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Is Your Business Ready for a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

Guide for Building a Business Case to Purchase a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

There are several important benefits that lead to a growing distribution company to make the investment in a Warehouse Management System (WMS). A successful WMS implementation typically results in a substantial cost savings and gains in efficiencies that result in a Return on Investment (ROI) within 18-24 months. Implementing a WMS system also serves as a platform to roll out a culture of continuous improvement with on-going annual benefits ranging from 5-10%. For some companies, justification to purchase a WMS system is dependant on the future success and survival of the business. In today’s economy with demanding customers, shrinking profits and complex supply chains, it’s not enough to just have the right inventory available at the right place and at the right time is no longer enough.

In today’s economy, here are some Warehouse Management System (WMS) requirements that may come up:

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Update Microsoft Dynamics SL Chart of Accounts with KeyChange

When you first set up your chart of accounts in Microsoft Dynamics SL, you probably considered a number of factors such as the nature of your business and your company structure, the preferences of your decision makers, and the need to conform to legislation and accounting rules.  The way you set up your Microsoft Dynamics SL chart of accounts has a significant impact on month-end, year-end, and regulatory reporting; ease of financial and operational analysis; and trend analysis and projections for decision making.  Over time, the environment in which you do business has evolved. But your chart of accounts is stagnant—your accounting infrastructure has become further and further away from your changing business environment.  You find yourself extracting data from your Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP and dumping into Excel where you manually re-state, re-calculate, and re-aggregate the data to match your current needs.

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Sage X3 Implementation Success in 5 Simple Steps

Sage X3 Consultant Reviews How to Ensure a Successful Sage X3 Implementation

As Sage consultants with over 30 years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, it’s our pleasure to share a few tips for a successful Sage X3 implementation. If you are considering migrating to Sage X3, there is some preparation you can be doing well before the project starts. Since Sage X3 has such robust functionality and flexibility, it’s possible to eliminate the need for third-party add-ons and any other outside software. We hope you find these 5 tips to get the most benefit from the power of Sage X3 helpful. There is so much to take advantage of with all the new capabilities and technologies, so please be sure to engage with a Sage X3 consultant early on to help with your evaluation.

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Intrigued by Cloud ERP? Preview Dynamics 365 for Operations

Join our webinar: Dynamics 365 for Operations Preview to learn from a Microsoft insider about Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition. With Dynamics 365, you get CRM and ERP in the cloud accessible from almost any mobile device, anywhere at any time. No matter what job you have in business operations, Dynamics 365 will give you the insights, with Power BI business intelligence and workflows to easily manage your business processes.  

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ERP Consultant ERPVAR STAR Blog Awards 2016

ERP Consultant Consultant Winners of the ERPVAR STAR Blog Awards

At ERPVAR, our ERP consultant partner guest blog contributions are a valued resource for ERP prospects and partners looking for more information on a variety of ERP topics. We are excited to recognize 2 categories this year:  the top 10 most most popular blog posts and the top 3 guest blog contributors.

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Warehouse Management Systems Solve 6 Inventory Challenges

6 Ways Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Helps with Inventory Accuracy

Today’s customers can certainly be demanding.  It’s this competitive environment that increasingly adds pressure to deliver faster, better and cheaper.   Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are designed to help with inventory management and improve customer service. Your current supply chain management logistics technology has a direct impact of its’ performance, accuracy, and profitability. Does your Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) help track inventory efficiency? Learn more about Benefits of Warehouse Management Systems

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Sage HRMS Consultant: Take the Sage Work Style Quiz!

ERP Consultant Announcement:  Take the Sage's HRMS Work Style Quiz

Sage's HRMS Work Style Quiz helps employers and employees understand how 4 different work styles influence how people interact with each other in the workplace. We at Mantralogix are a people oriented ERP consulting business and we place a high value on the belief that people are our biggest asset.  The key to our success over 30 years in business is our people. That's everyone from our wonderful employees to our irreplaceable clients. Understanding each other's work style helps us leverage our different strengths and ensure positive interactions to better manage this valuable resource. Another tool our clients  rely on is Sage HRMS for human resource management and payroll. Were were excited to showcase Sage HRMS and all its capabilities at this year’s MantraVision that took place on October 27, 2016.

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Sage Consultants Reviews the New Mobile Bot: Hello Peg!

Sage Consultant Introduces the New Smart Bot for your Business:  Hello Pegg! 

In the age of smart phones with readily available access to information and entertainment like email, internet, apps, and texting it’s hard to think how we ever survived. Consider how often you look at your phone during the day. The average person looks at their phone 46 times a day according to a recent study in Time. That's not  It’s not surprising how many technology companies have launched mobile apps. Our personal lives are very much centered on and around mobile and it’s becoming increasingly true for our business lives. For those who are uncomfortable with relying too much on mobile devices, this may add some trepidation but there's not need to fear - Sage and the smart bot Pegg are here!

Thanks to bots, our working lives are about to get easier. We’re already using many in our day-to-day activities, from Slack to Siri, A.I. is your new best friend that works so your life is easier. This month at our highly anticipated MantraVision 2016 event, we were delighted to introduce Sage’s new bot, Pegg. Chicago at Sage Summit 2016 in late July, Pegg bot is your accounting department’s key to ease of access and efficiency.

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7 ERP Implementation Strategy Tips for Janitorial Supply Software

7 Steps to Plan for a Successful Janitorial Supply Software Implementation Strategy

In this blog series, our goal is to pass along our 30 years of supply chain management expertise in working with several types of ERP inventory management systems.  We hope this blog series helps you with your janitorial supply distribution challenges.  If your business is growing it's time to look into what janitorial supply software will help you grow with the right information you need to make the best decisions.  It's a daunting task evaluating ERP solutions.  If you are ready to start the conversation with one of our janitorial supply distribution experts, please contact us at 310-313-0047 x110 or email.

When it comes to implementing an inventory management system for your business it's important to understand your inventory needs and the benefits of having an integrated system before even starting the selection process.

Here are more resources to help you along with your janitorial supply software selection process:

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Sage X3 FDA Compliance: Top 10 Benefits

10 Sage X3 FDA Compliance Benefits for the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

As a food and beverage manufacturer, you are well aware of the new requirements and challenges that come with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). While this new law offers consumers more confidence to purchase your products, it adds numerous challenges for your employees and your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to keep up with the regulations.

Does your current ERP system have the functionality to support the new FDA compliance requirements? If not, Sage X3 can help. Sage X3 offers unique advantages to food and beverage businesses.  In this blog, we will outline 10 top benefits that specifically address the requirements.

The new law requires both domestic and foreign food facilities to create and maintain a written food defense plan that assesses their potential vulnerabilities to deliberate contamination with the intent to cause wide-scale public health harm. Facilities have to identify and implement mitigation strategies to address their vulnerabilities, establish food defense monitoring procedures and corrective actions, verify that the system is working, ensure that personnel assigned to these areas receive appropriate training, and maintain very specific records. Although these new regulations add extra responsibilities to food and beverage businesses, the law will strengthen the safety of an increasingly global and complex food supply network.

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