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Intuit Solution Provider Program Dissolved

Intuit Solution Provider Program Dissolved
Intuit Reseller Program

The Intuit Solution Provider program has been dissolved as of today and will split into two programs.  The varsity level program will be referred to as the Intuit Premier Reseller Program and the junior varsity program will be referred to as the Intuit Authorized Reseller program.  While the details are to be released shortly, it is our understanding the Intuit Premier Resellers will maintain their direct selling relationship with Intuit and the junior varsity level, Intuit Authorized Resellers will be asked to place orders through BlueStar or Ingram Micro distribution.

The Intuit Solution Provider Program has always set a sales minimum requirement as part of the program conditions.  This requirement had not been enforced until today. Top Intuit Solution Providers like, The QB Specialists, QB Deal, The POS Warehouse have dominated the Intuit Solution Provider market for the last couple of years.  Taking a closer look at these top producing channel partners one can quickly assess their associated websites are constantly evolving in regard to search engine optimization and adword spend.

In order to sell accounting software today in volume, it is becoming more important for channel partners to make themselves available online.  Prospective accounting software customers want answers immediately via Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines.  If solution providers understand what prospective buyers are searching for and focus their website content toward those keywords, over time solution provider websites will connect with those prospective customers.

In order to grow through new customer acquisition like the remaining Intuit Premier Resellers it is evident solution providers must keep their eye on what customers are seeking via social media and the internet just like the top remaining Intuit Premier Resellers.

Here is a copy of the notice distributed by Intuit and posted to the ISP LinkedIn Community:

Dear Valued ISP Program Member,


Over the past several months we have been working to transform the ISP Program and today we are pleased to announce that the ISP Program is now the Intuit Reseller Program! In addition to its new name, the program has been updated to provide a broader range of options designed to help you, our valued members, select the option that best fits your business objectives.  

As we set about updating the legacy ISP program we carefully evaluated the program for its ability to uniquely serve the needs of our customers, our members, and Intuit. The resulting changes are focused around these stakeholders with three core objectives:

  • Provide clear and unique program value propositions that make it easy for members to find the right program to meet their business needs
  • Create an environment of highly engaged relationships focused on delivering the best overall business results
  • Maintain a true reward for performance set of program benefits where members can chose where they want to focus time and resources

The new Intuit Reseller Program offers two program levels designed to serve a variety of reseller business objectives.

The Premier Level is the top tier within the Intuit Reseller Program. Designed for members with consistent and robust sales, this level is available to resellers with ongoing annual Intuit sales greater than $30,000 and clearly defined IT-related add-on services and customized solutions. Members in this tier receive access to Intuit managed sales and marketing benefits along with several incentive-based rewards.

The Authorized Level is designed for newer program members still ramping up their Intuit line of business or those members for whom Intuit sales may not be the primary focus. This newly created level offers access to specialized solutions and pricing along with marketing and sales support managed through Intuit's select distribution partners Ingram and Blue Star.

Don't forget about the other great Intuit programs available to support your business objectives.

The ProAdvisor Program is a great option if you have a business primarily focused on accounting and bookkeeping types of services.

The Affiliate Program is the right fit for firms specializing in web-based marketing.

As part of the transition to the new program, you will receive a notice via email that your existing ISP Agreement will terminate effective June 16. Included in this notice we will provide your new program level and instructions for accepting the new agreement based on your most recent trailing twelve months' revenue. You can also look up your revenue history at anytime by visiting the Master QuickBase. Over the next several days we will offer a series of communications and materials to further explain the new program and assist you through the transition to the option best for your business.

On Wednesday May 16, we will host a live WebEx that will go into more detail on the new program and the transition process.

Following the WebEx, members will be invited to participate in level-specific sessions. Invitations will be sent based on the most recent twelve month revenue history to determine Premier or Authorized level eligibility.

In addition to the live sessions, the Master QuickBase and Resource Centers have been updated with new program information, including the new Intuit Reseller Agreements and Member Guides.

Finally, we have set up a dedicated knowledgebase available through your Master QuickBase login where you can find a wide range of program transition questions and answers as well as contribute questions of your own.

We're excited about the new Intuit Reseller Program and look forward to sharing more information with you on May 16!



David Vieregg



 image provided by sdpitbull's photostream on flickr

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