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Exceed Customer Expectations with CRM Integrated with Sage 100cloud

Exceed Customer Expectations with CRM Integrated with Sage 100cloud

Surpass customer expectations to stay competitive with CRM integrated with Sage 100cloud

Sky-high expectations, infinite choices and volatility have manufacturers seeking more ways to compete. In this blog, we take a closer look at how manufacturers can combine the power of CRM integrated with Sage 100cloud to grow the business and increase revenue by delivering delightful customer experiences.

CRM Coordinates Customer Activities

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a business process typically managed by a specific type of software. Many manufacturing businesses have countless programs and offers they aim at customers and prospects via your sales, marketing, and operations teams. In a lot of cases, they are using spreadsheets to coordinate all these activities, which are hard to scale, report on and use.

The Importance of an Integrated CRM and ERP

Even if your company currently uses CRM software, if it's not integrated with your Sage 100cloud ERP, you're not taking advantage of features and functionality that customers expect and your team really depends on to be successful.

The integration between Sage 100cloud and Sage CRM enables the two solutions to communicate in real-time, keeping all your data in sync. Now, your CRM users have access to the back-office data they need and your ERP users have access to the sales, marketing, and customer service data they need.

The Benefits of CRM and ERP Integration

Increased productivity

Sage CRM acts as your single source for all your company's contacts. The integrated system organizes and consolidates ERP and CRM contact information into one reliable source. Managing and segmenting customers, prospects or partners is much simpler and fully automated, which means you’ll see improved collaboration and efficiencies across your teams.

For example, your employees can easily create quotes and orders in Sage CRM using data from Sage 100cloud. They'll be able to see credit limits, pricing and availability and then the quotes and orders get automatically synced with Sage 100cloud.

Improved customer loyalty

Customers these days expect the best and the fastest customer service. In addition, they want to get that service in a number of ways. You'll find this difficult without ERP and CRM integration. Sage CRM organizes the information your team members need to respond to customers' requests. Your customer support teams will be able to see service requests and payment history, order status, unresolved customer cases and quotes.

Increased accuracy and controls

Reduce errors when you eliminate manual processes and human error that comes from bad data entry or flawed formulas. With your systems integrated, everyone is working from the most accurate data because it’s all being synched across your ERP and CRM instantly. So when you adjust a customer’s information in the ERP, it automatically updates that record in the CRM.

It's easier to control who has access to what when you use an integrated ERP and CRM solution. Sage 100cloud and Sage CRM make it simple to define and control user permissions and access. Data integrity is maintained via an automated synchronization between Sage CRM and Sage 100cloud.

Getting Started is Easy

Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting, Inc. (VBCC) is proud to be the #1 Solution Provider of Sage 100 manufacturing software for the 15th consecutive year. We are humbled by this honor and will be celebrating this achievement with our clients and alliance partners that made this possible.

To see how these solutions can increase your company’s profitability and streamline your processes, contact the experts that know Sage 100 and the Manufacturing industry.

Call us 262-797-0400 or visit our site to contact Vrakas/Blum today.

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