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4 Signs You Are Ready for Cloud ERP Software: A Death Star Perspective

Don’t Stay on the Dark Side Any Longer – Learn How Cloud ERP Software Helps Your Growing Business

Is your business still running on an entry-level system like QuickBooks or an outdated legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? If you are trying to get the job done with old systems, you can easily relate to what it feels like being in charge of the Death Star space station from "Star Wars: A New Hope." Borrowing from a theme in the movie, operating on ERP software that you have outgrown is much like being “Strangely vulnerable with an impending sense of doom.”

4 Signs You Are Ready for Cloud ERP Software

1.    Limited features / outdated tools. The Death Star had one exhaust port that could be torpedoed. Likewise, the dated technology inherent in QuickBooks and legacy ERP systems often results in end-users defaulting to manually managed spreadsheets. These typically produce cumbersome consolidations, lengthy monthly closes, and slow and inflexible reporting.
2.    Data silos and multiple versions of the truth. The design of the Death Star suffered from miscommunication about what the design of the HVAC system would mean for its defenses. With the wrong ERP, integration challenges can mean that data may be outdated or require double and triple entry to keep all systems and spreadsheets up to date.
3.    Numerous manual processes. In "Star Wars," everything from the Death Star itself to the X-Wing Fighters flown by the Rebellion were largely hand-operated, despite the seemingly advanced technology available. Many legacy ERP applications are still beholden to a mix of stale technology, paper-based workflows, and complicated reporting tools.
4.    Clunky multi-entity architecture. Working with multiple entities in QB or legacy ERP requires logging in and out just to switch between different database files. And consolidating financial and operational data can often require special programming or third-party reporting tools. It's the financial equivalent of trying to pilot a giant space station using manual controls.

There is good news, however: SMBs can escape from the "Dark Side" of entry-level or old-fashioned ERP with help from the Arxis Jedi and a modern finance solution such as Intacct. Intacct provides automated workflows, multi-entity capabilities, open APIs, and pre-built integrations with applications such as — all packaged in a single scalable, cloud-based solution.

Intacct offers real-time reporting and dashboards and automatic consolidation of financial and operational data. Essential tasks such as revenue recognition, contract management and recurring billing are also handled seamlessly and automatically, so you don't have to sink valuable time into making sure that all of your Excel sheets tie out.

A modern ERP system like Intacct is very user-friendly with on-demand reporting to get you the right data you need to make intelligent decisions. This information is readily accessible on any IP-enabled mobile device. This technology is much like how the Jedi from "Star Wars" used holograms to easily communicate with people who were light years away. The technology works for you, instead of against you like it often does with legacy ERP systems that require extensive support, costly maintenance and manual integrations.

We are here to make sure you don't let your ineffective systems pull you to the Dark Side! We will help you find a more sustainable way forward with cloud financial software. Contact one of our Arxis Jedis and get started on your journey. We help growing businesses like yours find the best path back to the Light Side of ERP. Schedule your complimentary complimentary Arxis system requirements and needs assessment today.

If you are interested in learning more about cloud ERP and CPM software or have any questions about this blog, CONTACT US. If you are looking for cloud accounting solutions or ERP consultants to help take your business to the next level, contact us at or call 866-624-2600.

Arxis Technology is a certified Intacct Premier Partner and Adaptive Insights featured partner with offices across the country, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, and Phoenix. Our best-in-class solutions, including Intacct, Adaptive Insights, and AvidXchange, enable finance teams to streamline revenue recognition, multi-entity reporting, accounts payable automation, dual reporting, financial forecasting, fund management, intercompany eliminations, cash flow projections, and global consolidations.

Arxis assists organizations outgrowing QuickBooks and other legacy ERP systems that need to replace outdated, inaccurate manual processes, and eliminate reliance on spreadsheets. Arxis specializes in the Finance and Accounting technology needs of Entertainment, Software & SaaS, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Non Profit organizations.

Another version of this blog was posted on the Arxis website on 7/21/2016: Is Your ERP Software Leading You to the Dark Side?

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