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How To Choose An ERP Solution For Your Business?

Do you need advice on how to choose an ERP solution for your business?

Have you outgrown your business management solution? Do you have more customers, more employees, more complexity? In short, your small business isn’t so small anymore.

If you are starting to feel the struggle with your current solution, now is the time to start evaluating new software. We know this is never an easy task and we developed this guide to help you in the process.

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Cloud Accounting Software: 11 Reasons Businesses Move to the Cloud

Why Cloud Accounting Software & Reporting is Attractive to More Businesses

A growing trend in ERP software the move to the cloud. When it comes to financial management and reporting, cloud ERP software options are attractive mainly because the model of deployment makes it affordable for growing businesses. With cloud solutions you can leverage a single instance of software across a large group of users – this is referred to as “multi-tenancy.” It’s more economical for the software publishers of cloud solutions to only manage one instance of code and deploy it over the Web. As a customer, you get the advantage of the buying power of 1000’s of users who collectively pay for that single system to grow and develop over time. The traditional ERP software model is referred to as on-premise systems or “single-tenancy.” This model is not as economical because each business is responsible for installing, hosting and networking their own software, and the updates. The Cloud relieves the burden and expense of managing software in-house. 

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Dynamics NAV for the SMB

Especially developed for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), Dynamics NAV, formerly known as Navision, delivers specialized functionality for the companies operating in different sectors, from manufacturing and distribution to services. Fast to implement, simple to configure, easy to learn and use, and highly adaptable to different business scenarios, Dynamics NAV is the solution a SMB needs to efficiently manage all business areas, including finance, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer service. (Dynamics NAV is on sale now until 6/27/15)

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How to Select ERP Software: Don't Get Tricked!

5 Tips to Selecting ERP Software

After realizing we needed to explore a more robust ERP software platform, we were romanced by several vendors looking to acquire our business. We needed to get our team together and review the demonstrations of the software. Once the smoke has cleared from a dazzling software demonstration and as the presenters exit the room taking the last of the smoke with them, we all exclaim, "Wow! That was Amazing!" 

Software vendors and their experienced demonstrators understand how to dazzle their audience.  They want you to buy their product, so of course they have perfected the illusion that their software is the answer to all your problems.

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How much is ERP Training worth to you? For one company it was worth millions

The ERP implementation processes is a very long and drawn out process and as you get closer to the end, it’s easy to skip some of the last steps just to be able to call it ‘done.’ For many companies end-user training is one of the areas that gets glanced over because it takes additional time and money.  The trouble is that empowering your employees with the knowledge they need to use the system is mission critical to your ERP project success!

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15 Red Flags Demanding New Accounting Software

Businesses and Business owners are always looking for answers to questions like:

How am I going to take my company to the next level?

What tools are we going to implement to increase profit?

As your business grows beyond start-up, it makes good sense to upgrade your basic accounting software.

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Is Your ERP Software the Best Fit? Lessons from the Olympics

Is Your Business Going for the Gold? ERP Software Must Fit Like an Olympic Skinsuit

In business, the difference between leading in your industry and struggling to beat your competition depends on having the right tools like ERP software to run your business efficiently. What winning principles can we learn from the Olympics in Sochi 2014, where some of the best athletes in the world compete for glory, and love of the game? Like billions of others across the world, I watched the games intently. Each event brings a new and exciting viewing experience.

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4 Tips on Avoiding Margin Erosion

In the current economic climate, professional service firms are acutely aware of the threat posed by the erosion of profit margins. Without proper planning and monitoring, project margin erosion can sneak up on you gradually. Everything appears to be in order until, suddenly, nothing adds up. And erosion can accelerate quickly.

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ERP Software Consultant Reviews Internet Security: A Phish Email Tale

5 Internet Security Tips from an ERP Software Consultant Perspective

You hear about tales of the one that got away, but have you ever wondered what a true phishing exploit looks like?  How to identify and deal with it is the biggest question.  As an ERP consultant who's helped clients with internet security, I've put this in a post to help explain how to spot these dangerous emails. The below items may be harmless, but it is smarter to take pre-cautions to avoid an infection in the first place.

So let's get started...

1. It Wasn’t Sent to You
This is very obvious in the phishing email.  The "TO" portion of the email is either BLANK, just your email address, or even worse, addressed to someone else you know. This will be your first clue something might be amiss.
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Warehouse Management

As warehousing and distribution channels grow increasingly complex, your company needs to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance communication. In order to accomplish this, your organization needs an integrated business management solution that can connect information from across the organization and increase visibility throughout the supply chain.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for warehouse management is an integrated business solution that empowers companies to increase supply chain transparency and improve execution. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you get the tools you need to respond quickly to customers, rapidly pursue new market opportunities and improve profitability by working efficiently with supply chain partners. Microsoft Dynamics NAV also helps you manage a broad range of other business areas according to your particular needs.

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