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Mobile Scanning for NetSuite Supply Chain

Mobile Scanning for NetSuite Supply Chain

Expand Your Capability to Scan Inventory:  Save Time and Money with Mobile Scanning for NetSuite

The post-pandemic tide of increased spending shows no signs of slowing down. If you're on NetSuite, you're already reducing the struggle to keep up, reduce complexity, and automate your processes. In the effort to create cost-saving efficiencies, an often overlooked opportunity is extending your mobile barcode for NetSuite capabilities with NetSuite for manufacturers.

Online Shoppers Continue to Spur Growth

Forbes recently reported that online spending in the United States reached $78 billion in March, an astounding increase of 49 percent from the previous year. Not only that, a staggering 9 percent of the shoppers comprising that total stated it was their first online purchase.

What this means is companies, especially distributors and manufacturers, have to do more with less, need to find ways to cut costs, which ultimately means automating critical processes that were once manual. Unfortunately, only about half of all companies utilize barcode scanning, despite their low cost and easy implementation.

How Barcode Scanning Saves Time and Money

Today's scanning devices and mobile applications give businesses like yours more control over how processes are performed and ensure accuracy throughout the product lifecycle and decrease warehouse costs and increase efficiencies by enabling:

  • Accurate Data: Scanning your inventory to receive items ensures you're always capturing the data you need for a complete item record. The mobile app can be set up to “force scan,” a best practice for increasing data integrity by ensuring the right details are scanned and entered at the time of receipt before the item can be received into inventory. It also automatically assigns the item's lot number, serial number, bin location, and inventory status.
  • Real-time Visibility: With a mobile scanning process, you get immediate updates to inventory records as items are scanned, which makes them available for subsequent processes, including quality assurance, outbound commitment, and fulfillment. NetSuite ensures you know exactly where every item is at any time — whether it is on the shelf, in a staging area preparing for production, in quality control, or being picked and packed for shipment. 
  • Guided Cycle Counts: Using a mobile device to conduct cycle counts reduces manual errors and expedites the tedious but important process. The NetSuite app guides users through each step of the count process and has them scan at each step to ensure they are at the correct location. It simplifies the count process because the scan automatically updates the count record rather than them stopping to write it down and manually enter it on a computer.

Mobile Picking, Packing, and Shipping

Using a mobile app for order fulfillment ensures order accuracy and avoids costly incorrect picks. Again, the force scan capability in NetSuite guides the picking and packing of orders, assures accurate data capture, and validation against the initiating transaction. You'll know the right item is going in the right order.

And NetSuite ensures efficiency with fulfillment because your teams are guided to the exact location where they should find an item. Now, your pickers can pick items for multiple orders at once in one trip, which further increases efficiencies. This also allows warehouse managers and customer service representatives to monitor the status of sales and orders and give real-time updates to customers. 

NetSuite Partners

Get the Power to Grow With NetSuite and NewGen Business Solutions 

Our NewGen Business Solutions team supports NetSuite's manufacturing and production ERP software to give you the power to grow. It's easy to control inventory, provide end-to-end supply chain management, and optimize your business processes on a single, easy-to-use cloud platform. Don’t miss out on all the new NetSuite enhancements.

As a 5-star NetSuite partner, we are here to help you transform your manufacturing business with NetSuite. To see a demo of NetSuite or to speak with our team 877.932.2478 or email us at or visit our website!

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