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ERP Solution goalsHaving an ERP solution in place will give you a leg up on the competition, but for several companies just buying the software out of the box isn't sufficient. For that perfect fit and synchronization of disparate systems, you may require additional customizations.

We all know no business is alike, so how can the 'one-size-fits-all' mentality of ERP software work for every company? Of course, every business has financial operations, customers, and products or services to manage, but the way they handle them varies. Factors such as company size, industry standards and resources must be taken into consideration.

So how do you ensure an ERP solution will meet your unique business needs?

Tailoring an ERP solution can help shorten time consuming and complicated processes. Embed efficient processes into your ERP solution and redefine ineffective ones. Make sure all of your disparate systems are talking to each other. This will bring greater efficiency and structure to your business. As a result you are able to respond faster and obtain optimization across all departments.

Some of the benefits of customizing your ERP solution include:

  • Less complicated IT efforts
  • User friendly integration with disparate systems
  • Greater functionality to your business processes
  • Increase business productivity by providing quicker reporting and decision support data
  • Provide full automation for financial reporting
  • Reduce human resources cost

Another important thing to do prior to implementing your ERP software, is to define existing processes that are yours and unique to your business. Then assess which are working and which aren't.

A business process review can provide deeper insight into internal processes and expose opportunities and weaknesses. This can be done by bringing in an outside expert, or assessing your business with a few key executives internally. Regardless of the route you take, in order to set goals for the future, you need to understand where you are at today.

Information gathered in this process helps expose areas where workflows can be improved. Make sure you conduct a thorough analysis of your staff, processes, and the technology used within your organization. Evaluating your company’s internal systems and measuring performance, will help you identify and define solutions that maximize ROI. The solutions derived from a business review can bring brilliant ideas to implementation in a much shorter timeframe.

Depending on the client situation, the following activities can be conducted and their associated results delivered before selecting an ERP solution:

1. Perform an executive level management Business Readiness Assessment meeting

  • Identify key business drivers and reporting metrics
  • Identify influences (industry, technology, regulation, etc) that will impact
    current and future technology infrastructure, data requirement, and
    business process
  • Identify corporate directions and goals
  • Identify corporate challenges

2. Perform a Business Process Review

  • Identify and document the Current Business Processes and Reasons
  • Identify and document the wanted “TO BE” Business Processes and Process Enhancements

3. Perform a Business Applications Needs Analysis

  • Identify Business Application Modules Required
  • Identify Business Application Integrations
  • Identify Business Inquiry and Report requirements

4. Perform Gap Analysis

  • Match business processes, inquiries, reports, integrations, enhanced data capture needs per the “TO BE” business processes and outcomes from the executive Business Readiness activities.

5. Perform a Systems Readiness Audit

  • Hardware and infrastructure readiness
  • User capabilities and time readiness

6. Create an Implementation Plan

  • User Education Plan
  • Identify Implementation Resources, Responsibilities, and Timelines
  • Identify possible required software enhancements, integrations, and/or custom reports
  • LANAC implementation services and support investment estimate

Finding the right team to provide these services is the most important step. InterDyn LANAC Technology is heavily invested in technology. Keeping up with best practices and anticipating challenges within different industries, helps us make beneficial recommendations to our clients. We can offer a fresh perspective on how you can save resources and simplify processes to make your job easier.

With a full staff devoted just to development and implementation, we build relationships with our clients by making their software work the way they want it to. InterDyn LANAC Technology demands high technical ability of all of its Business Consultants, and makes significant
investments towards the skills they use every day with our clients. We have worked with clients across all industries and are able to make recommendations that will improve business operations based on our past experiences. We develop processes that save our customers time, money, and resources. If you would like to speak to a representative to learn more about our services please click here or visit our website at

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