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Question:  Mike, we recently upgraded to Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS90)version 4.5 and are now getting a Crystal Error: Failed to load the Crystal Print Engine {crpe32.dll} {err/ret=2/0} occurred on line 140 in program SWCOCX. What do we need to do to fix this?
Crystal Reports MAS90Answer: This is an important question, because several of our customers have experienced the same problem. We thought original this could be resolved by reinstalling the workstation but that is not the case here. This is an environmental computer issue that is causing the problem and possible resolution is explained below. This should be done by someone that is familiar with your computers, an IT person or the system administrator:
Add the correct path to the Windows system variable. 

Sage 100 Tips and Tricks


  1. Open the Windows Control Panel and select 'System'. Click the 'Advanced' tab.
  2. Click the 'Environmental Variables' button.
  3. In the 'System Variables' section, select the 'Path' variable, and click the 'Edit' button.
  4. In the 'Variable Value' field, append the following text to the current value, and click 'OK':Note: Do not overwrite the existing path in the 'Variable Value' field. If the path is accidentally deleted, press CTRL-Z to undo the deletion.  ;C:\ProgramFiles\BusinessObjects\Common\3.5\Bin 
  5. At the 'Environmental Variables' window, click 'OK'. 
  6. At the 'System Properties' window, click 'OK'.
  7. Print the report.
  8. If the error still occurs, reboot the workstation, and try to print the report again.
Verify the changes to the Windows system Path environmental variable:
  1. Open a command prompt.
    • In Windows, select Start / Run.
    • Type "CMD" (without quotes), and click 'OK'.
  2. At the command prompt, Type "PATH" (without quotes), and press ENTER.
  3. Verify that the path includes the changes made above.

If the error still occurs, perform the following:
Note: Do not perform this step if you are using another application that uses a version of the CRPE32.DLL Crystal Print Engine version 10 and 8.5 or earlier. Older Crystal Reports versions are not compatible with newer Crpe32.dll versions.
1.      In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Windows\System32 (or C:\Winnt\System32).
2.      Rename CRPE32.DLL.
3.      Copy the CRPE32.DLL file from C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\3.5\Bin into the C:\Windows\System32 (Windows XP/Windows Server 2003).


Sage 100 ERP Consultant
Written by Mike Renner, Partner WAC Consulting, Owner at Computer Accounting Services Mike is an expert on Sage 100 ERP with over 25 years in the accounting software industry. Mike is also a Sage Certified Trainer and a recognized leader in the design, implementation and support of ERP systems, including Sage.


Sage 100 ERP (formally Sage MAS90/200), Sage 100 Fund Accounting (formally MIP Non Profit Software), Sage Grant ManagementSage Online Fundraising, QuickBooks Enterprise and Point of Sale VAR.
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