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Acumatica CRM Integration with VOIP - Respond Faster

Acumatica CRM Integration with VOIP - Respond Faster

Automate sales with a fully integrated Acumatica CRM phone system

The faster your company moves for your sales team, the better they will be at closing sales and generating cash flow. An Acumatica CRM integration with your VOIP system is one of the most overlooked and undervalued ways of reducing processes for your sales teams ultimately enabling them to contact and record more opportunities, faster.

Communication Like a "Fortune 500" company

In larger companies, there are entire teams of people in charge of just the telephone system. It's their singular focus and they are maintained, updated, logged, and serviced to ensure business continuity no matter what happens.

Maybe your company isn't big enough to staff a phone system management team full-time, but your people still require state-of-the-art communication integrated with systems you already rely on, such as Acumatica. 

Lightspeed Voice offers businesses the communication capability of a “Fortune 500″ company at a mere fraction of the cost to own and maintain a traditional telephone system. Lightspeed Voice's customers are no longer bound to inadequate telephone lines that are obsolete and expensive to maintain. With PrismPBX, a fully hosted, cloud-based telephone system, you can combine multiple locations or simply connect remote staff into a unified communications platform.

Stay Connected

Every sales coach will agree, the faster you respond to a prospective customer's question, email, or phone call, the better your chances of closing your sale. With Sales teams constantly on the go, and offices being diverted to our homes, it's more critical than ever to ensure the phone rings where your salespeople will pick up the phone. With PrismPBX, you never have to worry because automation means you can:

  • Seamlessly have your calls follow you wherever you are
  • Automatically redirect calls if business is disrupted by natural disaster, shelter-in-place orders, etc.
  • Intelligently route calls to a group of extensions you configure

Less Manual Work for Staff

One of the main benefits of Acumatica CRM integration with your VOIP telephone system is the ability to automate important sales functions, ultimately reducing manual work. With a fully integrated, plug and play phone system, your sales team can automatically:

    • Call logs with links to the recorded call are automatically entered into Acumatica
    • Inbound calls will trigger the customer screen to pop up in Acumatica
    • Customize and save follow up communication templates
    • Create and send texts and emails

Acumatica Certified API Integration

Lightspeed Voice is an Acumatica certified application and has their seal of approval, which means you never have to worry about the integration breaking. PrismPBX is more than just a phone system; it is a fully-featured management tool that gives you full control over all of your voice communications. With the Lightspeed PrismPBX, you have Everything Under Control.

Ready for your Lightspeed Future of Tomorrow?

You’re probably tired of the high prices and frustrations of today’s office phone systems and traditional CRMs. Say HELLO to a customer relationship management and cloud-based VoIP system that’s reliable, saves you money, and is easy to use! Let's Chat! 877.97.VOICE

Interested in learning more?  Register for our live ERPVAR webinar:

Date:  Thursday, July 16, 2020

Time:  11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

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