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Automated Containerization Is in The Box with Dynamics AX 2012 R3


One of the best parts about using Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is that it allows manufacturers and distributors to leverage advanced warehouse management capabilities so that they can deal more efficiently with market changes. This type of functionality is typically not available as a part of an affordable ERP system.  A notable feature of the AX Warehouse Management system is the ability to facilitate the configuration of outbound flows, enabling users to plan, schedule, and execute a series of outbound operations with the purpose of shipping products from a warehouse to an intermediate location or final customer using automated containerization.

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When Changing Accounting Systems Becomes Necessary

If you and your people are bending over backwards in your accounting system to make workarounds work and wasting countless hours on redundant financial processes then you are not alone, but is growth sustainable with outdated and underpowered financial systems?

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NetSuite for Enterprise Companies: 6 Ways NetSuite Wins

6 Reasons Why NetSuite is the ERP of Choice for Enterprise Level Companies

Over the years, NetSuite has grown to have a great reputation serving mid-market companies. Today there are more and more enterprise-class companies that have already transformed their technology in many areas of the business to the cloud. However, there are some enterprise companies that still question whether or not cloud solutions like NetSuite are robust enough to meet their often complex requirements. In the case of NetSuite, it’s developed interesting features and benefits for enterprise level companies in 6 key areas that we will explore in this article.

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NetSuite Implementation: 5 Tips for Cloud ERP Success

Are You Considering a NetSuite Implementation?

Since 2005 our DSG ERP solution consultants have successfully delivered hundreds of e NetSuite implementations for growing companies. In our years of experience we’ve learned many things about the critical role procedures and methodology plays in delivering a seamless deployment and high user adoption of your new ERP solution. , Unfortunately, there are many ERP implementation examples where companies experience a major decline in productivity and a massive disconnect between the competencies of the ERP solution and its actual use (we call it the value gap). An inferior deployment of the new ERP implementation can lead to confused and unhappy users of the new ERP system. .

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Unlocking Multiple Language and Human Resource Functionality

A Basic Guide to using Multi-Language and HR Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can handle all of your essential ERP needs in Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing. For companies looking to break into the ERP space, it can be difficult to find just the right ERP framework to build off of. Finding a framework to handle your basic ERP needs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. For those with needs in financials and trade, The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Starter Pack will include all necessary basic functionality such as:

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E-Commerce Integration: 4 Tips for Customer Portal Design Part 3

E-Commerce Integration: 4 Portal Design Best Practices

Hopefully, our previous articles in this E-Commerce Integration - Customer Portal Part 1 and Part 2 series helped give you an understanding of the ABCs of customer portals – what the cost and service benefits are – and the five main features your customers want out of a customer portal.  In this article, we are going to touch on making sure your portal doesn’t look like an afterthought. This segment will cover how to design a look and feel for your portal that reflects your brand, industry and customers. t is important to enter this process knowing that a the goal of a customer  portal  is to strengthen your customer’s opinion of you and your products or services.

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E-Commerce Integration: 5 Features of a Successful Customer Portal: Part 2

E-Commerce Integration: 5 Elements of a Successful Customer Portal

We have identified five key features customers require in order to use a portal to their advantage. In part 2 of our 3 part series we dive into these five features customers want the most.

1.    Single Sign On

For simplicity’s sake, have a single sign on so customers can access everything in the client account. Think of the user experience. No one wants to be bothered by signing in twice or having different passwords to different sections of your portal. Creating a single sign-on for your clients to access all aspects of the portal will make their life easier which inevitably boosts their satisfaction. We all want this!

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E-Commerce Integration ABC's: How Customer Portals Boost Satisfaction: Part 1

ecommerce_integration-1E-Commerce Integration: The ABC’s of Creating a Customer Portal

There are many benefits of using the Cloud to create a customer portal for your E-commerce business. Not only is it a more efficient for your spending, but recent studies show that customers prefer an online, self-service option for customer service and use telephone service as a last resort when both are offered. With many services offered online, it becomes simpler to manage the customer service presence and ensure that it is reliable, intuitive, accurate and well managed!

 In this article of this 3 part series we will explore the benefits, features for success, and design best practices of setting up a Customer Portal for driving efficiency through E-commerce integration. If you are planning to implement a customer portal, this series should provide you with a structure and method of approach to think about during your planning and offer some insight and suggestions for best integrating this approach into a growing business model.

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Technologies to BOOM or BUST Your Supply Chain Strategy


Did you know that poor cash-flow management is causing nine out of ten SMBs to fail? Even a company that has secured an adequate amount of funding can face serious cash flow problems. To ensure that your business won’t become a number in the failure column, there are two things you need to do: 1) identify the factors affecting your cash flow; 2) find a way to better control your financial universe.

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News roundup: Diverse uses of CRM technology

Companies hesitant to adopt new CRM solutions are usually unaware of the numerous benefits the software can provide. Some businesses have a very limited grasp of the functions of cloud-deployed programs. Platforms such as NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM have made customer relationship management software easy to integrate, cost efficient and adaptable to a variety of needs.

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