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Microsoft Dynamics GP integrationMicrosoft Dynamics GP is a great fit for businesses who need to integrate various systems and streamline manual processes. Here is an example how one business implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP with integration.  Our senior sales consultant, Christopher Tepper, with The TM Group, shared an interesting project one of his clients completed recently. Chris was asked to provide a cohesive solution for a physician’s network that boasts more than 1,500 Michigan-based members. This fully accredited organization for physicians offers assistance with validated worth and strict compliance through accountability and sound medical management practices. The organization keeps track of the physicians’ progress as they work up the various levels of membership.  Tracking their eligibility for increased reimbursement, incentives, and other value-based programs became more and more of a cumbersome effort as their enrollment grew.

Here are 5 Important Business Requirements Solved with Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration.

1) Seamless Integration:

The organization was looking for Microsoft Dynamics GP integration capabilities to deliver a seamlessly integrated system to work with its own credentialing software system. With the utilization of SmartConnect, the Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting solution was integrated and deployed in conjunction with the organization’s custom built internally developed membership management solution. It was important to streamline all the variety of rebates, payments, and dividends that are accepted then must be disbursed and paid to the members efficiently.

2) Automate Manual Processes: 

Before the installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the organization had been entering all these items manually. The process was tedious and labor-intensive. Microsoft Dynamics GP was implemented as the perfect solution to streamline and automate all these processes.

3) Custom Reporting: 

The organization also has a myriad of reports that need to be generated quickly and easily. Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP Management Reporter, the financial reports were tailored to meet its specific needs. The report wizard made it easy for users to design, store, and generate reports.

4) Secure Credit Card Processing: 

Another important requirement was secure payment options. The TM Group has a great independent software vendor partner, SalesPad CardControl,that offers a terrific and efficient solution for credit card processing. This was implemented, and now this physician network can accept credit cards with a safe and secure online payment solution.

5) Save Time with Year End Processing: 

Their 1099s were also a tedious and time-consuming project for the company, due to the large number of 1099s that needed to be processed. The client also implemented electronic 1099s and 1099 fulfillment through another reputable TM Group and GP partner, Greenshades. With the Greenshades solution the client was able to automatically upload the 1099s electronically to the government as well as have Greenshades print, stuff, and mail the 1099s to the vendors for a nominal fee. This saved hours of exporting files and uploading to the government and also printing, stuffing, and mailing thousands of 1099s.

By solving the dilemma of integration with its current software utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP, this members-only organization now has streamlined its accounting practices, enjoys easy report generation and management, has peace of mind with secure credit card processing options, and streamlined the year-end 1099 process.

Finding the right solutions for a company’s business challenges is what The TM Group does best! If you’re struggling with a predicament involving your ERP, GP, or CRM needs, please contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at for more information. We’ll be delighted to design and implement a technology plan to suit your needs and budget. Contact Jennifer Swiderski at for more details.

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