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3 Ways to Protect Your Business with Server Hardening

3 Ways to Get Your Network Protected with Server Hardening

Server hardening is one way you can protect your business against malicious attacks from hackers.  Let's review simple 3 ways you can protect your information technology infrastructure against unsolicited attacks! Our hope is that this blog offers some tips to help you get started with protecting your netowrk with server hardening. Server hardening is the process of enhancing security on your servers.

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Sage 100 Consultant: How to Create a One Sided Journal Entry in Sage 100

Sage 100 Consultant Question:  My Trial Balance is Unbalanced - How Do I Create a One Sided Journal Entry?

As a Sage 100 consultant, we often get commonly asked questions from our Sage 100 (formerly Sage MAS 90, MAS 200) customers.  Today, we will share how to create a one sided journal entry when your Trial Balance is out of balance. Luckily, this shouldn't happen very often.  If it does, then maybe there's something else you want to address. As always, if you are unclear about any of these instructions or have concerns on how this will impact your accounting, it is recommended that you contact your Sage 100 consultant.  If you don't have access to one, we are here to help.  Please see our blog for more helpful Sage 100 tips.

3 Steps to Create a One Sided Journal Entry

Sage 100 Consultant Answer:  If your Trial Balance is Out of Balance, Here's How You Create a One Sided Journal Entry

Step 1 - You need to make sure you have security enabled to do a one sided entry. Under Library Master>Main>Roles> Security events the “allow out of balance journal entrys” under General Ledger should be checked.

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Sage X3 Consultant:  How to Set Up User Access Control

Sage X3 Consultant Question: How do I set up User Access Control for added security in Sage X3?

It’s a good idea to make sure you are taking advantage of all the necessary Sage X3 User Access Control functionality when getting set up initially and whenever you add or remove users.  User Access Control ensures access to specific assigned functions is given to users based on their roles and functions performed in the organization.

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How Much Document Management Is Really Costing Your Company.

When it comes to accounts payable (AP) automation or document management, Dynamics NAV 2016 is by far one of the best ERP solutions an organization can use to manage accounts payable processes and cut down operating expenses.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Helps Small Businesses Deliver

ERP solutions safeguard small businesses against tiny mistakes that can lead to huge detrimental effects.

ERP solutions safeguard small businesses against tiny mistakes that can lead to huge detrimental effects. Microsoft Dynamics GP creates centralized datasets with automatic functionality. The business software not only creates warnings that prevent inaccurate information entry, but workflow features remind users when it's time to update critical account details.

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Sage Consultant Reviews: Where Can I Get Help for My Sage Software?

Sage Consultant Answers a Popular Question: What Self-Help Resources are Available to Me?

As a Sage consulting and IT firm, we get a lot of questions from our customers and are more than happy to help not only with everyday question but with comple xplanning and business process evaluation and improvement. Since there are many of our customers who like to be self-sufficient whenever possible, I thought it would help to review where you can get some self-help for your Sage applications.  There are a variety of reasons you may need help. Some of your questions many need an experienced consultant like us and some may already be answered by other customers having the same issue.  Whether you own a Sage ERP solution, Sage CRM or Sage HMRS, we hope this article is helpful for the next time you seek answers.

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5 Steps to Retail Compliance Requirements : Part 1

retail_compliance_regulations.jpg5 Ways to Master Retail Compliance Requirements

Suppliers to large retailers struggle to avoid chargebacks  due to some form of non-compliance such as an incorrect ASN, for example. Don’t let chargebacks lower your profit margins or negatively impact your scorecard performance with your most strategic accounts.

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How to Make Sage 100 Accounts Receivable Invoice Adjustments

Question: How and when is it appropriate to make an Accounts Receivable invoice adjustments in Sage 100?

As a Sage 100 consultant, I wanted to share an answer to a question I occasionally get from our Sage 100  (formerly Sage MAS90) customers about how do I do an adjust an Accounts Receivable Invoice entry. Also, when is it appropriate to make adjustments?

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Sage X3 Consultant Tips on Creating Work Orders for each Sales Order

Sage X3 Consultant: How do I Create Work Orders for each Sales Order?

As a Sage X3 consultant that works to help many Made to Order manufacturing companies using Sage X3, it’s a common to get the question on how to generate a work order for every sales order. This is especially true for some of our valued customers in the food industry who produce their products to fulfill both distributor orders and end users orders by Order to Order management. In this example, Sage X3 is a great solution since  you can configure the management mode in Product Categories or Products to issue Work Order Suggestions using ‘Available Stock’ or ‘By order’ when running MRP (Materials Requirements Planning).

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3 Ways an ERP Manager Helps You Know Who's on First

Who’s Your ERP Manager? Every ERP Investment Needs a Coach

Growing businesses invest in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions to bring together the separate parts of the company into one integrated system.  This integration of data allows business owners and managers make smart decisions and empowers employees with access to data to better serve your customers.   If you already invested in an ERP system, you are ahead of the game.  Whether you already have an ERP system or are considering making the investment in a new ERP system, don’t leave out one essential player – the ERP manager.

If you don’t have anyone in charge of managing the ERP system, you might fall prey to one big ERP mistake which sounds similar to the 1930's classic Abbot & Costello skit called "Who's On First?"  You can listen to this classic comedy routine HERE. The point is to ask the question, "In your company who is the person in charge of managing the long & short term goals of your ERP system?"  More importantly, are you set up to get the most out of your ERP investment?  If your company doesn't have a CTO or CFO, your employees may expect those "big picture" management decisions to come from you. Even if you are the CFO or CTO and it is your responsibility, have you thought much of it?  If you aren’t hearing complaints, then you likely aren’t even thinking about it.  Here are 3 management considerations to think about regarding your ERP, even if you aren't suffering immediate pain from it.

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