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4 Ways Sage 100 Consultants Help Boost Profits

4 Ways Sage 100 Consultants Help Boost Profits

5 Ways Sage 100 Consultants Help You Boost Profits 

In the digital age, your customers expect interactions with your business to be quicker, better, faster, cheaper and in real time. You may need to optimize the order fulfillment process to accurately and effectively receive, process, and deliver orders to your customers. If your customer facing teams can't deliver excellent customer service with every interaction, then you may be loosing profits and not even know it. There's no need to struggle with inadequate systems. It's time to look at Sage 100 software to help you supercharge sales and order management functionality to arm your Sales, Warehouse, Finance, Collections teams to deliver a great customer experience every time. Our Sage 100 consultants can help you and here's how...  

1. Impress Your Customers and Increase Sales

A positively impressed customer invariably leads to retention, repeat purchases, and positive word of mouth. Positive customer experiences are directly tied to increased sales. Is your team empowered to delight your customer with every interaction? 

Tools like Sage 100 software makes it easy to answer all your customers' questions with speed and precision because information is at your fingertips. You need to have quick access to data to create positive customer experiences. The information you need to see could vary from the availability of specific units in inventory, item pricing, quantity pricing, custom pricing, costs, credit limits, credit card deposit information, etc. 

2. Accept Your Customers' Preferred Payment Type

Avoid saying no to your customers' preferred payment type. With Sage 100 software, you can accept credit cards and debit cards securely including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Debit/ATM, private label cards,  PIN debit, and signature debit transactions. It's simple to stay in compliance with Sage Payment Solutions, an integrated, add-on solution to Sage 100cloud.

3. Go Paperless and Communicate More Efficiently

Quickly and efficiently facilitate collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction with Sage100cloud Paperless Office. Create detailed, accurate records of every purchase, including quantities, price, who placed the order, and any special shipping instructions. If the worst happens, you can still make it easier to issue credits, replacements, or repairs with Sage100cloud Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

4. Collect Data Accurately

Data that's out of date is no use to anyone. Lots of successful companies have adopted lightweight, completely portable hand held computers (aka HHC) to gather, validate, and verify a lot of their data. Now, they can confidently share inventory counts, quantities, item numbers, and lot/serial numbers of goods shipped and received while avoiding the wasted time, cost, and errors frequently experienced with manual data entry.

5. Go Online and Increase Customer Satisfaction 

If you need to customers the ability to place orders and monitor their account status 24 hours a day while at the same time allowing your employees to be more efficient, productive, and accurate, Sage eBusiness Manager leverages the power of the Internet to help you build a web-based e-commerce storefront, support more advanced online purchasing, and provide customers with access to their account information. The Sage 100 eCommerce solution makes it easy for web developers to integrate to other applications. Sage 100 helps you make it easy for your organization to:

  • Speed up sale closure, enhance customer experience, and improve data integrity
  • See important customer and vendor information within Microsoft Outlook from any device
  • Modify permissions to grant access to information about customers' available credit, outstanding balances, and the average time it typically takes to settle a bill
  • Drill into payment and invoice histories, see recent customer communications and review memos

Getting started is easy when you work with one of our Sage 100 consultants. Contact our Sage 100 ERP team at NewGen Business Solutions today to see what Sage 100 software can do to help you delight and retain your customers and supercharge sales.

Contact NewGen Today!

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