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NetSuite Manufacturing and Production ERP Software

NetSuite Manufacturing and Production ERP Software

Tame the Supply Chain Beast with NetSuite for Manufacturing and Production

Making sure your supply chain software is tuned to help you make the right decisions requires the right balance of service level, lead times, and cost controls. Companies that use NetSuite for Manufacturing and Production enjoy advanced inventory management which leads to good on-time delivery metrics.

Below, we break down how to use NetSuite Manufacturing and Production ERP software to optimize your inventory, identify potential issues, and gain unprecedented control over your supply chain.

Supply Management and Planning

With NetSuite’s Demand Planning engine, the processing of balancing demand and supply is automated. The software constantly evaluates trends and compares them to the plan created. For users, the system auto generates purchase, work, or transfer orders based on the settings found on the item’s record. Using Period of Supply, Lot for Lot, and Fixed methods, it determines the number and size of the orders to generate while also analyzing consumption, time fence, and your reschedule in/out parameters. Key capabilities include:

  • planned vs. actual orders
  • multilocation supply planning
  • vendor management
  • NetSuite manufacturing
  • demand management

NetSuite Manufacturing

Ideally, your manufacturing and production software should enable you to easily predict current demand based on historical data, open opportunities, and any manually entered or imported sales forecasts. NetSuite’s Demand Planning module reviews monthly or weekly demand and generates forecasts using moving average, linear regression, or seasonal average calculations. You can review or edit the forecasted demand before proceeding to supply planning. Alternately, you can have the system create demand based on sales forecasts. Key capabilities include:

  • historical demand analysis
  • sales forecasts
  • update by web services or manual CSV import
  • supply chain controls

The NetSuite Control Tower Snapshot summarizes your current and future inventory position across your entire supply chain, across the globe. Easily see projected inventory along with any demand or supply that affects it across a time horizon and throughout the supply chain in a way that makes it easy to identify potential issues. Key capabilities include:

  • actively monitor inventory, demand, and supply across your entire supply chain
  • identify potential impacts in supply and demand with dynamic, time-phased view
  • filter results by subsidiary or location
  • drill down into details
  • export for further analysis
  • tame your supply chain

When your manufacturing can take place on any continent and across multiple time zones, you need a simple but effective way to communicate with your distributors, partners, suppliers, and contract manufacturers to make sure they know what you want and you know what they intend to deliver. NetSuite ERP software gives you the power to easily control inventory, provide end-to-end supply chain management, and optimize your business processes on a single, easy-to-use cloud platform.

Considering supply chain management as a whole, executing your plan is probably the most important phase; and in a global economy, it can also be the most complex. Trust the experts at Blytheco to guide you to success. As a 5-star NetSuite partner, Blytheco is here to help you transform your manufacturing business with NetSuite. To see a demo of NetSuite or to speak with their team, call 949.583.9500 today!

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