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ERP Software Consultant Reviews: 3 Internet Security Sandbox Tips

Learn 3 Ways to Protect Your Company from Unwanted Attacks - An ERP Software Consultant Review

Protecting your company against internet attacks from hackers requires constant effort much like keeping up the moat in a sandcastle against the ocean waves. When it comes to internet security, the sandbox is an extra safeguard to protect your company from disruptive hackers tempting your employees with emails filled with tricky malware, ransomware, and other phishing devices. Investing in the sandbox is an excellent tool to invest in your company’s defense strategy. The unwanted expense an attack internet security appliances into the realm of a reasonable approach. We’ll describe what the sandbox is and look at 2 different ways having a security sandbox may very well prevent an otherwise successful breach of your Internet castle.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extended Pack: 10 Supply Chain Management Updates

Supply chain management companies rely on Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a robust and mature business management ERP system. It’s an ideal solution for growing Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing companies.  The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extended Pack is an additional solution for growing, mid-market or high functional needs companies. The Extended Pack offers additional functionality for those who are looking for an adaptive solution along with core financials and trade functionality including:
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The Undisputable Benefits of Accounts Receivable Automation

As the publishers of Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software, we’ve written countless articles explaining the need for and the benefits of credit collection software. But even we know that real results experienced by real companies are the best way to truly illustrate how accounts receivable automation can help you increase cash flow. Take, for example, the recent case study published about an HVAC equipment distributor who reduced days sales outstanding by 30% and all but eliminated bad debt after putting accounts receivable on auto-pilot.

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Financial Accounting Software: What CFOs Expect

Is Your Financial Accounting Software Helping You Make the Right Decisions?

As the CFO, your business counts on you to make the right decisions. That’s high pressure. The financial data that drives your company forward is your responsibility to present.  In order to do your job efficiently, you need to be able to analyze the data from your financial accounting software quickly and efficiently.

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Manufacturers Better Benefit Using Microsoft Dynamics


Eric Kimberling managing partner at Panorama Consulting Solutions, an independent ERP consulting firm, published a white paper recently that corroborates Microsoft’s expertise and our primary purpose of putting clients first in implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV to offer better business solutions.

According to a recent survey, most manufacturers still rely solely on Excel spreadsheets for their business needs. This is astonishing considering there are better options.  The white paper by Panorama discusses the top ERP options delineating the fact that Microsoft has the highest market share in manufacturing.  Reason being manufacturers have unique and complex business requirements that aren’t well met by all ERP vendors. (Click the link above to read the white paper).

According to Eric’s white paper:

While the manufacturing industry is similar to all industries in terms of vendor market share and implementation duration, manufacturing ERP implementations are more likely to go over budget, cost more and have a higher cost-to-revenue ratio. Although manufacturing firms tend to implement fewer modules than organizations across all industries, the cost of manufacturing ERP implementations is still significantly higher. The complexity of manufacturing processes and the level of customization and integration required often lead to higher implementation costs.

In researching and reading about ERP solutions, and partners, one can become anxious because of failed implementations and budget over-runs.  But be assured that of all the 70+ Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations and 100+ NAV implementations that Clients First has done, most have been delivered on time, and within budget. 

Clients First accomplishes this by listening to our clients business issues. We respond by leveraging the power of an ERP solution in solving the initial problems and then delving deeper in the discovery process answering any additional concerns found. Clients are able to gain visibility and insight to their business, optimize their operations and rely on dedicated support.  Clients First located in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, has vertical expertise in Manufacturing, MRO, and Food & Beverage industries. Call us for a demo at 800.331.8382 or email us.

Clients First can implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, whichever manufacturing ERP solution works best for your organization.



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Food Manufacturers: 3 New FMSA Regulatory Requirements

Attention Food Manufacturers: Significant Changes for Your Business Start August 30, 2015

Food manufacturers now face new regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA), which was signed into law by President Obama in 2011 and goes into effect on August 30, 2015. Since the regulations imposed by this act represent an expansive shift in the market, it is important for food manufacturers to be aware of three significant items.

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Warning for Windows 10 Users: Watch Out for Ransomware

Windows 10 Update: Beware of Ransomware

Here at CMS, we help our customers solve business challenges through implementing business management and ERP solutions along with better business processes.There is an increasingly destructive malware called "ransomware" that is associated with the recent release of Windows 10.  We wanted to share this information in hopes that you are armed to avoid this potentially disruptive threat to your data and your network security. If you recently upgraded to the July release of Windows 10, please read and use caution when opening e-mails and e-mail attachments that appear to come from Microsoft.

What is Ransomware?

The "ransomware" malware known as CTB-Locker encrypts files until a ransom is paid, is being sent as part of an email spam campaign. This malware, once opened, will encrypt your data and lock you out of your own system. Then you will be forced to pay to regain control of your system. Justin Teague, CMS’ resident expert, states, “Microsoft would not send an executable attachment in this manner, they would direct the user to their website, in the circumstance that they contacted a user at all.” This is another example of why you should follow the GOLDEN RULE of avoiding a hack attack:  Only open attachments that you were expecting to receive. Also, it reinforces another best practice to back up your data. We hope this helps you avoid this senseless threat because these ransomware attacks are becoming more popular and have been on are on the rise.

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10 Benefits of Moving Your Accounting to the Cloud

Thinking about moving your accounting or ERP system to the Cloud? Perhaps you’ve heard good and bad comments about total costs or security.  The fact is that for most organizations, especially small and medium-sized businesses, moving to the Cloud can be a huge advantage with benefits ranging from empowering your employees by providing a self-service, collaborative tool to cutting hardware, software, and staffing costs related to your business systems.  Here are ten areas where the Cloud can have a big impact on your company’s effectiveness and efficiency, dropping straight to the bottom line and increasing profits.

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Accounting Software Consultant New York Reviews: 2 Reasons for ERP and Excel

Accountnet is an accounting software consultant New York area based firm and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics helping growing companies implement ERP solutions to cut costs and boost profits for the past 20 years.  Accountnet has been at the forefront of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems revolution. The whole movement towards ERP systems was built around the desire to reduce dependency on Excel as the primary tool for data collection and analysis. For those who wish to ditch the spreadsheets, leading ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP reporting capabilities matured to the point where there’s hardly a need to open Excel ever again. Ironically, after all the talk about ditching spreadsheets and the technology advancements and reporting refinements the first question end-users always ask is, “How can I get this data into Excel?”

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5 Wholesale Distribution Challenges and Solutions in the Face of Growth

Greet challenges with a smile when business is good.

As a wholesale distributor you expect to see positive growth in today’s healthy mergers-and-acquisition market, but what are some of the potential barriers to success that lead you to believe that this is still not the perfect business climate for you?

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