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Credit and Collections Law: The Basics

When you're trying to come up with a way to get customers to respond to your collection emails and past due notices, you can try to get a little creative sometimes. Maybe you test out a couple different times to send email to see which is the most responsive or you get a little catchy with your email subject lines. Although this may seem harmless, there are a few credit and collections laws that you should be aware of when testing out some new ways to collect on past due accounts. Once these laws are violated, there could be some hefty fines of punishments as a consequence. Make sure you are familiar with these basic credit and collections laws before you send your next letter or make your next phone call.

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6 Reasons Manufacturers are Flocking to Cloud Manufacturing

Cloud Manufacturing Systems Offer Manufacturers a Competitive Advantage

The rise in popularity of cloud applications like iCloud, Dropbox and Facebook have most of us experiencing the convenience of the cloud every day. It’s no surprise that individuals and businesses are avid supporters of cloud computing thanks to the numerous benefits, including the ease of collaboration that can be achieved instantly. The cloud offers us endless potential in our personal lives and in business. In the world of business, the Cloud offers a range of benefits that provide a competitive advantage. Manufacturing companies depend on gaining efficiencies to maintain a competitive edge to survive and thrive. This is why more and more Manufacturers are flocking to the cloud to benefit from the flexibility, time saving capabilities and low costs, resulting in profitable growth, and competitive advantage. Let’s look the competitive advantages of the cloud a little deeper.

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Overcome Problems in Film Accounting Departments with AP Automation

Film Accounting AP Automation with AvidXchange

Typically, there’s a process organizations go through when they receive an invoice. Step after step in the paper-based process, the invoice goes through the mail department, all the way through to accounting, and then finally kept on file for research.

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Why Do You Need a B2B e-Commerce Solution?

Why does it matter for you? According to recent surveys, distributors and manufacturers that use Sage ERP implemented a B2B e-Commerce Solutions that allows their customers to order using mobile solutions.

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Dynamics NAV with HighJump Warehouse Edge – A "Best in Breed" WMS Solution

Dynamics NAV Warehouse Management with HighJump Warehouse Edge

When you combine the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with HighJump Warehouse Edge (formerly AccellosOne WMS), you get a “best in breed” for improved warehouse performance and increased inventory accuracy. Dynamics NAV customers who need more functionality our of a Warehouse Management System, the tight integration with HighJump’s Warehouse Edge is a game changer giving growing distribution companies a competitive edge. When you invest in HighJump Warehouse Edge, you will achieve a high level of Return on Investment (ROI) through the advanced WMS functionality with improved order accuracy, on time shipping, minimizing inventory carry cost and decreasing labor costs.

Dynamics NAV and HighJump’s Warehouse Edge Offers a Complete WMS Solution

HighJump Warehouse Edge leverages Microsoft technologies, like Active Directory, SQL Server 2012, and the powerful Workflow Foundation to extend the core capabilities of your Dynamics NAV. The strategic leveraging of the partnership and utilization of Microsoft technologies helps HighJump deliver products that keep customers well positioned as innovators and help them establish competitive advantages. This collaborative partnership has helped both HighJump and Microsoft to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end supply chain solution.

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New ERP Marketplace App Demoed at GPUG Amplify

A new ERP Marketplace App that allows ERP Vars to quickly embed a robust catalogue of add-on products into their website was demoed for Dynamics GP at GPUG Amplify yesterday.

The Cloud Marketplace Website App from goERPcloud makes it easy for VARs to digitally enhance their sales and marketing efforts with a centrally managed on demand ERP cloud trial and a catalogue of 180+ Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions.

“We’re very proud of the goERPcloud Marketplace App,” said Jeffrey DeMaria, Product Manager for RoseASP in a recent statement. RoseASP is the organization powering goERPcloud.  “Our goal has always been to help customers succeed by paring them with the right solution and the right partner, and the new app allows us to do that in a way that is unmatched.”

goERPcloud currently supports software trials and product demos for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and SL along with ISV add-on products.

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5 Benefits of Dynamics GP Fixed Assets

What are the Benefits of Using Dynamics GP Fixed Assets Management Module?

As Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants, we get questions from our clients on how they can take advantage of the robust functionality in Dynamics GP. One area that clients struggle with is managing Fixed Assets manually. Fortunately, the Fixed Assets Management module in Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers a variety of features and reporting tools that can help you track, analyze, and manipulate your fixed assets. If you are on a current version of Dynamics GP, Fixed Asset Management is already included in your Starter Pack and already equipped to get started with better asset management.

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How Happy Are You with Your Sage 300 ERP Software?

Rate Your Sage 300 ERP Software on a Scale of 1 to 10

Imagine you just got a yearly survey, where you were asked, how content have you been with the performance of your Sage 300 ERP software over the last year? What would you say? Are you somewhere between an 8 – 10? If not, do you know what it would take to get you to an 8-10? What is keeping you from implementing those changes? The fix may be something as simple as implementing a third-party plug-in or automating a manual process. 

At Front Line Systems, we often talk to Sage 300 clients who are unhappy with the support they are getting from their existing Sage 300 business partner. They are either looking to change their Sage 300 consultant / business partner or considering a move to a new ERP system. Are you in that boat? If yes, please keep reading.Here are a few steps you can take before you completely give up on your financial investment in your Sage 300 system.
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Getting Started On A 5S Implementation, pt. 1

You might have read our article explaining what is 5S along with its benefits. If you didn’t I suggest you check it out before reading this article, because we will be going a step further by discussing what the best practices are for implementing 5S in your warehouse.

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Janitorial Supply Distributors Guide for Selecting a Warehouse Management System

Janitorial Supply Distributors and Warehouse Management System (WMS) Software Selection - Download FREE Guide

If you are finding it to be harder and harder to manage your inventory, it's a sign you may have outgrown your inventory managemenet system.  Our team of inventory optimization professionals and ERP consultants have experience working with janitorial supply distributors.   We understand you have many challenges similar to other distributors we work with and several that are unique to your industry.  

Selecting a warehouse management system (WMS) that is the right fit to meet your individual business requirements takes a great deal of time.

If your business growth is causing greater urgency for better inventory control and improved warehouse efficiency, we highly recommend you download this guide "How to Choose a Warehouse Management System."

This 13-page WMS selection guide outlines the critical information you need to make the best decision possible with a 2- page checklist to help get you started with reviewing your requirements.  It also includes information on how to build an effective project team, ask the right questions of your software reseller and successfully implement your new WMS system.

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