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MRO Software: The Invoicing And Invoicing Review Feature

MRO Software: The Invoicing And Invoicing Review Feature

Clients First's Extended Project Manager's Invoicing Feature can give you the edge you need against your competitor.  The easy to use invoicing tool makes it simple to quickly produce an invoice for your customers.  Once the project is completed the invoice will automatically be generated for the customer. 

Extended Project Manager: The Invoicing Feature

The sales staff can customize the invoice to show certain line items on the invoice.  Once the sales person has selected what line items to display, the invoice is generated with company logo and is ready to be presented to the customer for review.  Another time saving feature is the software automatically updates the project, contract and the estimate as invoiced, so your staff doesn’t have to waste time entering data into multiple documents. 

Invoicing Review Feature

The Invoicing Review Feature

Along with easy to use invoicing, the EPM module also includes an Invoicing Review Feature.  The Invoice Review Feature gives your employees the power to quickly adjust any quotes and calculate if those margins are suitable for the company.  

For example, assume one of your customers delivers equipment to your site and is then contacted by a competitor offering to provide the same scope of work for $1000 less.  With the customer on the phone the sales person can easily enter the new shop price into the invoice review form to instantly obtain margin value, percentage data and the suggested Sales price from Dynamics AX.   Within a few minutes your sales person can compare pertinent details from the invoice against the competitor.

Whether the competitor’s invoice was less because they had not properly accounted for labor hours, or they simply forgot to charge for something, you can discuss the details situation right away with the customer rather than having to run around to get answers from different departments and/or approval. 

Save Time And Increase Sales 

Overall the Invoicing and its review features reduces the time your employees have to spend entering data and comparing invoices to competitors.  This means your company can provide a higher level of service and in turn increase sales and production.