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Cloud Based ERP and CRM Solutions: 5 Reasons Love is in the Air!

Why Are So Many Companies Switching to Cloud Based ERP and CRM Systems?  Is it Love?

When it comes to the daily interactions you have with your business management software and all technology you need to run your business, “Love” may not be the first feeling that always comes to mind.  Let’s face it, while we rely on technology a great deal, it sometimes leaves us feeling like a bad blind date when it comes to misguided expectations and value for time and money invested.  When you consider the growth of cloud based ERP and CRM solutions over the past 5 years, it’s not surprising that almost 60% of all U.S. organizations rely on some sort of cloud computing, according to Forbes. It’s forecasted that businesses will increase their investment on cloud solutions in 2015, according to an article referenced in Computerworld 2015 forecast. In fact, 52 percent of IT decision-makers at firms with more than 1,000 employees say they intend to allocate more investment in cloud computing. In fact, industry experts predict that in the future, nearly 90 percent of all new Internet and communications spending will be concentrated on cloud-based technology.

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Fixed Asset Management Software: No More Spreadsheets! Part 4

Fixed Assets Management Software:  Is it Time to Hire a Fixed Assets Manager

In part 3 of this blog series, "Fixed Asset Management Software: No More Spreadsheets!" we discussed steps to take before you get ready to ditch the spreadsheets and move to Fixed Assets Management software.

So what are the benefits to a business if they are considering adding an asset manager is the next key step?  With company growth, further procedures may be necessary, as well as someone to supervise the equipment and fixtures of the firm.

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3 Companies Who Got Paid Faster by Putting A/R on Auto-Pilot

You don’t have to be a kid to love a good story; that’s why as adults we watch movies, read books, go to plays, and even read them to our own children. But stories serve a purpose that extend beyond pure entertainment, they teach us things too and when it comes to your business, there is no better way to understand the benefits of a new product or methodology than a good case study or success story. It gives you a chance to learn from your peers, not just the company behind the product.  We’ve written countless articles on the benefits of accounts receivable technology for business of all shapes and sizes, but today we’re going to let the stories do the talking.

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Tags: accounts receivable automation software, accounts receivable collection software

Why your Business Needs Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Important considerations for your next ERP evaluation

Did you realize that more than 110,000 small and mid-sized organizations around the world rely on Microsoft Dynamics NAV to help manage and grow their businesses? Here a few distinct reasons why.

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Tags: Microsoft Dyanamics NAV 2015, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Fixed Asset Management Software: No More Spreadsheets! Part 3

Fixed Assets Management Software: 4 Important Steps Before You Get Started

In part 2 of this blog series, "Fixed Asset Management Software: No More Spreadsheets!" we discussed two methodologies for inventory tracking of fixed assets and discussed some of their pros and cons. In Part 3 we will cover the steps to take once a fixed asset inventory management system is chosen for implementation and installation. Hopefully, this will be helpful to make sure these practices can be completed more effectively by utilizing this new system. By crafting approved fixed asset procedures, arranging the execution of the assignment company-wide, and sustaining oversight, management can be guaranteed of a total recognition of the new software platform.  Should you have a fixed assets inquiry or subject that you’d like more information on, please let us know.

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Tags: Sage Fixed Assets, Fixed Assets Management Software

ERP Implementation Strategy: Find the Right ERP Consultants for Success

Is Your ERP Implementaion Strategy Set Up for Success? 

If you have ever undergone an ERP implementation, you know that there is usually more work and time and expense created than originally expected.  The main reason is that implementing an ERP system to fit your business includes many moving parts, coordinating with different departnements and incorporating business processes into the solution.  If your ERP implementation is not managed by an experienced ERP consultant who undertsands not only the software but your business requirements, it can cost you time and money and frustration.

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Tags: ERP implementation mistakes, erp implementation best practices, erp implementation

Fixed Asset Management Software: No More Spreadsheets! Part 2

Fixed Asset Management Software: 2 More Reasons to Ditch the Spreadsheets

In part 1 of this blog series "Fixed Asset Management Software: No More Spreadsheets! Part 1" we covered two main disadvantages us using spreadsheets to track your assets.  In this blog we will discuss two inventory system practices for fixed asset management. The two inventory methodologies that most small to midmarket companies apply are the periodic method and the perpetual method. Smaller companies will discover definite assistance running a periodic inventory system, with periodic physical inventory count being concluded to apprise the asset accounting. While middle-market businesses may realize this technique less efficient and effective. The perpetual inventory system, continually records and brings up-to-date the activities and procedures of any given equipment or furnishing. Please let us know if you have a fixed assets question or topic that you’d like more information on.

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Tags: Sage Fixed Assets, Fixed Assets Management Software

Fixed Asset Management Software: No More Spreadsheets! Part 1

Fixed Asset Management Software: Why Ditch the Spreadsheets? 

In addition to our latest Sage Fixed Assets client webinar, we’re distributing a succession of blogs regarding fixed assests and the benefits of automation when using something like Sage Fixed Assets. This initial editorial accentuates the reason clients should abolish from continuing to utilize and track fixed assets in a standard spreadsheet software, from human mistakes to repetition, and no audit trail to bad decision-making.

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Tags: Sage Fixed Assets, Fixed Assets Management Software

5 Cloud Based ERP Benefits for Distributors

5 Reasons Distributors Choose Cloud Based ERP Systems Like Acumatica

If you’re seeking a solution for managing your distribution organization; then Acumatica, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system for managing distribution businesses could be your ideal answer. An ERP’s worth is frequently outshined by the installation and implementation learning curve as well as user adoption, which allows decision makers to dismiss their countless constructive qualities. For distribution businesses considering Acumatica or attempting to increase the efficiency of their current ERP systems, this is the method an ERP can assist intensely streamlining processes, drive higher revenue, and reduce expenses all at the same time.

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ERP Implementation Success Story: Southeast Computer Solutions Delivers the Solution

Sage ERP X3:  ERP Implementation Success Story

A nationally reputable and recognized corporation had been referred to Southeast Computer Solutions (SCS) because they were seeking a more effective opportunity to perform their financial tracking and reporting. SCS reviewed their system that was in place, and endorsed Sage ERP X3. In collaboration with Sage Software, SCS employees installed the perfect solution; Sage ERP X3 at not only at the corporate headquarters but also at a subsidiary organization’s main office.

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