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View Online Webinar Showcasing CAD ERP Integration

View Online Webinar Showcasing CAD ERP Integration


Growth and longevity of any manufacturing company is largely due to engineers evolving the product line through products like CAD.   At Clients First Texas we are delighted to host a live webinar on one of our favorite ISV solutions for your industry: Qbuild’s CADLink, a premier tool allowing for CAD and ERP Integration.

We are pleased to be working with CADLink as an integration tool to Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV.  Based on our research and interviews, CADLink is one of the most comprehensive and efficient solutions on the market for manufacturing. This solution can be used to interconnect computer aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems with your ERP system.   I am very excited about this offering since it will save our customers many hours of labor, increase efficiency of BOMs, and can reduce the number of BOMs. 


  Developed with engineering designers and manufacturers in mind, CADLink enables users to:

  •          Gain data generated before and during the design phase in your CAD system
  •          Eliminate engineering clerical work
  •          BOM are automatically generated from CAD design work and AX
  •          Avoid costly errors that may occur due to manual data entry

Registration is open, but there are a limited number of seats. It’s all happening very soon, and I’m really excited to hang out with you live. The webinar on CAD to ERP Integration will be hosted on March 24th at 12pm CST.

At Clients First, we take ERP research beyond pre-implementation and aim to deliver our clients and prospects ongoing educational content.

Even though you may be happy with your system, staying up-to-date on new product releases, and third party products can prove to be an effective tool for user adoption and best practices.  Please join us to view this interactive problem solving software in action.


Nancy Phillippi

If you’re unsure whether your organization is taking full advantage of your Dynamics products or if you need CADLink to perform more efficiently, contact our sales team through email or by calling at 800.331.8382. If CADLink proves to be a viable solution for your company, we can offer it to you through and with Dynamics AX or NAV.  Our Clients First Texas and Minnesota offices offer Dynamics AX ERP to the medium to large manufacturer and MRO across the United States and in 11 countries and counting.