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See What's Happening With Acumatica Manufacturing Software

See What's Happening With Acumatica Manufacturing Software

How manufacturers use Acumatica Manufacturing Software to predict success.

Finance leaders at successful manufacturers often have one thing in common: they have easy access to real-time data that gives them visibility into what's happening everywhere inside and outside their organization. A growing number of them rely on Acumatica Manufacturing ERP to see key indicators that help them reliably predict success.

Don't Look Back

In order to be successful in the world that is our normal now, manufacturers can't wait to react to changes that impact their ability to deliver on time. Gone are the days of simple accounting where we recorded what happened. More frequently now, finance leaders are expected to be strategic and be able to foresee upcoming opportunities and challenges. 

The ability to be agile and predictive relies heavily on insights provided by real-time KPIs enabled by Acumatica manufacturing software. Your teams can easily see the levers requiring your attention with dashboards designed to be flexible and easily customizable without requiring expensive development experts. Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition has out-of-the-box dashboards so that all users in your company can see critical operational and organizational information. 

Role-based Dashboards

Acumatica's dashboards display the needed information depending on your team member’s role and responsibilities so they can analyze real-time trends that relate to their role in the company. For example, the controller's dashboard is composed largely of the financial aspects of the business while an inventory or purchasing manager’s dashboard typically includes data related to reordering, receiving, and turnover trends.

Utmost Customization

Acumatica's dashboards are built to make it easy to display data in a way that makes sense to you and your role. Using Dashboard widgets, you can configure:

  • Charts data table
  • Key performance indicators with scorecards and trend cards
  • Lists of information
  • Embedded pages from other websites
  • Power BI tiles
  • Wiki pages

Flexible Filters and Indicators

Acumatica allows you to define filtering settings quickly and easily for your widgets. Not only can these filtering settings be modified, but they can be color-coded in your Acumatica view to indicate trigger points. Use the alarm colors such as green, yellow and read so your purchasing manager can easily see whether that key performance trend is rising or falling and respond as necessary.

Acumatica dashboards are designed to be the foundation for users within the system. They provide real-time insights with drill-down capability. Your dashboards will be modern and flexible and won't require developers to customize.  Join the growing group of profitable and successful manufacturers and use Acumatica KPIs for Manufacturers.

Manufacturing Made Smarter with Acumatica and Cortekx

The right data at the right time in the right hands can make a huge difference for your short-term and long-term operations. If you’re looking to centralize your data, educate your people, and ultimately work smarter, get to know more about Acumatica, customized and implemented through the ERP experts at Cortekx.

At Cortekx we have successfully implemented over 170 ERP solutions since 1995.  Our mission is to help you find and implement the right software with the right fit for your needs, team up with you and your staff to work together to realize the vision, and simplify the transformation to positively impact your bottom line. Get to know more about how Cortekx works and how we can help you and contact us for a free executive briefing

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