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NetSuite ERP Software Designed for Distribution

NetSuite ERP Software Designed for Distribution

Automate and Document Critical Warehouse Management Processes

If you're like a majority of wholesale distributors, you are sadly familiar with these pain points: limited or no visibility into supply chain management, supply chains spanning numerous systems and ever-increasing demand as your organization grows in complexity. With NetSuite ERP software, you can easily increase control, gain efficiency and expand visibility.

Read more about how successful wholesale distributors achieve a clear view of their supply chain, more easily manage the warehouse floor and take proactive, strategic actions enabled by an automated ERP solution.

Streamline Your Warehouse Management with NetSuite

The on-the-floor warehouse tasks are typically manual in nature, adding time and introducing the risk of errors. Using NetSuite, wholesale distributors streamline and automatically document critical warehouse management processes.

Here are just a few of the NetSuite features successful distributors enjoy:

  • Enhanced picking capabilities including single-order picking, multi-order picking and a pick recommendation function.
  • An Order Release feature that controls the flow of orders to the warehouse.
  • Up to 10,000 order lines per day per picking location.
  • Customizable WMS screens with no coding knowledge required.

NetSuite ERP Software

A Complete View of the Complex Supply Chain

The core competency of a successful wholesale distributor is effectively managing a complex supply chain, and it's never easy. Few of your peers would say they feel like they have achieved the elusive “full visibility” into their supply chains. And without that complete view of the supply chain, it's possible to miss opportunities to correct bad trends.

NetSuite's Supply Chain Control Tower provides a single view of your supply chain. Supply Chain Control Tower gives wholesale distributors the most control over supply chain processes, increasing on-time delivery and optimizing efficiency. Ultimately, you're able to reduce the time for tedious processes, increase your view of the warehouse floor which leads to reduced margin for error at critical areas along the supply chain.

Here are some features that enable that:

  • Alerts identifying critical supply chain issues that require immediate attention.
  • Pre-configured supply chain KPIs to track the health of your supply chain.
  • A Predicted Risks engine that identifies purchase orders that may be in jeopardy.
  • “What If” scenarios that enable wholesale distributors to simulate the business impact of inventory changes across their entire supply chain.
  • Match inventory to customer orders across varying customer types and timelines with the Commitment and Allocation Engine.
Supply Chain Control Tower NetSuite Oasis Systems ERPVAR

Industry Leading Warehouse Management Functionality

A surprising number of warehouse operations still rely on paper, Excel and spreadsheets for picking, leading to countless errors and lost time. You can avoid this and improve your warehouse management with intelligent pick-and-pack functionality utilizing a wave-release process, RF barcode scanning and automating cycle counting.

Specifically designed with the warehouse manager in mind, NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers industry leading warehouse management functionality. NetSuite WMS functionality is designed to streamline the user experience and warehouse processing operations. And product companies never have to worry about integration requirements or data synchronization because NetSuite WMS is built into NetSuite and utilizes core ERP locations, items, bins, inventory and transactions seamlessly. 

It's possible to reduce your operating expenses, improve visibility into inventory and increase customer service by implementing an accounting ERP like NetSuite. Learn more about how wholesale distributors are seeing tremendous results after incorporating the accounting ERP solution NetSuite with the guidance of the experts at Oasis Solutions

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