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Sage Consultant Recaps Sage Sessions Toronto 2016 - 5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Sage Consultant Reviews 5 Lessons for an Entrepreneur

Our team of Sage consultants attending Sage Sessions 2016 in Toronto were once again impressed by the value Sage delivered with another great conference. Sage did it again! Sage hosted another outstanding customer event with plenty of opportunities for Sage customers to get training form the experts, learn strategy from industry leaders and networking with peers and mentors. The consensus among attendees was that the highlight was definitely the keynote speaker.

If you have a chance to attend a Sage conference, it is well worth the time. The keynote speaker Manjit Minhas spoke about leadership and entrepreneurship and left the audience with tangible nuggets they could actually use! Manjit Minhas is the co-founder of Minhas Breweries and Distillery.   

At Sage Sessions, she shared her story and key lessons for entrepreneurship – we hope you’ll be as inspired as we were when we heard her message!

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Benefits of EDI - Supply Chain Management Basics

Benefits of EDI - Supply Chain Management Basics

What are the Benefits of EDI? 

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a term that is used for the paperless service that allows electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format. Usually, the documents are sales orders, purchase orders and invoices.  There are many other documents required in supply chain management like bill of lading, customs documents, inventory documents, shipping status documents and payment information documents. EDI allows B2B businesses  to transact together electronically rather than with paper. Business entities conducting business electronically are called trading partners.

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6 Customer Satisfaction Mistakes Electrical Supply Distributors Make

Review these common customer satisfaction mistakes electrical supply distributors make.  Customer satisfaction insures repeat business and can give your company a strong competitive edge.
  1. Promotions and Discounts: 
    • The order desk is unaware of electrical supply promotions or special discounts for customers. This has cost your business too many times, and customers get upset if they don’t get the best price.
  2. Order the Wrong Electrical Supply Parts:
    1. Customers don’t always know the part numbers to order. This happens often, and it is difficult and time consuming for your staff to determine what they want to order. Customers get frustrated, and the order desk sometimes orders the wrong item. As a result, customers get upset, and they think your company is difficult to do business with.
  3. Out of Stock Inventory
    • The order desk takes orders for items that are out of stock or lack enough inventory. This occurs too often, and they cannot check across multiple warehouses or ship from alternate locations. They do not know what is in the warehouse, but already committed. They have to call the customer back often, and partial orders cannot be filled. They cannot be put on back order. As a result, customers get frustrated.
  4. Unable to Offer Substitutes for Out-of-Stock items
    • You are unable to offer substitutes for out of stock items. Customers get frustrated and orders are canceled too often.
  5. Customers Are Put on Hold Too Long or Too Often
    • It takes a long time to enter and process an order. Customers are put on hold too often, and as a result they frequently hang up.
  6. Order Status Updates and Order Cancellations
    • Customers are frustrated when they call about an order. It takes too long to find the status of an order, and multiple people need to get involved. The order cannot be re-prioritized, and as result order get canceled often, which costs a lot.

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10 Automation Benefits of an Electrical Supply Inventory Optimization System


Electrical Distribution

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Sage X3 Consultant Reviews How to Set Up Workflows and Emailing Reports

Sage X3 Consultant Tip:  Workflows and Emailing Reports in 6 Easy Steps

While out in the field on consulting engagements, I noticed that many customers took several steps to send purchase requests, orders, receipts, or invoices to business partners or customers.  I am happy to report that Sage X3 helps streamline this process and helps save time with this commonly requested and cumbersome task.  You know the drill – you have to send a customer an invoice so what do you do?  You print, scan, or save the invoice as a PDF then create a new email, find and add the business partner contact, find and attach the saved PDF document and finally send. These days it’s more common for clients and vendors to require electronic documents for their transactions, which make this traditional approach ineffective and inefficient. Thankfully, Sage X3 has embedded a powerful tool called Workflow that helps you do all of this in one single task and in an effective manner covering all the steps listed above.

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ERP Consultant Reviews 5 Steps to Avoid a Ransomware Attack

ERP Consultant Reviews: Ransomware and Bitcoin

As an ERP consultant, we hear many horror stories of businesses who fall prey to embezzlement, fraud and various forms of theft due to employees, and/or systems or practices that left their business vulnerable.  It's our goal to help our clients protect their business from these risks by implementing ERP systems and best practices for added safeguards.  Today we are hearing more and more about ransomware attacks that at the least are a huge inconvenience and at the worst even cripple businesses. In this article, we will review this growing threat and explore 5 ways to avoid an attack. 

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10 Ways Electrical Supply Distributors Optimize Inventory Processes

Implementing the proper electrical supply inventory optimization system can be as strategic and important to your bottom line as expanding your warehouse or bringing on new product lines. However, implementing the wrong solution or choosing an inexperienced solution provider can have a serious negative effect on your business — from lost opportunities and late orders to bankruptcy in some extreme cases. Consequently, it is imperative that electrical supply distributors take time to clearly define their business processes and objectives before they start their search for new business software.  Here is a list of 10 ways profitable electrical supply distributors automate business processes and optimize profit:
  1. Seamless data flow due to integration of systems – when software systems are consolidated into a single solution, business processes are interconnected with data that is reliable and consistent. Data is timely and easily accessible so businesses are able to take on more transactions than with previous systems.
  2. Reduction of staff or re-utilization of existing resources – businesses find that increased productivity and elimination of the need for manual or duplicate data entry enables them to reduce staff, reshuffle employees to other needed positions, or to hire fewer additional staff to support growth.
  3. Improved sales and repeat sales – with dependable, streamlined business processes, businesses can process more transactions. Additionally, repeat business increases as customers realize the distributor is dependable. Finally, there are some customers who require unique reporting, notification, and reconciling procedures from their distributors.
  4. Improved sales due to better stocking – some companies are able to remove products that do not sell well and replace them with goods that sell faster. With new visibility into their electrical supply inventory, businesses can track and reduce slow-moving products, enabling them to increase sales.
  5. Reductions in inventory costs due to more accurate purchasing – when electrical supply distributors have an accurate view of current stock and forecasted demand, they can purchase only what they need when they need it. The resulting increase in inventory turns means less cash is tied up in inventory at a given time. The benefit to the company is equivalent to the cost of capital of that cash.
  6. Reduction in payments to accounting firms – because the inventory optimization system integrates distribution operations with accounting functions, there is less need to outsource bookkeeping. That allows companies to leverage their accounting partner for strategic financial advice rather than daily transaction processing.
  7. Reduction in outsourced IT – without scalable business process software, companies have often lost critical data or experienced crashes as systems attempt to keep pace with business transactions. These companies usually end up hiring expensive IT experts to help them recover data. The electrical supply inventory optimization system helps businesses avoid these costs.
  8. Reduced receivables – another benefit of an integrated, automated business information solution is that invoices can be processed faster. With accounting personnel freed from wrestling with the system, they can stay up on outstanding receivables and make timely collection calls, all of which act to reduce the number of days outstanding for receivables. The benefit to the company is the increased interest on the cash as it comes in sooner.
  9. Decreases in returns and waste – for some companies, returned goods equal waste or scrap. Increased accuracy of customer orders due to the integration of business processes from the inventory optimization system, can reduce the number of returns (i.e. waste) from incorrect order fulfillment.
  10. Decreases in redundant IT infrastructure – many companies have been running automated information systems on multiple software platforms and multiple hardware servers. With inventory optimization and Microsoft Virtual Servers, they can consolidate their systems and eliminate annual software and hardware maintenance fees from redundant systems.  

Electrical Distribution

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The powerful new features offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials - ERP and CRM in one!

The release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials is a major occasion for businesses that want to realize the benefits of CRM and ERP solutions in a single platform.

Microsoft's release of Dynamics 365 is a major occasion for businesses that want to realize the benefits of CRM and ERP solutions in a single platform. Dynamics 365 combines the functionalities offered by these two popular business process platforms in a unified, cloud-deployed package. The potential advantages offered to businesses are many, and Dynamics 365 goes beyond providing the same tools already existing in its other CRM and ERP solutions. Part of the new solution's appeal is how it's structured, the many options for licensing and the interoperability it has with Microsoft Office 365.

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3 Steps to Migrate to Sage 100c

Why Consider Sage 100c and How Do I Migrate?

In the spirit of constant improvement, when Sage released Sage 100 2016, it not only included more than 20 enhanced features, it also included a new version  Sage 100c.  Like most Sage versions, Sage 100c is much more than just accounting software. To learn more about the main benefits of Sage 100c, we encourage you to check out our previous article:  What is Sage 100c?  -  Sage 100c includes a full business management platform to help you automate processes, customize business reports, connect with employees, and gain insight. So how is this really different from Sage 100 2016 which offers all these things as well?   

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Collaborative Implementations - Laying the Foundation - Part I

Collaborative Implementations

A Joint Effort:

One of the most disruptive endeavors in the business world is the implementation of a new ERP system for your firm.  It is a somewhat easier with a cloud or SaaS product but almost all implementations require the same process for planning, designing, building, testing and deploying a new system.  If done properly, the return on investment is very rewarding and valuable.  However, done improperly, it can raise havoc, crush moral, and possibly have a negative impact the bottom line.

The amount of time and effort it takes for a successful implementation varies by many factors including industry, number of users, amount of data, timing and resources, but all implementations have a much higher probability of success when both client and partner effective collaborate in a joint effort intent on a successful outcome. 

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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Replenishment Picking Basics

Did you know there is more than one way to ship a box?  If you are in the business of pick, pack and shipping, you may find this blog series useful to make sure you are shipping your goods in the most efficient manner.   In previous blogs, we reviewed several inventory picking strategies and today we will cover the 5th and last on our list - Replenishment Picking.

5 Warehouse Management (WMS) Basics of Picking

1.    Discrete Picking
2.    Wave Picking
3.    Batch Picking
4.    Zone Picking
5.    Replenishment Picking – covered in this article

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