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CFOs are Harnessing Technology to Increase A/R Collection Performance

Today’s CFO understands the crucial role of technology plays within their business. They rely on ERP software to capture financial transactions and business intelligence software to make sense of the data. They implement CRM software for sales and they may even automate accounts payable. But few CFOs have automated accounts receivable beyond simply sending invoices to customers electronically, and the struggle with timely A/R collection continues.

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Reshoring Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

New technology like Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 offers innovative solutions to a variety of business concerns. An effective and affordable centralized data system allows organizations to practice lean manufacturing with maximum efficiency. The Reshoring Initiative said cloud-deployed ERP software helps companies bring production plants back to the U.S.

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Why Migrate SalesForce to Dynamics CRM?

3 Reasons Why Customers Migrate SalesForce to Dynamics CRM

We are frequently asked by SalesForce customers about migrating to Dynamics CRM.  SalesForce customers that we have talked with have many concerns pushing them to look at other options such as, user cost, data storage cost and technical concerns.

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Are You Starting to Outgrow Your Current Accounting System?

Outgrowing Your Accounting Software?

The unavoidable happens to all successful businesses: growth exceeds the limits of the current Accounting System.  This is a time which is, in fact, an opportunity to choose the direction of growth.  Maybe the office is starting to feel cramped, but the budget won’t allow for new staff at this time.  Perhaps the IT systems are in need of an upgrade.   It is quite common for many small businesses to start out using basic accounting software programs like QuickBooks, though it is inevitable that if the business is successful, it will inevitably need a more comprehensive solution to manage financials, reporting, and payroll.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: 8 Financial Management ERP Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: 8 Financial Management Enhancements

The new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has just been released.  It has new ERP functionality in mobility, business insights and cloud services.  Microsoft has a long proven track record of creating products which continue their standards of excellence in their well thought out product “Roadmap”.  NAV 2016 is fully equipped with a robust profile to support small to mid-sized businesses.  The newest version of NAV is fully equipped to support your company’s financial processes by providing better control and visibility in these ways:

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3 Profit Problems Solved with Good Inventory Software

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Increase Cash Flow with Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Satellite Industries, Inc. had challenges with a time-consuming and difficult financial reporting process, but with a quick implementation of Sage Enterprise Intelligence for their Sage X3,the improvement has been nothing less than extraordinary. 

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Gain Insight with Cloud ERP Dashboards

Gartner’s survey on Financial Executive International CFO Technology said that ERP software dashboards are said to be one of the top priorities related to software investments that executives are seeking. They allow quick and easy insight into important data to make valuable business decisions. NexTec Group knows that dashboards deliver exactly what executives are looking for:scorecards, graphs and charts that showcase trajectories, opportunities, and challenges through data and key performance indicators (KPIs). This helps to best manage projects, departments, divisions or even your entire Professional Services organization.

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SaaS ERP: Insights, Predictions, and Best Practices from an Industry Veteran

ERP systems have been around for a long time and while cloud technologies are still comparatively young, the two are starting to come together. Our VP of sales, Frank Nisenboum, recently spent time on a podcast with Brad Nellis, the director OHtec (formerly NEOSA) about this convergence of ERP and the cloud.  Here are some of the main points from the discussion about cloud ERP and a recording of the podcast.

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ERP vs. Excel: Which Software Helps Your Business More?



ERP business applications – are they different from standalone programs like Microsoft Excel? Now, that's a very pertinent question. Today’s organizations have plenty of options when it comes to choosing business management software. Regardless of what some people may say, the “old” tried-and-true Excel is one of the most popular and preferred programs organizations of all sizes use to gather, organize and analyze business data.

Since the big decision is whether to use Excel or other ERP business applications to manage data, let’s take a look at each of these types of solutions.

Excel VS. ERP Business Applications

Excel – Over the years, Excel has evolved dramatically to give users more flexibility and control over business information. The latest version of Excel goes beyond basic data management and reporting, enabling data/file sharing through SharePoint Services, collaboration on workbooks stored on document management servers, workbook editing by multiple users simultaneously and data/workbook distribution through email or by fax, but only works when users are manipulating the data.

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