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Eliminate time-wasting tasks and keep shoppers coming back with the Acumatica Shopify integration

If you’re like a lot of online retailers, you probably waste a lot of time keeping your ecommerce shopping site in sync with your ERP. With the new Acumatica Shopify integration, the manual and tedious tasks required to maintain inventory and pull orders into your ERP are over. Built on Acumatica’s new commerce engine, this integration released in Acumatica R2 2020 promises to make it easy to connect to leading ecommerce applications and automate common tasks.

No more double data entry

Everything in Shopify is coming from Acumatica ERP in the Inventory Section under Stock Items. The ERP houses the data you need, including warehouse details, vendor details, and pricing information. Under the Ecommerce Tab of Acumatica Commerce Edition, you can upload all the YouTube videos, SEO text, search and meta keywords, WYSIWYG editor for rich media content. All the photos are in the ERP and fed to Shopify. Upload your photos directly to your ERP and add attributes that are product specific. 


2-1Shopping site setup and maintenance is easy

With the Acumatica Shopify integration at work, it’s easy for you to manage sales categories so that your ERP sales categories match your Website navigation. Quickly set which products to display and which to suppress from inside your Acumatica ERP. Toggle inventory number on and off. When inventory is running low, take the product down. When a product is on backorder or being previewed before wider availability, workflows help you control custom messaging.

And no developers are needed when new integrations are required or desired. Setup scheduling, or turn on and off integrations, with just a few clicks and you avoid spending money and time unnecessarily on outside resources.

Great shopping experiences keep customers coming back

Existing business users who are shopping on your ecommerce site can sign in to check out. Acumatica’s integration with Shopify will pre-populate user information such as address and billing. Acumatica has rules that will automatically apply eligible discounts. Your repeat shoppers can easily see past orders to reorder products quickly.

Orders come into your Acumatica Distribution Management ERP Solution in real-time because data is synchronized automatically. Keeping your shoppers up to date on their order and shipment status is a breeze because the system instantly notifies them with emails that include all the order and tracking information they expect.

New call-to-action

Accounting Business Solutions is a team of business automation experts with deep expertise and decades of experience in industries including oil and gas project services, engineering services, manufacturing and distribution. ABS has helped hundreds of clients to leverage both cloud-based and on-premise technology for measurable gains in efficiency and profit. An Acumatica Partner, ABS is highly committed to the long-term client success and profitability and is proud to have relationships with many clients that span decades.

For more information on how ABS can help you, please email them at, call them at (281) 652-5947, or contact ABS online.

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