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Food and Beverage Manufacturing Software Sage X3 with Lascom PLM: A Great Fit!

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Software Sage X3 with Lascom PLM: A Great Fit!

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Software: Sage X3 and Lascom PLM

Sage X3 is a great fit for for mid and large sized food and beverage manufacturers One popular add-on solution that integrates with Sage X3 is Lascom PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) It helps Sage X3 customers streamline all stages of product development from product inception to go-to-market. Food and Beverage manufacturers, cosmetics and food service companies experience the next generation of benefits from adding Lascom’s PLM software to their Sage X3 software as it covers the necessities of manufacturing a food and beverage product from start to finish.

Top 10  Lascom’s PLM Features

Lascom Solutions Inc. have devised PLM software that aids companies in better managing their products through all stages of its lifecycle. The software allows manufacturers to collaborate and share data & documents for all product information on a single repository. It aims to efficiently increase productivity, accelerate time to market and reduce risks through the features of:

  1. NPD streamlined processes
  2. Change management
  3. Range Optimization
  4. Data and document management
  5. Costing calculations
  6. Regulatory compliance
  7. Time to Market improvement
  8. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  9. Reduced re-keying of data
  10. Activity Analysis

Lascom's PLM software significantly decreases manual daily tasks surrounding product development, marketing, R&D, quality, procurement, and supply teams through its distinctive management of information on one integrated platform. PLM boosts innovation, assists in meeting deadlines and saves time through the avoidance of re-keying data. PLM’s facilitation of strategic decisions processes and optimization also enables upper management to greatly benefit from a consistent overview of the company’s projects and its processes.

Lascom’s PLM software also helps:

  1. Manages all information securely
  2. Offers non-complex views of product information, based on inter-relationships
  3. Enables fast and effective access to information through a sophisticated range of searching/reporting tools
  4. Accelerates productivity with users able to readily create new or reuse/modify preexisting product information
  5. Provides automatic generation of product specifications, saving time and reducing errors
  6. Offers management visibility/auditing of all product information and user activity
  7. Enables greater decision making through advanced impact analysis features, in particular comparisons, gap analysis and where-used

Who benefits most from PLM software?

  • Manufacturers of food & beverage, cosmetic, food service
  • # of products: 50+
  • # of new products per year: 20+
  • Have multi sites or sell to other countries
  • Want to scale to multi sites and/or sell to other countries

Want to learn more about Sage X3 and about Lascom PLM.

hould you require more information on the Sage X3 PLM integration, please feel free to contact our Sage X3 team at 1-866-320-8922 or email us at

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About Mantralogix

Mantralogix specializes in the implementation, support, and training of world-class ERP solutions from Sage, including Sage MAS 500, Sage 300 (formerly Accpac), and Sage X3, Sage PFW, and Sage BusinessVision Accounting (BV).  We also help with CRM, HRMS, custom development, hardware, and IT consulting and outsourcing. Mantralogix has in-house expertise in designing, developing and implementing solutions for financial, manufacturing and distribution verticals.  Contact us today at 866-320-8922 or visit

Another version of this article was previously posted on Mantralogix’s Blog Sage X3 Product Update 9: What you need to know!

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This blog was previously posted on Mantralogix Blog on May 9, 2016 9:30 AM - Sage X3 and Lascom PLM: A smart combination for mid-to-large processed manufacturers

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