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Saving Money with Electronic Invoices for B2B Customer Payments

How many of your customers are currently submitting their B2B invoice payment via check, and how much do you think it’s costing you?

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3 Ways Cloud Accounting Software Helps Build a More Efficient Organization, part 1

Cloud Accounting Software Helps Build Efficiencies in 3 Ways

There is more to accounting than just managing numbers in a spreadsheet. There is an aspect which is more about nurturing client relationships, which is done by aligning revenue recognition and billing with service delivery, ultimately ensuring that your overall approach to managing company finances is setting everyone up to have the right tools and data on hand to maximize the profitability of current and future projects and job functions. With the centralized nature of accounting, it’s natural to expect a reliable and versatile financial software solution that brings data from all areas of the business together. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that accounting tools be flexible, since so many people use mobile devices to complete specific tasks. That is why every professional services organization should have accounting software able to connect to the Internet on-demand.

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5 Microsoft Dynamics NAV Benefits for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics NAV Helps Your Business Grow

Are you a growing Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing company? 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a robust and mature Business Management ERP System specifically designed to accommodate companies in the mid-market space. More than 110,000 companies worldwide rely on Dynamics NAV making it the most popular ERP solution. This article discusses the 5 essential features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that make this the most used Business Management System solution.

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Tags: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Wholesale Distribution Software, Manufacturing ERP

Avoid ERP implementation pitfalls, go with AX, and LCS


Prevent ERP Failures

Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) offers a collaborative Azure-based virtual workspace equipped with a wide array of features and capabilities that organizations can use to prevent costly ERP failures by using AX standardization to create predictability, repeatability, and quality improvement.  LCS is available to any organization that uses Dynamics AX and has a support contract with Microsoft.  LCS also makes future Dynamics AX implementations with updates and upgrades, easier.

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Credit Card Processing: Is the EMV Deadline Scaring You?

Credit Card Processing: October 1st is the EMV Deadline

Although Halloween does not come till the end of October, EMV is coming October 1st. The question is simple. How many people have tried to scare you to death about EMV?  Now before you get scared let’s remember that little thing called Y2K when they said the computing world would end. Did it end? No. Will the world end with EMV? No. However, you have a few challenges to avoid to keep you from getting scared to death and maybe even scare your clients away.

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Tags: Sage credit card processing, Credit Card Processing

Inventory Management: How Supplier MOQs and Price Quantity Breaks Boost Profits

Inventory Management: Supplier MOQs and Price Quantity Breaks

What are the two most important factors to consider when requesting a quote? From the supplier’s perspective, the two most important things which affect price are the minimum order quantities, also known as MOQs, and the price break quantities. Both of these concepts will affect the cost of any product. They have a further significance in that understanding the impact of price quantity breaks and minimum order quantities will lend insight into how to manage your company’s inventory.

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Tags: inventory management software, Inventory Management

3 Ways Inventory Control Software Tips the Balancing Act to Profits

3 Ways Inventory Control Software Helps Balance Stock-In and Stock-Out

According to best practices of inventory control, there is a challenging balancing act when it comes to the fulfillment of all your orders on demand and on time while delivering excellent customer service. The challenge of inventory control is not to run low on inventory while also not overstocking on items that are not moving out so quickly. Maintaining the “right” amount of inventory in stock without running out of the popular products or over stocking the warehouse is the ultimate sweet spot for making profits. Of course, being able to verify the location, history, or application of your inventory items only helps when trying to maintain an appropriate level of inventory. The best and most efficient way to accomplish all of these goals is to use inventory control software.

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Cloud ERP: 3 Cost-Saving Benefits

Cloud_ERP_New_YorkCloud ERP: 3 Ways to Cut Costs

What are the cost-saving benefits of using a cloud based ERP like Microsoft Dynamics?  The most common attraction to cloud solutions is the upfront savings with licensing and hardware.  However, there are additional savings to consider.  Scalability, upgrades and experiential uniformity are three understated perks to using a cloud based ERP.  Read more to find out how these three areas can help your business cut costs.

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Sage 500 ERP 2016 is Coming! Are you Ready?

Sage recently published a pre-release guide outlining the enhancements and changes to Sage 500 ERP 2016 and as a Sage 500 ERP consulting company, it’s our job to make sure users are up to snuff on all of the recent news and updates surrounding the software. We’re pretty excited about the changes in the software and we know you will be too as these updates will make Sage 500 will be more flexible, customizable, and scalable for growth than ever before. Here are the four most important things you should know as we get closer to the release date:

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Tags: Sage 500 ERP, sage 500 ERP 2016

8 Essential Features for Warehouse Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Warehouse Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the quintessential solution for complete enterprise management of your entire supply chain and reporting. Microsoft Dynamics NAV features 8 essential functions for warehouse management which serve to deliver a thorough and efficient flow of inventory.  From start to finish, Dynamics NAV has tools for every step of warehouse management.

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Tags: Warehouse Management, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics NAV warehouse

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