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Real Benefits of Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP solutions provide real benefits, including both cost savings and operational advantages.  Here is a short list, but keep in mind that individual companies can achieve a far wider array of benefits with a Cloud ERP solution.

Cost Savings

  • Licensing—You may not see much savings here because most vendors will maximize profits by using a pricing model that only slightly favors Cloud options.  However, in order to get you to really examine the Cloud ERP route, many vendors offer a package that is priced to get your attention.
  • Funding—Since Cloud ERP does not require the upfront payment of the full license fee, the financial commitment required is far less, lowering the cost of borrowing or diverting funding from other projects, hence ROI will be higher and the payback period will be shorter.
  • Hardware—Assuming you are using a true cloud-based ERP solution and are not creating your own in-house cloud, there is no purchase of additional capital expenditures for equipment like servers or a secure network.  Further, there is no hardware maintenance required and there is no additional IT staff required to manage the equipment and network.  Plus, you will not have to purchase more equipment as your company and usage grow.
  • IT staff, trainers, and support personal—It is likely you will want to have an in-house expert on your Cloud ERP solution, however, the need for additional staff will be far less if you are using a Cloud ERP system.  You won’t need an army of IT workers to load software onto laptops, install upgrades, and trouble shoot.  Software developers that provide a true cloud solution generally provide online training and support materials available when and where you need them. 

Operational Benefits

  • Implementation--Because Cloud ERP solutions are up and running, your organization will benefit with faster time to set up and implement, meaning users are online and using the solution sooner.
  • Access—Cloud ERP solutions provide access to real-time information from anywhere, at any time.  This increases the opportunities for collaboration and shortens business processes and cycles.  Decision making is made with the benefit of up-to-date information and approvals can be given while the boss is out of town.
  • Flexibility and Scalability—ERP Cloud solutions like Acumatica are flexible and provide for full customization and scalability.  When you grow, your Cloud ERP grows with you without additional hardware or implementation time and expense.
  • Software upgrades—New capabilities are continually added by the vendor, increasing competitiveness and improving user experience. In the Cloud, there is no client software installation.  All software upgrades are handled by the vendor.  All you have to do is start using them.
  • Software integration—Depending on the Cloud ERP you choose, integration may be simple or even eliminated. For example, Acumatica ERP and CRM modules run on a single platform, eliminating the need for integration. Talk to your ERP consultant or vendor about this one as this benefit varies with the solution chosen.  
  • Security—Security is handled by the vendor and, because the security on the Cloud-based solutions are continually upgraded, many Cloud-based security systems have been found to be better than the security on most on-premise solutions.  
  • Device independence and cross-platform compatibility—Users want to be able to access information from whatever device is handy at the moment—PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet—and a fully web-based Cloud ERP like Acumatica can be accessed by any device that can access the Internet.  Further, because the system lives in the cloud, it provides cross-platform compatibility.

Cloud ERP solutions not only save money, they can make your company actually operate more efficiently and effectively resulting in better decisions, faster delivery of products, and improved profit margins.


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By Sandi Richards Forman, 
NexVue Information Systems,

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