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Zoho QuickBooks Integration - 10 Ways QuickBooks Ties to Zoho CRM

Zoho QuickBooks Integration - 10 Ways QuickBooks Ties to Zoho CRM

Zoho QuickBooks Integration resized 600As ERP consultants and CRM consultants, our team helps businesses tie the front office activities with the back office activities. Is your accounting system disconnected from customer service and sales? Are you using QuickBooks and considering options to add Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software? If you are considering CRM options, Zoho Online CRM is an affordable solution that helps QuickBooks customers work more efficiently with the Zoho QuickBooks integration. Marketing, Sales and Accounting departments can keep track of critical information as your prospects turn into customers without all the hassle of working in two disconnected systems. If your organization is spending too much time managing the data and not enough time managing the business, this integration will help save time and money. With the Zoho QuickBooks integration, now your sales teams can spend more time finding and closing new business and your accounting department can spend more time invoicing and collecting cash. Here are some key features offered by this Zoho QuickBooks integration.

Zoho QuickBooks Integration: 10 Key Integration Points

  1. Keep an updated view of contacts, vendors, products, sales orders and invoices
  2. Choose to manually or automatically transfer data
  3. Data can be imported from QuickBooks to Zoho CRM & Data can be exported from Zoho CRM to QuickBooks
  4. Zoho Online CRM can be accessed remotely – critical QuickBooks data is accessible to sales people while on the road
  5. Contact and vendor details can be synchronized with Zoho CRM and QuickBooks
  6. Estimates, invoices and billing history can be imported from QuickBooks to Zoho CRM
  7. During synchronization you can prioritize and overwrite data
  8. View history of synchronization data and delete most recent transfer
  9. Field mapping set up for standard and custom fields
  10. Convert Zoho CRM quotes into QuickBooks Sales Orders or Invoices

The Zoho QuickBooks integration helps sales people with key accounting related information that will help better serve customers and maximize sales opportunities. For example, while in Zoho CRM, a sales person can look up a customer’s billing history to make a suggestion on something they ordered in the past. Sales will know if a customer has an overdue accounts receivable balance from Zoho CRM so orders aren’t held up because the account was on credit hold. Your customer service and satisfaction levels with will go up since customers no longer need to wait or get transferred to accounting when they have questions about billing history and current balances. Sales can now see inventory on hand so they know what is available to sell and set the customer’s expectations on delivery date.

When QuickBooks is integrated to your Zoho Online CRM, you can eliminate the time wasted from manually entering the same data in two separate systems.  You have the option to manually or automatically synch up the data entered in one program or the other.   This bidirectional integration is a great time saver! 

We are happy to help you with your evaluation to learn how the Zoho QuickBooks integration can help your business reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity. We offer new clients a free consultation to discuss your needs and learn how we can help your business use technology to increase speed and productivity. As business consultants with over 20 years of experience, we believe that software should work for your business to help improve your bottom line. Our team of ERP and CRM consultants help customize the software to fit your unique business requirements and train your staff to take full advantage of the features the software has to offer.

CONTACT US at Agile Business & Technology Solutions to learn how our team of experts will help customize a low cost solution that’s technologically advanced, reliable, and produces measurable results.

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