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It’s Time to Build a Recovery Plan for Your Microsoft Dynamics Online Services

It’s Time to Build a Recovery Plan for Your Microsoft Dynamics Online Services

Microsoft Dynamics Online ServicesAs the end of the year approaches, now is a good time to ask yourself if your company has an acceptable and resilient recovery plan in place. If it doesn’t, The TM Group highly recommends you implement one now using Scribe Online, which includes a variety of Microsoft recovery services for CRM Online.

Scribe Online makes integration easy, using a platform that delivers Integration, Replication, Connectors and SolutionPaks, all of which easily promote:

  • Integrating key customer data (e.g., sales data, contact information) across such critical business systems as CRM, marketing automation, ERP and support.
  • Replicating cloud data to a local database for reporting, analytics or backups.
  • Connecting on-premise and cloud-based CRM and ERP to everyday applications such as GoToWebinar.
  • Jump-starting integrations with pre-built mappings for common integration needs.

How does Scribe Online work?

Scribe Online Replication Services copies your CRM data to support real-time business intelligence, operational reporting and data warehouse initiatives. Replication Services provides the flexibility to have all your CRM data where you want it when you need it. You can replicate your CRM data to your Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Azure or MySQL database. Replication Services copies your data in entity format so you can see your CRM information in a way that makes sense – accounts, contacts, leads, etc. A simple wizard gets you set up and running in minutes. Select only the entities that you need to replicate or replicate your entire CRM data – the choice is yours. Scheduling options and auto-detection of schematic changes make your replications hands-off and worry-free.

Key benefits of Scribe Online include:

  • Pure cloud with an on-premise option.
  • Intuitive visual design environment.
  • Connectors to relevant business applications.
  • SolutionPaks to jump-start integration.
  • Build-it-yourself connectivity.

The TM Group endorses using Microsoft SQL Server as the database manager because it has its own built-in backup and restore solution and is robust. There are many third-party solutions available, but (again) the built-in SQL backup is free and proficient. According to Steve Shaw, The TM Group’s IT systems specialist, “All the above-mentioned backup solutions will back up to USB, eSATA, NAS and even shared drives on the network. There is no logical reason for anyone to not take advantage of these backup solutions. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.”

Need more convincing? Take a look at the many great articles available to assist companies in their disaster recovery and contingency planning. Visit for an article titled IT Recovery Strategies or visit to review an article on contingency planning.

Work with your Microsoft VAR and IT provider to develop and maintain a recovery plan that will store and recover your company’s treasured data. Now is the time to make sure your recovery plan is in place and to  test, test and retest to ensure that your data backup plan is safe and ready for deployment when needed.

For more information, contact The TM Group at 888.482.2864 or visit our refreshed website. We recently recorded an informative online webcast for our clients that are using Scribe Software. Please visit Submitted by: Jennifer Swiderski, Marketing Manager – The TM Group, Inc.

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