firms includes multi-book, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-country tax compliance.

In contrast, Sage Intacct focuses on the U.S. market with English as the primary language. Has multi-currency capabilities. Limited

Human & People Management


Sage People integration - a solution Sage acquired

Industries Served

Out-of-the-box - NetSuite has industry-specific functionality for Software, Services, Advertising, Media Publishing (AMP), Nonprofit, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution and Retail. SuiteSuccess provides NetSuite customers with industry specific pre-built reports and dashboards pre-configured by role.

Intacct, by comparison, offers no specific industry leading practices.  It relies on partners to tailor its one-size-fits-all-industries-solution to each customer. Industries served are Accounting Firms, Cannabis, Financial Services, Franchise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Subscription and Saas, and Wholesale Distribution.


Short implementation due to out-of-the box solutions.

Typically, longer implementation time do to 3rd-party/custom integrations and set-up.

3rd-party Solutions

Many choices of developers and solutions available in the 3rd-party marketplace. NetSuite's add-on solutions serve other industries like Education, Energy, Field Services, Healthcare and more. Learn more here:

Many choices of d0evelopers and solutions including energy, Field Services, healthcare and more.  Learn more here:








Out-of-the-box solutions include call center, instore POS, marketplace, EDI, and Online/eCommerce. Salesforce integration and other omnichannel capabilities are available in the marketplace.


Planning & Budgeting



Professional Services







NetSuite offers customers and partners 24X7 worldwide phone support in addition to online case submissions. Optional support plans range from Basic, Premium and Advanced with Dedicated Support, Administration and Technical Account Management available. NetSuite Online Community, online and live training available.

Alternatively, Intacct only offers support from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific time. Customers can also access the online Help Center or the Sage Intacct Community.

Unstructured Information & Documents


Heavy reliance on Excel spreadsheets or 3rd party

Warehouse Management

Inventory control out-of-the-box

3rd-party options available to make the out-of-the-box functionality more competitive


Since 1991, Oasis Solutions has been serving businesses throughout North America with software consulting, development, training, and support. Oasis is an award-winning business management software partner for Sage software, NetSuite, and Adaptive Insights.

Oasis has been around since before technology was a buzzword, assisting businesses in assessing, attaining and supporting business management software.

With more than 350 years of combined industry experience, our team of software specialists offer expertise in accounting, human resource management, and custom software development. Unlock your company’s full potential and discover how to start improving your business today with the Oasis Analysis.

Why work with a partner Oasis CTA

If you are planning to implement a new ERP or have recently implemented an ERP, contact us at Oasis Solutions to objectively evaluate the project. We will provide value by helping you achieve the success you expected and help you grow and thrive with your business. Let's Chat

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