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Cut Costs with NetSuite Manufacturing Edition 2021

Cut Costs with NetSuite Manufacturing Edition 2021

The Latest NetSuite Manufacturing Edition 2021 Helps Drive Down Costs in Multiple Ways

If you’re struggling to accurately predict your supply and demand or need to simplify your complex inventory and warehouse management processes, read more about the new automation rolled out in NetSuite Manufacturing Edition 2021 Release 1. The latest quarterly release includes new functionality to help significantly drive down costs for manufacturers.

Cut Costs with Enhanced Supply Planning in the NetSuite Manufacturing Edition 2021

1. Project Inventory Supply and Demand - NetSuite Manufacturing Edition 2021 makes it easy for you to see projected inventory along with any demand or supply that impacts it. You’ll be able to look at your supply chain in a way that makes it easy to identify trends and potential issues, including the ability to monitor inventory, demand, and supply across the whole supply chain. NetSuite makes it easy to isolate where to take action by enabling you to filter by Subsidiary or Location.

2. Enhanced Reporting on Trends - In Release 1 2021, you now have the ability to review your data by date, making trends obvious for an item or location. NetSuite built in intelligent, active automation to make actionable insights more obvious. In Release 1, you now get active alerts whenever late demand exceeds your pre-set demand thresholds which means you can act before it becomes a huge problem. 

3. Save Time with Planning - Planners will save time with another enhancement in Release 1. You’ll be able to set the time or criteria for off hours, which means your data refreshing can repeat and take place during off hours and reduce demand during peak usage or busy times.

4. Blanket PO Schedules - Another time saver to watch out for in Release 1 is the Blanket PO schedules and inbound shipment information which is now available in the snapshot view. You’ll get more accurate updates on the projected net availability of inventory balance by location.

Streamlined Packing Application

Packing your orders has never been easier. NetSuite Release 1 includes the new NewSuite Pack Station, a mobile application developed for tablets. It uses the touchscreen interface to make it easier to accurately pack one or more shipments.

NetSuite Manufacturing EditionNetSuite Pack Station makes it simple to:

  • Group orders with the same shipping routes together so those orders can be packed simultaneously
  • Manage partial picking and weights scanning directly from scales so you avoid errors and lost time from manual entry.
  • Scan items as they are being packed so you know who packed it
  • Give your customers the complete visibility they expect into what items are being shipped in each package. 

The new mobile application supports scanning during your packing process means that more orders are fulfilled correctly, your customers are happier, and profitability goes up because the number of orders that need to be reworked or returned and reshipped goes down.

NetSuite Partners

See Potential Risks Sooner with NetSuite and NewGen Business Solutions 

Our NewGen Business Solutions team supports NetSuite's manufacturing and production ERP software to give you the power to grow. It's easy to control inventory, provide end-to-end supply chain management, and optimize your business processes on a single, easy-to-use cloud platform. Don’t miss out on all the new NetSuite enhancements.

As a 5-star NetSuite partner, we are here to help you transform your manufacturing business with NetSuite. To see a demo of NetSuite or to speak with our team 877.932.2478 or email us at or visit our website!

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