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Success Story: Double Growth with Acumatica Manufacturing

Success Story: Double Growth with Acumatica Manufacturing

Automate Access to Information Without Adding Staff with Acumatica Manufacturing

For manufacturers and distributors running on older, maybe even on-premises systems, achieving automated insights and real-time access to centralized data is a hurdle that must be overcome in order to adapt for what the future requires. In a recent success story, an industry-leading textile manufacturer entrusted Blytheco to help them implement Acumatica Manufacturing technology that has enabled them to double the size of their business without any new headcount while implementing barcode scanning.

Inaccurate Financials With No Inventory Control

In the case of AFF|group, after a 2021 acquisition, the new CEO and CFO knew from previous experience that the legacy, on-premise system that was in place was going to need to be upgraded to provide the centralized data and insights that enable real-time decision making. Previously, the teams at the company struggled with paper records of orders, no automation, and no inventory control. They didn't know what was on order or what to make until they reviewed the order.

Watch this 2-minute video highlighting the Blytheco Client Success Story with the AFF Group: Acumatica ManufacturingAfter a successful implementation guided by the experts at Blytheco, the teams at AFF|group benefit from automation that indicates exactly what needs to be made and when to have it ready. Trucks no longer wait for hundreds of pieces of foam to be cut to order, they're all ready before the truck gets there because the Acumatica system ensured they had the necessary inventory and they started making the order in time for the trucks and customers.

"Right now, we are pulling everything and then staging it before putting it on a truck.” However, he admitted that “We still occasionally miss something.” This didn’t daunt the team, but rather inspired them to continue to improve. The team’s goal is to more than triple the number of daily outbound trucks that occurred prior to Acumatica. Acumatica will make this possible soon. 

Increased Accuracy and Fewer Unhappy Customers

The internal controls that come from inventory management lead to increased customer satisfaction because the sales team has real-time access to inventory levels and ship times while out on the road, something they never had previously. AFF|group has reduced its out-of-stock situations and now receives accurate information on what they need to order and when to deliver orders on time.

“Before they would have to call and someone would have to run to the warehouse and look at inventory,” Leinster says. The salespeople can also see what inventory may be reserved for a different customer, reducing double booking inventory and customer disappointment, mistakes they have now mitigated.

“We want to get to a point where we’re scanning everything that goes into a truck, and scanning everything that comes off a truck,” Smith says. “So, when a customer says, ‘something is missing’, we can quickly diagnose what happened.”

Saving Time and Money by Reducing Paper

Not unlike a lot of manufacturers that cut to order, AFF|group's internal processes relied heavily on pushing paper around. “New processes are in place, we have greatly reduced the amount of paper used and the hours needed to process it. We had reams of paper and people processing paper,” Anita Easler, Customer Fulfillment Manager says.

When AFF|group catches an error, it isn’t because they just missed it or because someone lost a piece of paper. They can find whatever information they need in Acumatica. “We want our business to be as paperless as possible, and we couldn’t do that with Sage or the processes we had. Now that we are in the cloud, we can use a phone or iPad to access information."

Surprising Savings

You’re not alone if you’re frustrated by your legacy system’s manual processes, redundant data entry, and lack of power. Many accounting and finance teams lose nights and weekends up to their ears in spreadsheets or waiting for reports that take forever to compile. Sometimes after hours of work they still can’t seem to achieve any kind of real-time visibility or reporting to the business when they need it.

Acumatica Cloud ERP allows transactions to be analyzed and categorized in real-time. Dashboards and other visual reports are filtered and rerun in seconds. Executives, Board members, department heads, etc. are empowered to create their own customized reports and views, keeping their endless requests out of your inbox.

Here’s where you may also see surprising savings after your Acumatica migration:

  • Reduce time spent on manual, redundant processes
  • Eliminate hosting and hardware maintenance fees from your legacy systems/solution stack
  • Avoid Consulting fees to maintain all that hardware
  • Stop the cycle of expensive upgrades and integration breaking that happens

Your Roadmap to Success

An Acumatica digital transformation can save you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and increase accuracy and efficiency. It can be scary, but you can trust the experts at Blytheco to guide you to success. An award-winning Acumatica partner, Blytheco is here to help you transform your business. 

Acumatica Expert

Let's get started with a business process and system review.  

To see a demo or speak with us contact Blytheco today. Call 949-583-9500, email or visit our website. Our team would love to hear about your needs and talk to you about how we can help improve your business processes!

Blytheco Author Bio: 

Alyssa Futterer, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Blytheco, has over 10 years of digital, communications, and content marketing experience with 4 years in software tech specializing in the ERP, EDI, and SaaS space. Alyssa leverages her relevant experience to create content that educates and informs customers and industry professionals. She helps to improve their businesses through innovative software technologies.



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