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NetSuite Pack Station Helps You Automate Inventory Management

NetSuite Pack Station Helps You Automate Inventory Management

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Visibility While Being More Efficient with NetSuite Pack Station.

Winning customers and building loyalty is getting harder every day. Nowadays, the savviest shoppers expect a high-quality product at the lowest price. At the same time, they demand a quick and easy buying experience with accurate shipments. To compete in today's ever-growing, increasingly competitive online landscape, it's crucial to have a streamlined fulfillment strategy to meet customer demand and build loyalty. NetSuite just made this much more achievable with the launch of their new NetSuite Pack Station mobile application in NetSuite's 2021 Release 1.

Easily Manage Complex Shipments

The NetSuite Pack Station packing solution is designed for businesses that need to consolidate shipments, pack multiple cartons at the same time, coordinate multi-level packing and scan weights from scales. This added layer of verification before orders are shipped prevents the potential of customer dissatisfaction while avoiding the cost of reshipping incorrect orders. 

NetSuite Pack Station is a touchscreen mobile application developed to be used on a tablet. Your packing team can fulfill orders more efficiently and accurately.

NetSuite Pack Station BlythecoNetSuite Pack Station automates:

  • Multiple carton orders – pack items for multiple orders at the same time with transparency into what each box requires throughout the process.
  • Item verification – by scanning each item as it’s packed, your team can instantly confirm they’ve packed the correct items.
  • Consolidating multiple orders  – identify orders that are going to the same customer with the same address or shipping route and pack those at the same time.
  • Staging partially picked orders – pack an order that is partially picked and stage it to merge with the rest of the order before shipping.
  • Printing pick labels and packing lists – print customizable carton labels, pallet labels, and packing lists.
  • Weights and measures – capture weights directly from the integrated scale to avoid errors from manual entry.
  • Palletization and shipments – load cartons on a pallet within a shipment and easily track EDI data.
  • Staging after packing – after packing an order, you can stage it in a different area to help control the flow of goods in the shipping process.
  • Finding orders – quickly find orders that need to be packed by scanning a pick carton, a sales order number, or by selecting from a list of staged orders.

Increase Shipment Accuracy and Accountability

Another benefit of NetSuite's new Pack Station is the ability to make your outbound fulfillment processes more efficient which increases shipment accuracy. Scanning during the packing process ensures that orders are fulfilled correctly. You get happy customers and increased profitability since orders do not need to be reshipped, exchanged or returned. 

The system automatically captures critical data and provides two important things:

  • Your customers get full visibility into what items are being shipped in each package
  • Your managers have better data for coaching and quality control because they can see who packed what.

NetSuite Pack Station functionality is available both as a standalone solution and included in NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System (WMS).


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