Clients First Texas has taken Dynamics AX, which is a great solution for project based companies, and customized is to the MRO industry to help cater to its unique needs.  This module allows for you to stay ahead of your competition by giving you total control over pertinent data, while streamlining the work order process.


Quick Work Order Quote enables sales representatives and technicians to easily provide an estimate on the project and scope of work the customer needs done.  This Quick Order Work Quote will provide general pricing on the project but is not a set price for the work until the equipment has been received from the customer and then thoroughly inspected.  The Quick Create also has templates that have been saved into the module which can help speed up the process of generating a quote and reduce the number of key strokes. 

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These preconfigured templates reduce the number of errors that could be made by the sales person or technician.  Every project has its specific requirements so additional information can be added to the template for the work order quote and include due dates for the project’s completion. 

The Quick Work Order Quote cross references new quotes with previous equipment that has been entered in older quotes, allowing for you to see whether or not you have worked on this equipment before, and it can be properly budgeted for time and cost.  This module also helps the sales staff keep track of the status of the quote from beginning to end, so nothing slips through the cracks.  Once the estimate has been accepted by the customer the word order quote can be converted into the project sequence and a contract will be generated. 

The Quick Work Order Quote eliminates entering data into multiple systems or spreadsheets which will help keep track of all cost related to the specific project.  Overall this module is essential to the MRO industry and helps streamline the sales process and obtain important data that will be calculated into the job as a whole.